Sunday, 31 August 2014

Shimmery pastel eyes with Sleek Snapshots palette! (lunch at dian xiao er)

Shimmery and pastel! I'm a huge fan of shimmery and colorful shades! Especially most of the colors in the beautiful Snapshots palette which has some wonderful easy to use pale colorful shimmery shades!

I was getting ready to go out for lunch with my mom and the boyfriend and I wanted something fun and colorful on the eyes! When I was finished, I thought, "This looks like a bowl of colorful cotton candy on my eyes!" Tell me what you think below!

Continue below for the look!
Shimmery pastel eyes (Lotus flower, kiwi flower and Green iguana ) with Sleek's Snapshots palette!
Applying Kate's Powderless Liquid Cover foundation in OC-C!
Kate's Powderless Liquid Cover foundation in OC-C. It has a beautiful natural soft matte finish and the shade matches my current skin tone perfectly!
I bought the mineral powder in the same shade but the powder is too dark for me! I can make it work but it's too beige!
Shimmery pastel eyes (Lilac, lime and teal ) with Sleek's Snapshots palette!
Lotus Flower on the inner and center lid, Kiwi flower on the outer corner and Green Iguana in and above the crease!
Products used: Revlon matte (for brows), Sleek Snapshots palette, Maybelline color tattoo, Biore UV Aqua watery mousse, Kate Powderless liquid cover foundation, Kate mineral powder, Canmake glow fleur cheeks, P2 sheer glam lipstick, Labello fruity shine in cherry, Heavy Rotation Liquid eyeliner, Kiss me Heroine make up mascara in super waterproof
Shimmery pastel eyes (Lotus flower, kiwi flower and Green iguana ) with Sleek's Snapshots palette!
Shimmery pastel eyes (Lotus flower, kiwi flower and Green iguana ) with Sleek's Snapshots palette!

Pairing this shimmery light colorful eyes with the palest coral cheek and a sheer cherry lip color!

On my cheeks is Canmake's Glow Fleur cheek blush in 02 Apricot Fleur!
We ordered a set lunch starting with a braised pork rib and melon soup which was packed with delicious melon and carrots with the meat falling off the pork rib!
Braised 'Dong Po' pork belly! The meat just pulls apart like nothing an the seasoning goes all the way through and the meat and fat with the soft skin just melts in the mouth!
The tender melty pork belly is perfection with a mouthful of rice!
Steamed fish slices hong kong style with soy sauce and ginger! Fresh, tender and light in flavor!
Pour some of that soy sauce on the rice and it's another mouthful of perfection! Fresh and tasty!
Stir fried kai lan with garlic, salted fish and lime juice! A great salty taste that's cut with the lime makes this vegetable dish very unique to Dian Xiao Er! It really works and we order it a la carte as well!
Dian Xiao Er is famous for their roast duck with different types of herbal sauce! Here we have ordered it with the 10 wonder herb sauce, it has a slight woody herb smell and is more sweet than savory but pairs with the strong duck flavor beautifully!

What do you think of my shimmery colorful pastel look?
Fancy any of the Chinese dishes we had for lunch?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. I love the pastel eye look!! very nice and also the lip color matches perfectly :)
    the roast duck , Sharlynn OMG!

  2. That is a super fun pastel look! I like how you can still see each color but they're blended together so beautifully :)

    And omg, the food. I'm hungry now...

  3. The eye look is gorgeous! Your makeup is always so flawless! And yum, the food looks so good! Ah I'm seriously astounded by how amazing your food photography is!

  4. Your skin looks so flawless even before foundation, so jealous! I love the pastel eye makeup, it is so pretty and it does remind me of cotton candy :P The food looks so good too!

  5. ....IT DOES LOOK LIKE A BOWL OF COTTON CANDY!! (And slightly unicorn-ish!) And I totally need that Canmake blush now. The embossing is GORGEOUS.
    Jeebus, those pork dishes look amazing! Definitely hungry now, heh.

  6. I love this blush from canmake. I saw it a couple of times and it is sooo beautiful *_*

  7. wow! gorgeous <3 Love your Look <3 And your skin looks so flawless<3

  8. Pretty! I love the packaging of the blush, it's so cute!

  9. So pretty and girly! Ok, this is my favorite look you've done x

  10. I always love how you use so many awesome colors on your eyes.I have that canmake blush too. I mainly got it because of the design on it hahahaha

  11. Wow, I love how you used those lovely different color on your eyes so beautifully, I always love your lovely skin. Great eye makeup, lovely combo of colors! You look so beautiful. Awww,,,the food...sooo tasty and delicious <3 Kisses my sweet <3

  12. you look so gorgeous on those pastel eyeshadow ^_~ the kate powderless foundation look so flawless on you (even thou you are already flawless without any foundation) but I still like how it blurs and mattify your skin =)

  13. Oh, I love the first pic of you. So cute!
    Of course, I love this pastel eye look with a great contrast on you. I'd say "mermaid"! :)

  14. That look screams spring, soooo pretty!

  15. Gorgeous! I love the colourful eye makeup!

  16. Your makeup skills are awesome babe, I really love this colourful eye look.




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