Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Rave Review: Clio Art Blusher in 2 Pink!

Marble baked rosy blush! This blush was an impulse buy the moment I saw it on a blog sale on a local beauty blogger who I love and adore by the name of Juli from Bun Bun Makeup Tips (See blog sale here). Her blog is amazing for asian girls who want to become technical with eyeshadow placement as she has the best online guide for shadow placement and explanations of types of lids, and where to place what for desired effects! (See her amazing tutorial here, here, here and here!)

I didn't even know that this product was released or even sold locally in store so when I saw that she was selling this at a discount I jumped at the chance and HAD to get the beautiful marbled rose one!

Continue below for the review and look!
 Clio Art Blusher in 2 Pink!
 Clio Art Blusher in 2 Pink!

 Clio Art Blusher in 2 Pink!
 Clio Art Blusher in 2 Pink!
 Clio Art Blusher in 2 Pink!

I didn't expect Juli to still have kept the actual box packaging but it was so lovely that she did and that she sent it to me in the original box! The box has a slight preview of the actual packing of the blush which is this colorful 'artsy' looking drawing. These blushes are a baked line of blushes and so I wasn't too surprised when the packaging was quite bulky like a lot of baked products seem to be!

The actual blush compact is quite unique! It has a lovely colorful and artsy print and then from the side it's obvious that the top of the compact is not a normal clam shell design. I quite admire the out of normal compact shape, it's fun and lovely and it's not bulkier because of another space for a brush or sponge although it does come with a brush. 

As always, I would prefer a smaller slimmer size/packaging of product but otherwise there's nothing negative or truly compromising about the design of this blush!

 Clio Art Blusher in 2 Pink! This blush comes with one nice, large dense and fluffy brush! Something that actually could be used if I chose to!

The blush brush that come in the Art Blusher!
It's a super dense, fluffy and soft brush! I totally am keeping this one!
 Clio Art Blusher in 2 Pink! I'm just freaking in love with that beautiful pink, rose, purple and white marbling, so damn lovely and I knew I had to have it the moment I saw it!

Right off the bat, I knew this shade was going to be pink, rosy and beautiful! I was very happy that on swatch the color wasn't too deep or reddish but more of a solid medium neutral pink with the most lovely transparent, glowing quality to it!

The texture is super silky and it's not hard on the surface at all like some baked products. I love the marbling and how the streaks are so mixed with the deep shades and the white  and purplish veins of pigment!

I always use a round small blush brush and just with two light swirls I pick up enough product to get the prettiest rosy pink cheeks. One tap on this blush would be enough for light skinned girls who want a light rosy glow but I tend to go back for more and then end up with a deeper rose shade on my cheeks!

The wear time of this is very long, longer than most blushes and it blends out beautiful and hold that glowing quality throughout the day on a matte face. I really am in love and am so happy with this impulse blog sale purchase and would love more baked blushes!

Swatches of Clio Art Blusher in 2 Pink! Swatched and then blended out!
Wearing Clio Art Blusher in 2 Pink!
Just check out how that shade looks like a lighter version of the fuchsia lip I have on! I freaking love how it's a rosy shade that's very pigmented but doesn't look too deep or clowny!

Wearing Clio Art Blusher in 2 Pink! It's such a glowing rose! Just look at that BLUSH. OMGAWD!
Swatches of Clio Art Blusher in 2 Pink! Such a beautiful medium glowing rose pink!
Wearing Clio Art Blusher in 2 Pink!
Paid: Discounted blogsale price of $25 SGD 

(Regular price is $32.90 SGD or about $26.30 USD)

Recommend: YES! This blush is amazing! There are 5 shades in the range I believe that I saw at a Clio display stand in Watsons! The texture is so soft and easy to apply, the pigmentation is beautiful without being too harsh and it gives such a great glow to the cheeks!

Repurchase: No, I hope to buy baked blushes from other brands for the other shades I'm keen on!

Bottom line: A super beautiful blush both packaging and product wise. The product was a complete beauty, the marbling, the color, the finish, the feel and it just looks like the most vibrant and glowing blush that blends perfectly on the cheeks! Totally check these out if you can!

Are you a fan of baked and marbled blushes?
Want to try this blush from Clio?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
 Thank you!


  1. Omg that packaging is seriously amazing!!

  2. That's a lovely shade of pink - and that lipstick is KILLER on you!

  3. Oh wow this is very pigmented!! the color is so bright and vibrant.. I didn't know Clio makes blushes as well, always relate it with eyeliners! lol
    the lipstick you're wearing on this pict is gorgeous!!

  4. Oh goodness, love that blush color on you! It gives such a nice flush of colors on your cheeks! The packaging is lovely as well!
    <3 Pauline, ­­Addicted to Makeup

  5. I don't know this brand but great that you could get the blush at a blogger sale :) Anyway I already love how the blush looks in the box but on your cheeks it looks even better and makes you a beautiful porcelain complexion!

  6. Such a unique and gorgeous product! Your cheeks look flawless with it on (to be fair, you always look flawless ;)


  7. wow that is such a poppy pink. looks great with your lip color too.

  8. the packaging is absolutely beautiful! and wow you have clio in watsons? o_o the shade is something i would totally wear, and you pair it with a really nice shade of pink lips!!


  9. Love the packaging and the shade is lovely! Reminds me a lot of Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush ♥

    Kay ♡ imladiiekay

  10. I love this color, and the packaging is seriously just so pretty! I've never seen this brand before, but it sure looks nice!

  11. Gosh this blush is absolutely gorgeous, i think i'd make an impulse buy if I saw it in the shops. looks really nice on you :)

    LilynotLouise | Beauty and Food

  12. I've not heard of this brand, but seriously....... the packaging rocks!

  13. This is freakin gorgeous, great pairing with the lippie!

  14. OMG this blush looks perfect! It makes me drool.

  15. omgosh that blush is STUNNING on you! so pretty!!


  16. Oh no! I can't not have this! T_T

  17. Ah yes, I remember finding Juli's blog last year because of the whole...facial treatment thing gone wrong episode D:
    BUT DAMN, THIS BLUSH IS STUNNING, BOTH MARBLING WISE AND PACKAGE WISE. I love how it complements the fuchsia lip so beautifully!

  18. Very nice blush :) especially matches very well Your lip colour. By the way, could You please tell, what the lipstick or lip gloss is this? I'm looking for such fusсhia coloured lipstick...




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