Monday, 30 June 2014

Review: Shiro Cometics Intertubes! (6 shades)

Internet inspired Intertubes! These tinted lipbalms by Shiro Cosmetics all have names of internet inspired memes or characters! There was a whole range of these which had more than what I have here to show but they all have since been discontinued temporarily as they are reformulating them to have improved texture so the product will last longer.

After seeing the beautiful swatches online and also lip swatches of the whole range (Check them out here!) 

Continue below for the review and swatches!

Shiro Cosmetics Intertubes in Forty Cakes, Nyan Cat, Why Not Zoidberg, Shoop Da Whoop, Yo Dawg (raspberry) and Ridiculously Photogenic Guy!
Shiro Cosmetics Intertubes in Forty Cakes, Nyan Cat, Why Not Zoidberg, Shoop Da Whoop, Yo Dawg (raspberry) and Ridiculously Photogenic Guy!
Packaging & Product!

These are packaged very simply and super cute, especially if you know about the internet memes/characters they are made after! I can't help but to love the packaging of these, so easy to bring around and I'm a fan of the oval shape. There's nothing particularly special about these, except that they are the only internet meme inspired lip balm line I have come across.

The quality of these are great, in terms of pigmentation, smooth silky buttery texture and how they are very soft and liquid like when it touches the lip. I really like how even the color is and how the stain is so natural and beautiful. The glossy finish doesn't last though when you wear it but you don't need to worry about this bleeding at all outside of the lip line.

The one major problem with these which I unfortunately found out is that after these have been keep for a while (several months) the texture of the product changes and there's bits of clumping of the product and it's gritty. The entire balm begins to break down and breaks off in tiny bits so you can't use the product anymore.

As I checked back on the site, they have been discontinued for this exact reason and they are in the process of being reformulated and I'd be very happy to buy a few again when the new ones are out. But it's too bad I bought so many and paid shipping only to have some of them turn into mush before I got to use them even half up!

Swatches of Shiro Cosmetics Intertubes in Forty Cakes, Nyan Cat, Why Not Zoidberg, Shoop Da Whoop, Yo Dawg (raspberry) and Ridiculously Photogenic Guy!
 Forty Cakes: A white based lilac baby pink, best for cool or tan-deep skin tones

Nyan Cat: A medium rose pink, great for all skintones

Why Not Zoidberg?: A deep reddish scarlet coral (shows up redder in photo), great for everyone

Shoop Da Whoop: A blue toned classic red, should be great on all skin tones

Yo Dawg (raspberry): A medium blue toned purple, great on all skin tones

Ridiculously photogenic guy: A more purple toned fuchsia pink, great on all skin tones

As you can see after keeping these for several months the product breaks down and it's gritty as you apply and you can't use this anymore!
Just look at how even those stains are! After a few hours of being on the lips, they are darker and just as even!
Shiro Cosmetics Intertubes in Forty Cakes, Nyan Cat, Why Not Zoidberg, Shoop Da Whoop, Yo Dawg (raspberry) and Ridiculously Photogenic Guy!
Paid: $5 USD or $6.25 SGD

(Ordered from, international shipping cost applies outside of the US)

Recommend: YES and NO, the color and quality of these when new are amazing but do not buy them now until they are reformulated as the quality degradation of this is very serious and makes the product not wearable at all.

Repurchase: Yes, once these have been reformulated I totally will be buying at least two shades again because I've since thrown away most of the ones I have!

Bottom line: These are ingenius and I love they for what they are and what they were inspired by. I feel every make up nerd or geek should own one but unfortunately the original formulation was not meant to age well. However I have enough trust that I would purchase them when they are relaunched and think that anyone interested should at least get one!

Have you ever bought make up from Shiro Cosmetics?
Which shade would you buy?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. What can I say? They're just too cute! Pity quality isn't that great :<

  2. Wow how incredible is the pigmentation and staining power?! I'm blown away :D xx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

  3. Interesting product! I've actually never seen these before, though I have seen their pigments which look awesome. I'm a major geek so I've been meaning to pick up some of their products. Perhaps I should wait till these come back in stock though because they look super pigmented, and the colours are amazing!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  4. Great review! Such a shame that the product got all gritty and all on you, the colors on it are SO lovely! Such a wide range of colors! It's a good thing that they are reformulating it then :D Haven't tried anything from this line but thanks for letting me know about it!
    <3 Pauline, ­­Addicted to Makeup

  5. i've never seen a lipbalm becomes clumpy and gritty like that! it's so sad tho because they're so pigmented! i thought it was a lip and cheek stain at first looking at your swatches. hopefully the future ones dont do this! oh and the memes omg! such creative thing to do!

  6. The colours look amazing!! It's a shame that it goes gritty- that photo kind of looks like blueberry jam, which is obviously not an ideal consistency for lip products. I've never bought from Shiro before but their custom glosses are very tempting :)

  7. Their packages are SO cute!

  8. Oh these are so cute! and the colors are so vibrant for lip balms! I have never heard of the brand but I would totally order once they launch the new formulated lip balms.. Too bad they became clumpy and gritty like that..

  9. Oh, that's a shame - that grittiness doesn't look appealing at all! The colors are fun, though!

  10. eh, I think I'll need to see the swatches of the reformulated lippies before I purchase! If they can get rid of the grittiness, I'll be all over Yo Dawg!

  11. Yo Dawg looks like raspberry jam :p I have heard amazing things about these lippies but I found out about the brand too late, which you have mentioned most of these are discontinued and now all is left is boring colors. I still would love to try thou they look like amazing colors!

    Kay ♡ imladiiekay

  12. The packagin looks cute and the colour highly pigmented. Hope the new formula is better!

  13. wow i totally wasn't expect that depth of pigmentation!!! Very cute packaging :)

    LilynotLouise | Beauty and Food

  14. Whoa, I was not expecting this to be that pigmented! I love the fun colors though. Too bad it gets gritty.

  15. I love all these shades, it is such a shame that it gets spoiled so soon ((

  16. Too bad for the grittiness. The colors are so cute and the pigmentation is awesome though.

  17. 40 cakes looks like a glorious color. It's a shame they get gritty though.




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