Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Review: Kate Lash Extension Mascara in Long & Curl BK-1!

Lash Extension Mascara! Which one of use doesn't want longer, curlier and thicker lashes? We all want beautiful better than what we have lashes but it's not always easy to find "the mascara" for you! I'm lucky enough to have a holy grail that I've been using for the last 4 years. It's the Kiss Me Heroine make up Long & Curl (my review here), it's super super swimming and crying waterproof and is amazing at boosting everything I need. 

Once in a while my eyes wander to the mascara sections when I'm out and I thought I should just try this one by Kate as it's a fiber mascara and my holy grail is also a fiber mascara and also by a Japanese brand. I realized this was not waterproof but I thought I'd give it a shot anyway!

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Kate Lash Extension Mascara in Long & Curl BK-1!
As you can see, EVERYTHING is in Japanese so I can't tell you what's on the back!
However there is a label for the ingredients in english and the manufacturing date!
Kate Lash Extension Mascara in Long & Curl BK-1!
Check out the pretty hexagonal cap! Although it magically becomes a pentagon on the tube body!

Kate Lash Extension Mascara in Long & Curl BK-1!

The packaging of this mascara tube is absolutely stunning! It's so classy, sleek and looks high end despite being a Japanese drugstore brand. I love how the tube is sort of an eye trick. The cap is hexagonal but the way the sides twist down onto the body of the tube is so interesting. There's been a good deal put into the design of the tube and a black glossy finish never goes wrong!

I think this smart tube is enough to sway anyone to purchase it! Nothing bad to say about it, I like how it's slim and nothing insanely bulky like some maybelline or essence tubes!

This is my favorite shape of brush, curved and with dense bristles!
Check out all those fibers! They coat your lashes and look so natural! Nothing spiky or weird!
The lip of the tube does that quite messy though! Not much product is removed when the brush comes out!

Left eye with one heavy coat of Kate Lash Extension mascara! Right eye is bare!

Right out of the tube, the formula of this mascara is of medium wetness, I have no problems with a wetter mascara, it just needs to take a bit of use and a few weeks until it thickens up nicely to be easier to use right out of the tube. 

Although it looks like there are so many fibers going in all directions I was so stunned at how natural and perfect the fibers blended onto my own lashes. Application was easy, although I was trying to be a bit careful as the formula's quite wet new. I found that in one heavy coat, I can get longer, defined and naturally full lashes!

Unfortunately this formulation is not waterproof. Although nothing flakes or smudges throughout the day, this doesn't wear the best as any bit of sweat or tears that touches and rubs against the lashes will cause it to degrade. I had a cry once while wearing this and it all came off! And yet, it didn't give me panda under eyes! Strange, not a completely bad thing then!

I usually buy waterproof formulas only but this one only came in a regular formula. The important thing is however that it really looks so much like my holy grail mascara (Check it out here)! Although it doesn't give me as much volume at the roots and won't hold a curl nearly as well this comes close!

Wearing Kate Lash Extension Mascara in Long & Curl BK-1!
I would recommend this to girls who prefer a formula that removes easily with water or a regular make up remover. It gives lashes a great 'natural' boost and yet isn't too natural that it looks like your bare lashes are still bare!

The brush and formula allows for you to build layers without the roots or too many lashes sticking together! As you can see below, the natural definition is still very much there!

The mascara does an amazing job as looking so natural and wispy and yet lengthen the lashes very nicely without any big clumping!
Kate Lash Extension Mascara in Long & Curl, it just looks like my lashes are amazing naturally! Such beautiful defined results!
Paid: $24.90 SGD or about $20 USD 

(This is normal price here for drugstore mascaras! Maybelline, L'oreal and Revlon included!)

Recommend:Yes, but to those who don't have very straight down pointing lashes as this formula does not hold a curl well throughout the day.

Repurchase: No, I cannot wear a mascara that's not super waterproof, tear proof and sweat proof for more than half a day. My preference are formulas that are literally swim proof as they hold curls and stay beautiful for as long as I want them to and that's how I like it.

Bottom line: A very intriging formula, I almost never buy a mascara unless it's waterproof but I just had to see how this formula looked like on and I wasn't disappointing! I really love how it looks but it just won't last as well as my holy grail (Check it out here!)

Have you tried masaras from Japanese brands before?
Do you prefer natural or super dramatic lashes?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment! 
Thank you!


  1. Great review! Looks very good in your lashes! Its a pity that isn't not a waterproof mascara, that way it could've worked a lot better for you! HOLY COW...I didn't realize how expensive drugstore makeup was in Asia... absolutely INSANE.
    <3 Pauline, ­­Addicted to Makeup

  2. You're just like me, I do like my waterproof mascaras ;) Have you tried he Majolica Majorca mascaras? They are SUPER water proof and holds curl like no other :)

    Eat. Live. Love. Repeat.

  3. Sounds like a great mascara! I purchased one of Kate's liquid liners a while back and absolutely loved it - I feel like I would like this one too. Too bad it's not waterproof tho!

  4. What a great result, I have never tried a similar mascara though :)

  5. Ohhh this def elongates your lashes!! too bad the formula is not waterproof... How about layering it with waterproof formula? I am currently loving Maybelline Fiber lashes that I bought in Indonesia, it is cheap, waterproof and elongates my lashes ^^
    But you have longer lashes to begin with, in comparison to my lashes !

  6. Woah this looks amazing!!!! This seems very similar to fairy drop mascaras!




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