Thursday, 28 August 2014

Dusty rose eyes and a moist pink lip! (Giant dim sum lunch)

Delicate dusty rose eyes! When in doubt, I tend to go neutral and pinkish or shimmery rose shades to be specific! This look was done with my new Lorac Unzipped palette! I am a huge fan of shimmery and satin eyeshadows so steer away if you're looking for a matte shadow look! 

The family went out to try a chinese restaurant down town which had a 40% off all their dim sum during lunchtime so we thought since they had such a wide dim sum menu we would head over and order one of almost everything!

Continue below for the look and the dim sum!
Dusty rose eyes and a moist pink lip! (Giant dim sum lunch)
Easy and effortless dusty rose bronze eye using the Lorac Unzipped palette!
Easy and effortless dusty rose bronze eye using the Lorac Unzipped palette! I went eyeliner-less which gives you a more 'natural' look!
On the cheeks is this beautiful Cathy Doll baked cookie blush in petit pink! I've since accidentally broken this blush! I'm so sad....but it was incredibly cheap.
The finished look. Super effortless, pink on the eyes, cheeks and a juicy pink on the lips!
Products used: Lorac Unzipped palette, Sleek contour kit in Light, Biore UV Aqua watery mousse, Revlon matte (for brows), Kate Powderless Liquid Cover foundation, IN2IT powder, Maybelline color tattoo, Kiss Me Heroine make up volume & curl super waterproof mascara, Cathy Doll Cookie blush, YSL rouge volupte lipstick
YSL Rouge Volupte in 8 Fetish Pink!
My outfit was this super simple stretchy white wrap dress from Forever 21! I paired it with a black cardi and my favorite pair of sandals from Charles & Keith!
Check out my new rook piercing! I actually had this exact piercing done two years ago but had to take it out for school, I've since had it repierced and it's almost completely healed now! So happy!
The seafood tanks on the premises of the restaurant! They had so many live seafoods on show! Oysters, bamboo clams, geoducks (that look like giant dicks), lobsters!
Red Grouper, Monk Fish, baskets of shellfish!
Feast your eyes on the food! Cold pork gelatine appetizer (refreshing and tasty but not enough meat) , fried silver fish (done perfectly and so crispy), fried pig's intestine on pineapples (smelled a bit strong but was so melt in your mouth), Duck cheong fan (herbal soup braised duck meat with rice rolls, this was so delicious, I could eat all of this for a lunch)
Spring rolls (vegetable filled springrolls that were so crispy and perfectly fried), Char sui bao (fluffy pull apart sweet pork buns, these were delicious and I usually don't like them), Steamed chicken feet (these were so well marinated and the skin perfect textured), black bean pork ribs (so much meat and so juicy and tender, they were great)
Steamed chive and prawn balls (filled with prawns and so juicy, the skin was so delicate), shrimp har gao (the skin was a bit too thick but the shrimp was good), Fried stuffed bean curd skin (filled with mixed vegetables the skin was fried and also deliciously chewy), Pan fried chive dumplings (there was such a great crust and the skin was so chewy and the filling very fragrant)
Prawn Siew Mai (mediocre and stuck together although yummy), Pan fried raddish cake (it melted in our mouth and was so tasty), fried taro dumplings (so crispy and flaky and so damn tasty), fried prawn and mango mayo dumplings (crispy, tasty, refreshing and so damn good)
Xiao Long bao (the worst of all, the skin was so thick and the filling too much soup, I make better at home), Shrimp cheong fan (the shrimp was too chewy as it was probably soaked in soda water but the rice roll was lovely), Or-nee taro paste dessert (super fine, super delicious and smooth, the shallot oil made it perfect), platter of freshly cut fruit!
My favorite shot of the day! Our table was the first round of dim sum! We ate so much that day! My brother and I really are food guzzling machines!
Actually this is my favorite shot! Posing with le boyfriend! We tend to show up wearing same colors all the time and we don't plan it ever!

This restaurant was in the Robertson Quay area. The menu is very wide and they've got plenty of fresh seafood on the property! The menu prices are above average and some of the dim sum really are quite pricey and would not have been worth trying if it wasn't 40% off.

My favorite dishes were the fried stuffed beancurd skin, black bean pork ribs, pan fried chive dumplings, fried taro dumplings, duck cheong fan and taro or-nee dessert! We don't plan to go back for the dim sum, we can get better for less at other places!

What's your favorite type of lunch with the family?
Which dim sum is your favorite?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. Oh your foodie post is def the best!!! I am craving for dim sum now, oh you must take responsibility! :p
    I would need your recommendation where to go for best dim sum in Singapore! I might go home in February for chinese new year and might go to Sing as well !
    I super love your white dress btw, it looks so flattering on you :-)

  2. Love your outfit and makeover ..

  3. *droools* This reminds me of a massive dim sum lunch that I had with friends... we overordered waay too much and thought we were gonna explode. Even the waiters wanted us to stop eating haha!
    Mmm Love Har Gao and Siew Mai! Ahhh I'm hungry now!
    Btw, looking hot in that dress!

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  4. I love your YSL lipstick! Such a pretty pink shade ^^


  5. Damn girl, you look hot! :) Love that shot with your boyfriend, you look so cute together! I also always really love pink lips on you they match really well with your skin tone :) Wish I could have dim sum now! Glad you had a good time!

  6. You look gorgeous in pink, I wish I can pull it off! I haven't been to yum cha in ages, you've inspired me to put it on my to do list!

  7. You in that white dress = BABE ALERT ;))
    But omg, I have a clay mask on right now and since I laughed too much at the "giant dicks" part, my face now hurts >_>
    Also, totally in piercing envy right now. Hooray for re-piercing your rook!

  8. I loved your outfit!! so chic! I so envy you that you get to visit so nice restaurants! The food photos you post ALWAYS makes me HUNGRY! gotta get myself a dimsum now....lolz ^_~

  9. You are such a hottie Sharlynn! I love that white dress, so fresh and sexy!
    I love spring rolls and I don't get to eat them very often so seeing them look so delicious here makes me want to run out NOW and get some take out!




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