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Skincare review: The Face Shop Smart Peeling Jelly Apple Peeling wash!

Jelly Apple wash! I'm someone who is easily fascinated by products that use plant or fruit extracts or ingredients, I guess we just all like to think that if it has something natural in it, it should be good for us! I have been trying out a couple different jelly 'peeling' face washes which are meant to help exfoliation of the top layer of dead skin cells without being rough on the skin. This was the first of a few I've tried so far.

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The Face Shop Smart Peeling Jelly Apple Peeling wash!
"A peeling gel that contains apple's natural element helps remove dead skin cells softly."
I love how many asian products in tubes are sealed like this when new!

Packaging & Product!

For those who aren't aware, The Face Shop is a Korean brand that carries a big range of skincare and make up that are all around very affordable by asian standards. I've tried several face washes and products like face masks and nose strips and everything has been really good! Most of their products are part of a line that has a themed packaging so for example this product is from a line of different types of scrubs, all with the plain white tube with an illustration of the main ingredient!

I really am a fan of the simple, practical and some what fun looking packaging. I'm not expecting anything funny or special as I want my product to be easily usable. In terms of packaging, nothing fantastic but everything that I would expect from a tube packaging!

The product has a soft jelly like texture, but more like a serum jelly than a solid chewy jelly. It comes out very easily and has a silky gel texture when you rub it. There's a lovely light sweet apple scent which is obvious and not too strong. This works best on bare skin which includes the face, neck and I have also tested this on the arms and hands.

How this products works is that you work it onto slightly damn or dry skin and the wash although a serum like texture causes the skin to exfoliate and bits of dead skin cells with bunch up like eraser bits! Then when you've worked this in until there's bunching up of dead skin on the surface you wash it off!

The Face Shop Smart Peeling Jelly Apple Peeling wash!
The Face Shop Smart Peeling Jelly Apple Peeling wash!
I've found that this formula works best on slightly damp skin or dry bare skin so it's best for the days where you don't have make up on the face as this won't help remove make up and doesn't work as well if you've already scrubbed your face in some way.

A big downside to this product is that compare to other jelly peeling face washes this one produces the least amount of dead skin cell peeling off. I'm still not 100% sure if the peeling you see and feel is actually your skin or the product but compared to one from Etude House and a different one from The Face Shop this one under performs tremendously and doesn't work so well on wet skin.

The Face Shop Jelly Apple Peeling wash! Bits of dead skin cells bunching up like bits of eraser on my hand! This is what this wash is suppose to do!
The Face Shop Smart Peeling Jelly Apple Peeling wash!
Paid: $15 SGD or about $11.80 USD

Recommend: No, unless you've got super sensitive skin or want to try a super affordable peeling wash this isn't what I'd point you to! It's okay and it smells lovely and is so nice to use but not having as much peeling as compared to some others leave me thinking that you can use better!

Repurchase: No, there are so many versions of peeling washes on the market right now and I've got another one that does the job so much better!

Bottom line: A super light texture and very light exfoliating jelly wash this is a good product for those with normal and sensitive skin. If you're keen on a cheap exfoliating jelly wash this would be a good chance but otherwise there are plenty of other exfoliating washes like this that perform better!

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  1. oh great review ^^
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  2. Wow - very interesting! I've never tried a product like this before, but the concept intrigues me. It sounds awesome though considering it isn't rough at all on your skin, but actually removed the skin unlike a chemical exfoliator. I really want to try one now, but probably not this one!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  3. I've never tried exfoliating jelly washes, but it sounds intriguing. It's too bad this one isn't as effective as others; I would've liked it just for the apple ingredients, haha. Which other one from The Face Shop works better? I just found out The Face Shop reopened a shop near me, so I'm gonna have to check it out! :D

  4. I was beginning to like it when I saw how it helps to exfoliate your skin. It's a pity it didn't perform to your expectation. TGIF, sweetie!

  5. Which other products would you recommend in terms of face gels? I found that this one worked really well for someone like me who was new to the whole concept! I love it! physical exfoliators are way too harsh for me

    great review!




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