Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Snack haul for July! (Daiso, Japanese mini mart)

Japanese snack attack! This is my second snack haul featuring snacks from Daiso! It's a $2 SGD shop here and is extremely popular internationally! They have a lovely food section with miso pastes, snacks, chips, candies, seaweed, japanese sauces and all kinds of tid bits! This time around I picked up some yummy corn snacks and other awesome bits from a small Japanese mini-mart!

Do check out my first snack haul from Daiso here!

Continue below for the haul of the goodies!
Snacks from Daiso and more! Corn snacks, green tea chocolate chip cookies, Mug instant noodles!
From J-mart in I12 Katong shopping mall! Nissin MUG instant noodles in a vegetable and pork flavor! The cartoon for the green mug looks like a fox doesn't it?
How to make your MUG noodles! Place the noodle and the seasoning into any tea/coffee mug that it fits into (most medium mugs will do) and then add boiling water to just a cm or two above the noodles! Leave it for 2-3 minutes and it's ready to eat! So yummy!
Umaiwa Yasai Salad corn ring snack!
Umaiwa Yasai Salad corn ring snack!
These tasty vegetable flavored rings really taste like a mix of grilled vegetables! Love the airy crisp of these yummy rings, and you get so much inside the bag!
Umaiwa cheese corn ring snack!
Umaiwa cheese corn ring snack!

Tao Kae Noi Crispy Seasweed in Tom Yum Goong flavor! Crispy, tasty, spicy and the perfect way to satisfy a need for something crispy, crunchy and salty!
From J-mart! Bourbon petit chocochip cookie in matcha flavor!
From J-mart! Bourbon petit chocochip cookie in matcha flavor!
Bourbon petit chocochip cookie in matcha flavor! Look at how many pieces you get in this long package! They are so cute and so pretty!
Bourbon petit chocochip cookie in matcha flavor! They are small but the matcha green tea flavor is so strong and yummy and lightly sweet!
Oreo bits sandwiches in match latte! As you can tell I was trying to get my hands on anything matcha!
Oreo bits sandwiches in match latte!
Oreo bits sandwiches in match latte! Look at how tiny it is! I wish there was more green tea cream!

Oreo bits sandwiches in match latte!

What naughty bits have you been hauling and eating?
Do you prefer savory or sweet snacks?
Let me know!

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. The J mart chico chip matcha is my looooooove! I used to buy it from a supermarket in Jakarta who sells a lot of import food. OMG I am getting nostalgic now lol.
    the oreo matcha looks very nice!! I love anything matcha, asian snacks are rocking it! European snacks are not really good, they are only good with chocolate. lol

  2. The matcha cookies look really yummy! I love the green tea flavored kit kats I bought when I traveled to NYC, (so good, I didn't think I would like them but I really did) as well as this bag of shrimp chips I got. I really cant choose between sweet or savory snack, I like them all haha

  3. Petit chocochip looks delicious, never seen anything like that before!

  4. Wahhhh I want to eat them all :c
    I went nuts buying snacks at Daiso in
    Hong Kong :P I'd love to try out that
    MUG noodle it looks cute haha but
    I doubt it will still my hunger since it
    look so small.. Xx

  5. I love the mug noodles too, I love the cute little animal fish cakes inside.

  6. May i know where is the mini J mart? ^^




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