Sunday, 24 August 2014

Empties for June and July 2014!

Mega empties for the last two months! I've been juggling so many things the last two months that I had to forfeit my empties post for June! Here is a compilation of the last two months of empties that I have produced! I've been going through tones of haircare, skincare and bits and bobs! I'm trying very hard to use everything I have without buying anything new as I'll be leaving to school overseas in December and won't be taking many products with me!

Continue below for the giant empties post!

Herbal Essences lavender and honey conditioner, St. Ives apricot scrub, The Face Shop Rice Water Bright cleansing foam, Daiso puff and sponge detergent, Roberto Cavalli perfumed body wash
Out of all these products I'd love to repurchase the conditioner as it worked beautifully on my hair and the sweet honey scent was so enjoyable. The detergent from daiso is also another must have as it's great for washing out my face make up brushes! I also loved the perfumed body wash that was gifted to me in a swap!

Pantene total damage shampoo, Essential Rich premier conditioner, Boots tea tree witch hazel toner, Scentio honey facial scrub, Solo care aqua contact lens solution
I also repurchase Pantene, both the shampoo and conditioner as I love the smell and how it smooth-ens my hair out so well. The tea tree toner was also a win and I'd be rebuying maybe from another brand next time! The scentio face scrub was fabulous too! This is my second tub from them, my first was the milk scrub!

I finished a box of my favorite eyelashes from Sasa, L'oreal True Match foundation, Kiss me heroine mascara in long & curl!
Before I leave in December to school overseas I might buy one box like this of my favorite lashes to bring along if I've got space, I love l'oreal true match too but this shade doesn't match me and was really old! The mascara I've repurchased since!

L'oreal skin perfection cleansing oil, Hada labo hydrating milk, vaseline, K-palette eyeliner, kenzo perfect samples
The oil just wasn't removing my waterproof mascara properly at all so I threw it out before it was finish. The milk moisturizer has a lovely light texture and the bottle lasts forever! I've repurchased other more natural oil lip balms since finishing my vaseline! The k-palette liner towards the end of its life was very disspointing, it didn't stay so good for as long as my other eyeliners.

Biore and The Face Shop nose pore pack strips! I always repurchase from both brands, they work magic for getting out white and black heads from the nose and area around! I use it at least once or twice a week!
Johnsons baby bath milk, Herbal Essence Citrus light shampoo, colgate toothpaste, The Face Shop Jelly Apple Peeling wash, Clean & clear fruit apple wash
I use this milk wash for cleaning my make up brushes and for shaving my legs sometimes, I love the this older formula of shampoo as the scent is so lovely and not so artificial and it's very cleansing.

Dog shampoos from Isle of Dogs! These two are great for my older mix terrier and husky! The older dog gets very smelly after one week and has slightly oily hair and these are brilliant at cleansing and keeping their hair clean and fluffy for a good week or longer.
L'oreal lip and eye remover for waterproof make up, lancome bi facil remover, Ma cherie conditioner mini, Yves rocher brown sugar scrub, Biotherm aqua source moisturizer, Shu uemura moisturizer, Shu uemura moisture concentrate, mentholatum lipbalm
I've been repurchasing the L'oreal make up remover for many years now and out of all the minis I'd totally love to buy the sugar scrub again from Yves rocher in full size!

Bourjois Healthy Mix, The Face Shop Volcanic Clay nose strip, Biore Pore pack nose strips, silicone scrubber, Real techniques stippling brush
I absolutely love healthy mix but this is the older formula and packaging and this bottle was 4 years old! Time to trash! I love my nosestrips so here are two empty boxes! The scrubber was okay but this particular one was a bit stiff and the moment mould started growing it's time to throw! And the stippling brush! Finally died on sad.

Lots of The Face Shop volcanic clay nose strips and biore nose strips! What can I say, I love nose strips and they are why my nose doesn't have enlarged pores or permanent blockages!
Scentio Pomegranate body gel scrub, Biore UV aqua watery mousse, shu uemura youthful radiance generator, ZA two way powder, Banna Coconut Scrub, Biore Cleansing oil
The body gel scrub was a DREAM to use! Smells like intense sweet pomegranate jam and it's a mild scrub infused with the thick gel! I totally have repurchased another product from biore for sunblock and the mini shu product was a great sample size. The coconut scrub was amazing and so damn freaking cheap. I got it in Krabi thailand on holiday! Had to throw out the cleansing oil as it wasn't taking off my mascara even though it's an oil and it stung too!

Wow! That was one of my biggest empties post ever! I've been feeling awesome going through products and freeing up space to get and try new things!

Thanks for dropping by!


  1. wow you did use up a lot of products!! I love nose pore strips / masks, they are very satisfying after use, if you know what I mean :D
    RIP for the stippling brush T-T how long have you got it? 2 years? I have mine since almost 3 years and they are doing okay to me until now :-D

  2. Does pore packs really work? I always wanna try it but afraid that it'll hurt or worse, not working at all :-s


    Adrian FS.

  3. large empties!!!! big applause ♥

  4. I'll have to try out that L'oreal makeup remover one day! Glad the Biore strips work for you. I use Johnsons Baby Shampoo to wash my brushes too, works a charm!

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  5. wow that is a lot of empties! You did great! I never keep the empties long enough to do a post.

  6. Wahhh you've finished so many things!
    The Hada Labo is something I still want to
    try out :c
    Teheh I also like that you put some doggy
    shampoo up here as well :P very cute and
    lovely! Xx




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