Sunday, 24 August 2014

Yellow and teal green eyes with bronzed cheeks!

Yellow and teal! Yes, yes, I've got absolutely no fancy names for any of my make up looks because I've just never been keen on thinking or putting much thought into names. It's not something that excites me although if I spend enough time I probably would be able to come up with something snazzy when when it comes to make up, a fancy name doesn't make a blah look any better!

Continue below for the look!

Yellow and teal green eyes with bronzed cheeks!
Yellow and teal green eyes with bronzed cheeks!
Yellow on the inner lid, teal on the lid and a forest dark green on the outer v and in the crease!
Products used: 17 Super Fine foundation powder, Sleek contour kit, Sleek Glo highlighter/bronzer, Revlon matte (for brows), Biore UV aqua rich watery mousse, 3CE back to baby bb cream, Catrice camouflage cream, Maybelline color tattoo, Art Deco Eyebrow gel, Annayake lipgloss, K-palette Real Lasting Eyeliner, Kiss me Heroine mascara, Kate extension mascara
Coastal Scents Smokey palette! I used the green section of this palette!
Going super nude and simple on the cheeks and lips because of the super bright and bold eye!
On my cheeks is a brush of Sleek's Glo face and body highlighter!
On my lips is this super sheer and beautiful nude gloss from Annayake in 04 petale!
The completed look! Loving my long long hair! Since this post I've chopped off 4 inches!
To finish my look off, I wore my teal green plaid shirt! Loving the teal green!

Do you wear yellow and teal green together?
Like my blush and lip color?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. Very pretty look dear love the eye shadow colors :)

  2. wow wow wow! I love your Look <3
    Very pretty :********

  3. Wow that palette looks incredible, you're amazing at eyeshadow looks Sharlynn xx

    Gemma |

  4. I love that yellow - such a vibrant shade! Goes so well with the greens!

  5. Wow! It's so pretty! I never thought teal and yellow would go together since I never think of green/blue going with yellow in a really pretty way without looking costumey if you get what I mean but omg you did it! Mega pretty and the whole look is really gorgeous. I really love how you did you eyes bold and kept everything else super natural because it makes your eye shadow pop out even more. You're really amazing at makeup and creating beautiful looks!

  6. Im loving the entire makeup look, bright eyeshadows with nude and bronze lip and cheek colors just make the entire looks so so gorgeous! Your eye makeup reminds me of a peacock~ so perhaps a peacock inspired makeup look ^_^~

  7. This looks so cool and would be perfect for a shooting with tropical print clothes ;)

  8. Pretty colors! It makes me think of something tropical. I'm not very creative at naming my makeup looks also, hehe.

  9. parrot on the way!! Nice eye makeover ♥

  10. I love it all! I love how bright the green looks and your lips look so good! So plump!

  11. Cool! I love the bright eyeshadow colours.

  12. Your eyeshadow look reminds me of a tropical bird and I love it :D (Although, I have to say, I was surprised when you said you used a Coastal Scents palette for this look because I'm so used to you using Sleek eyeshadow palettes for, like, everything!)




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