Thursday, 14 August 2014

June & July 2014: Lunch and dinners eaten out!

Food, food, food! Yes, I'm a huge foodie! Not the kind that always goes to new places and goes to fancy roof top bars and eats the 8 course tasting menu but the kind that revisits their favorite places and constantly seeks variations. I grew up in an international schooling environment and because I'm from singapore and we have all kinds of cuisine here, I eat virtually everything. 

Most singaporeans eat Malay, Chinese, Nyona Western and Indian food while growing up as that's the make up of the ethnicities here too! I also have always been eating plenty of Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese and Thai!

Continue below for my many delicious meals out!
Crystal Jade La Mian Kitchen at Takashimaya: Spicy beef broth la mian, special xiao long bao, vegetable spring rolls, chilled drunken chicken spicy chilli oil la mian!

Both noodles were absolutely delicious, so tasty, the beef so tender, the noodles cooked just right. The drunken chilled chicken was so tasty of chinese wine and the chilli oil nice and spicy with the cold noodles and cucumbers. Be warned if you order the normal size the portion of the noodle is HUGE, one is enough to share between two people. So we plan to buy the 'half' portion next time!

Their springrolls are super flaky and crispy with many layers of springroll skin. The special xiao long baos are delicious and a steal in terms of price. You get one original pork xiao long bao, spicy chicken (orange), vegetable (green) and black truffle pork (black).

Vegetarian dinner with my family at the coffee shops around Ang Mo Kio! Crispy skin tofu with savory fried mock meat floss, fried yam ring with vegetables and 'seafood', sweet and sour crispy 'pork', 'fish' nonya curry!
All the dishes are so affordable and so delicious although all vegetarian. Lots of tofu and mock meats! My favorite are the cripsy tofu and the yam ring with vegetables!

All the dishes are so flavorful and the textures, the crispy, soft, curry sauce...the food is nothing plain but totally delicious with a plate of hot fried rice! They also had a great fried hor fun noodle and several other dishes!

6 course dinner for two at Lao Beijing! Melon, tofu, seafood soup, fried fish tofu with braised vegetables, xiao long bao, soup la mian with mince pork!
This deal with perfect for my mom and I! Most traditionally chinese restaurants only have set course meals for big groups, usually of 6 and onwards but nowadays it's more common to have sets for 2 people onwards! The soup was delicious and rich of a seafood taste and had slithers of soft tofu.

The fried fish tofu with braised vegetables with done perfectly, very light in taste. The xiao long bao are super soupy and are not as meaty as the ones from Crystal Jade. The small individual bowls of la mian were yummy although the soup very bland.

6 course dinner for two at Lao Beijing!
Delicious roasted peaking duck! You get a nice amount of slices of yummy roast duck with shredded leek and sliced japanese cucumber together with a plate of egg wrapping 'skins' and a bowl of hoi sin sauce! I had so much fun making these for my mom and I and they were so filling!

Dessert was quite a let down though but at that point I was super full, and consider that I left 20% of my soup and didn't drink any of the soup from the noodles! It's a plain jelly together with some canned fruits in light sweet syrup!

The first photo was actually a home made ba kut teh or pepper spiced pork rib soup by my mom! The siew main, spring rolls and black bean pork ribs are from the restaurant Tak Po in Chinatown!
I love eating dim sum and the various porridges with their claypots at Tak Po in Chinatown! I haven't actually been there for a while but their dishes are always hot, tasty and filling in a comforting way. They have a huge range of porridge and hot claypots with liver, mince meats, century egg and frogs legs!

Dinner at So Pho So Good at NEX Serangoon. A lime honey cooler, a honey lemon cooler and a tamarind peanut cooler drink! We had a dry grilled chicken noodle with fresh vegetables and springrolls, a beef bahnmi sandwich and a assorted appetizer plate with sugarcane prawn cake, fresh springrolls and fried spring rolls!
Their food is really quite affordable and very tasty. I also love eating their mix appetizer plate as if you order them individually the amount really isn't much, usually three pieces and it's not worth it in my opinion. Their prawn cake is so tasty and juicy and their fried springrolls are delicious!

They also have pretty good pho noodle soups like chicken and beef. I also love their sandwiches as the meat fillings are super tasty and lightly cooked. Their cooler drinks are also lovely and you get a nice mug.

The most important meal I ate out the last two months as this was the breakfast my boyfriend and I shared at the Airport before he had to leave to leave to his home town in Indonesia for two weeks. I was so sad to see him go as we talk everyday and see each other as often as possible. Even when we were both working and schooling simultaneously we always made time to see each other as frequently as possible! He's back now and I'm very satisfied, just like I was after eating the hash browns and the hotcakes! :3

Where have you been heading to when you ate out this last month?
Do you like eating dim sum, claypot, vietnamese noodles?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. mmmmm... So clever!! Make everyone hungry!!!! Now we want treat ♥haha

  2. the chili lo mein looks amazing, and those colorful dim sums... sad to see boyfriends go, I never do well in long distance relationships because of that... hope you see him again soon! and haha mcdonalds breakfest is the best fast food breakfest!

  3. Giiiirrlll you succesfully made me crave for some dimsum!! There goes my diet plan :-s


    Adrian FS.




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