Sunday, 17 August 2014

First look with the Lorac Unzipped palette! (Pink bronze eyes)

Unzipped with Lorac! I am just another girl who is crazy over neutral palettes but not the matte only brown toned type of neutrals but the palettes with a range with pinks, bronze, golds and more! Surprisingly I don't own any of the Urban Decay Naked palettes but I would love to own the 3rd rose toned one in the near future! 

This beautiful Unzipped palette caught my eye as all the shades are light or medium toned with lots of shimmer. This palette was out of stock in a local online store for months so when I saw this back in stock I bought it and it went straight out of stock a few days later!

Continue below for my first look!
First look with the Lorac Unzipped palette! (Pink bronze eyes)
First look with the Lorac Unzipped palette! (Pink bronze eyes)
An icing pink and rosy bronze eye! I love light eye looks like this!
A super flawless eye brightening and feminine look!
Products used: Mikatvonk Super 3 Smart BB cream, Lorac Unzipped palette, Kiko Bronzing blush, ZA two way foundation powder, Revlon matte (for brows), Maybelline color tattoo in Inked in Pink, YSL rouge volupte, Revlon lip butter, Perfect Black pen eyeliner, Kate lash extension mascara, Kiss me heroine mascara
Wearing YSL rouge volupte in Nude Beige and layered with Revlon Lip Butter in Lollipop!
The completed look! Natural with hints of pink on the eyes, cheeks and lips! This is how I like my pink nude lips!
A light glowing pink on the cheek and a pinky nude lip is my choice for pairing with this eye look!
I'm wearing Kiko bronzing blush on my cheeks. You can use a beautiful mix of all three shades or just more of the rose and pale icy pink!

My boyfriend's best friend was visiting and staying with him. Their family dog seems to have a love for his long time pal as well!
An amazing long tank that's made out of two that have been connected in the middle so the fish can swim from one into another!
Arwana fishes? Wow, so many big and beautiful expensive fishes happily swimming around!
For lunch my boyfriend and I headed to Nando's which I rarely eat at! The Hot peri peri sauce is absolutely lovely sour and hot! Love how it's like a more complex and tasty tabasco!
My boyfriend had the half chicken with extra spicy sauce, the garlic bread and fries! The fries were sooo lovely!
I had a chicken burger! Loved that they use arugula salad! I chose to have coleslaw and grilled corn on the cob!

What kinds of neutral shades to you use for a lunch date?
What do you order when you visit Nando's?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. you have soooo many palettes! These peachy colours look nice on you and the pink lip is a bit of a colourclash, but you can pull it off

  2. Interesting to see that Nando's is globalizing everywhere. I like to order half chicken if I'm not wrong and if the weather is really hot and humid, I would just go for the mild sauce. I love your YSL pink lips. Looks like Barbie Doll on you. I can never wear neutral pink on my lids for I would look bruised.

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

  3. How amazing are the pigmentation on the LORAC palettes! :D They are so gorgeous on you :)

  4. wow" Gorgeous Look <3 I want this palette soooo much but I can´t get it in Germany ;(((( so sad!
    Gorgeous lips :)

  5. That LORAC palette looks gorgeous, really suits you too! And Nandos is so yummy ;) x

    Evelyn @ We Were Raised By Wolves

  6. Oooooh the Lorac Unzipped Palette is on my list! I couldn't decide which one to get, the Unzipped or the Lorac Pro palette.. But I am also not sure whether I need more palette. LOL
    I love the look you created! and the pink lipstick is so pretty, you have such a juicy lips, Sharlynn!!
    I am drooling over those chicken!!

  7. Beautiful look and very nice color that palette has!! :)

  8. You are so beautiful Sharlynn, this shade of pink was created for you:)

  9. I like your makeup! It looks so sweet and very feminine! That palette looks so gorgeous! I'm already thinking of buying a Lorac Palette soon. :D

  10. Woohoo! you finally got the unzipped palette. Love it :)

  11. I love the shades of the eyeshadow palette ♥

  12. I can never find nice pinky lipstick like yours, dear! Love it! Wow, you're finally in Nando's! They peri-peri sauces are real yummy, right??

  13. Gah I love corn on the cob! I had a really good one last week!
    Also, gorgeous lips as always!

  14. Now I have added this palette to my growing wish list. It looks so pretty.

  15. Wowww I love Lorac Unzipped Palette, would love to buy if I find it here! Revlon lip butter's that shade also in my wishlist. I love the look you created! and the pink lipstick is so pretty, you have such a juicy lips, Sharlynn!!I love those chicken!! Such a lovely post darling! Kisses <3




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