Monday, 25 August 2014

Review: Born Pretty Store High Grade Flat Concealer and Foundation Brush!

Flat and for foundation! I've always been comfortable and still very much use my fingers for applying foundation. I don't need much coverage so having a perfectly even coat of base doesn't bother me sometimes but having a perfectly blended base is what concerns me! I have had two of my favorite fluffy stippling brushes die the last few months and I've since bought new face brushes.

One of my new foundation brushes is this petite flat top concealer and foundation brush! I have used it a few times now and I think I've got enough experience to speak about how I feel about its performance!

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Born Pretty Store 1Pc High-grade Flat Brush Foundation Brush Concealer Brush Makeup Brush
The brush arrived in this plastic wrap and was also very very well wrapped up in bubble wrap! They also give a copy of their business card!
The condition on the brush was perfect! Not a bristle out of place and the shape of the brush head was a lovely slanted flat top!
The bristles are a yellow wheat color with a darker tinted tips which I like because foundation over time can stain bristles and the darker tips help prevent visible staining! There is also a nice slight slant to the brush head!
Running my thumb across the flat top of the brush as you can see the quality of the bristles is very good, super even and dense and the top of the hairs are slightly fluffy and thinner!

Packaging & Product!

All products you received from the Born Pretty Store are received as you see them on the website. Unless the product is shown with a box packaging, don't expect the product to come in a box. To me, this isn't an issue, as long as they wrap or package what you order properly I'm not worried about the product  condition. 

However I must mention the first product I received from them, a box of eyelashes was not wrapped with anything inside the envelope it arrived it. Hence the box on one end was squished and some lashes splayed and damaged. This brush however arrives beautifully wrapped up in bubble wrap!

The quality of the brush is good. The brush handle is a good medium size and I am an overall fan of the small size of the whole brush, it's a comfortable size although the head of the brush is fairly small for a face brush. The bristles are synthetic and are super smooth and are all even in thickness and are cut so that the top of the brush is slightly slanted but otherwise tilted it is a flat top brush!

The thing is that this brush is good if you need something to buff on a cream product, it can also be good for initially spreading out a liquid foundation but this brush fails to blend properly like other more fluffy brushes for foundation. The flat top shape is very unforgiving at trying to blend product outwards as it leaves streaks because of how dense the brush is.

 It's not soft and does change shape when pressed against the face with the slightest amount of pressure. The bristles are not 'hard' but as an entire brush head, the shape is solid and does not soften so if you try to use this to blend you need to be so careful and light handed which is really unnecessary with a fluffier brush.

Size comparison of Real Techniques expert face brush and Born Pretty Store High Grade Flat Concealer and Foundation Brush!
I find that no matter how good the quality of the bristles, it's the shape and the density of the brush which allows you to do certain things better. A face brush with a more fluffy top like this one from Real Techniques allows you to both pack on product and blend it out very perfectly.

Whereas such a dense flat top can pack on product like creams, concealers and powder quite well, anything that's more liquid leaves streaking lines when you use it to blend so you need to be extra careful which makes the process much longer than it needs to be.

The bristles on the flat top although very good quality is just still a bit too thick and without the fluffiness it's hard to blend out larger areas like on the cheeks.

What makes the Expert Face brush amazing is that there is a fluffiness to the top of the brush, whereas the Born Pretty Store Flat top is completely dense and has no space so it's not ideal for blending but good for packing on product.
Paid: This was sent to me for review from The Born Pretty Store!

Recommend: Maybe, it really depends on if you don't mind spending more time blending out product or if you just need something to stipple a cream product on. This brush is really not made for flawless blending but can apply product without absorbing much at all.

Repurchase: No, this brush is not what I'm looking for in a face brush. It must be able to apply and blend out product flawlessly and this takes too long and feels a bit like a soft solid toothbrush. I would be totally keen on trying other brushes from them!

Bottom line: This brush although very good quality does not do all the things I want in an all round perfect foundation brush. It feels too dense and toothbrush like against my face and I end up reaching for other brushes instead of using this! Skip this one and try another!

The Born Pretty Store were kind enough to provide a 10% off coupon of your purchases! Do use this coupon code when checking out if you're keen on purchasing from their online store!

 Have you ever owned or used a brush like this?
Do you prefer fluffier or denser brushes?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. Agree, I always struggle with flat topped brushes, definitely prefer ones like the RT Expert Face that are fluffier! x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

  2. Too bad it doesn't live up to your expectations! A brush that doesn't blend properly is a no in my books as well :)

  3. Hi Sharlynn,

    I can see that this brush is made smoother and finer material. Great recommendation!


  4. I have one similar to this by Shiseido and I love how soft the bristles are, but it's just a tad too small. I use mine as blending highlighter under my eyes instead of foundation :)

  5. Great review, Sharlynn. Love your honesty




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