Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Handbag haul: Charles & Keith summer collection!

Handbag haul time! Yes, it has been a long long time since I did major damage in the hand bag department. I rarely buy new bags, for one, they can be quite pricey in Singapore even if it's a no name accessory brand bag. One brand that I always gravitate towards for their beautiful designs and super well made qualities and fun and modern designs is local home grown brand Charles & Keith. 

It's a singaporean brand that was started by Singaporeans and is actually very popular in south east asia, they even have stores all over the world which is impressive as Singapore has very few internationally known brands! Another singapore brand is Rachel K for her CC cream which has exploded in the international beauty world!

Continue below for my haul!
My new bags from Charles & Keith! Classic Bowling Bag (soft salmon pink), Casual Sling Bag (neon canary yellow), Small Structured Handbag (Fuchsia)
Charles & Keith Classic Bowling Bag (soft salmon pink) $79.90 SGD
Charles & Keith Casual Sling Bag (neon canary yellow) $56.90 SGD
Charles & Keith Small Structured Handbag (Fuchsia) $69.90 SGD
This beautiful Fuchsia piece has a very interesting interior with a center zip space that's a separator in the bag with storage on either side and more zips and card slots on either side inside. This bag comes with a matching adjustable strap!
Charles & Keith Classic Bowling Bag (soft salmon pink) I almost had a heart attack when I saw this, I just love the size and shape and the color was to die for and I've been using it like crazy!
Love the metal pieces on the bottom so the bag doesn't have to touch the ground!
The neon canary yellow sling is the smallest of all three and can only hold a small wallet pouch, phone, a powder, tissue and maybe a small tiny bottle!
The back of the bag has a zip and card slot holder!
My three new bags from Charles & Keith! A lovely trio of colorful pieces! All petite and perfect for day outings, dates, dinners and just going about town!

I didn't plan on buying these three when I entered the shop but I knew I wanted to buy a bag or two. I already have two bags that are suitable for school books or folders if I choose to use a hand bag so I totally was all out to get pretty going out bags! I love structured pieces and adding colors to my collection that I don't already have!

Have you added any handbags to your collection recently?
Heard or bought from Charles & Keith?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. whaaaaaat i didnt know charles & keith was a singaporean brand, i thought it was a western brand like the same like to guess etc etc. i thought rachel k was a jap brand as well. wow sg.....is....so...cool....i need to live there omg.

    love the bags, especially the salmon colored one! i really love the color i think it would fit a lot of outfits. and all of the bags look good for summer (aka everyday summer for us who are living in south east asia)


  2. Oooh I love bags!!! I have some bags from charles and keith as well ( my mom is a fan! lol ) and I mostly use them for uni as they are very sturdy and not real leather so I don't have to be very careful with them..
    you picked up nice bags!! my fave is the salmon pink one :-)

  3. I love Charles and Keith too! At first I thought this brand will be priced like luxury bags, but they not. They are affordable and super high quality!

  4. heavy breathing out of jealousy here. I want that Fuchsia bag!!! They all look great but the FUCHSIA ONE is LOOOOVE! <3

  5. Nice bags! I noticed that you like pink colour a lot :D

  6. Ohhh, the bowling bag is definitely my favorite; the color is just too cute!

  7. Ahhh! The fuchsia bag is sooo awesome! I have a dress that exact colour! I wonder where I can buy Charles & Keith here in Canada?...

  8. These look so pretty and fancy, especially the pink ones!

  9. Very Classy and elegant Charles and Keith Bags indeed ...sometimes less is more and in this collection everything’s restrained, relaxed and – even better – comfortable, with a pulled-together elegance !!

  10. Check out the charles & keith autumn campaign 2015 collection. I find this season's design to be much better than the previous one.

  11. I love how colourful all these bags are. I recently bought some charles and keith bags from Major brands India Website. Check them out if you're planning to buy new ones.

  12. I love Charles and Keith too! At first I thought this brand will be priced like luxury bags, but they not. They are affordable and super high quality!
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