Saturday, 12 October 2013

Review: theBalm Shady Lady eyeshadows in Luscious Lani and Mischievous Marissa!

Are you a Shady Lady? Check out my ladies! I hope most of you have heard of the brand theBalm by now! I've tried quite a variety of products from them, their tinted moisturize, eyeshadow, blush, liquid concealer and so on and this is one of the best ones from them. Their single Shady Lady shadows are limited in color but you can check out the palettes if you want more!

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theBalm Shady lady single eyeshadows in  the shades Luscious Lani and Mischievous Marissa!

Packaging & Product!

Not your typical plastic packaging or clam shell packaging, these super sturdy cardboard singles also have a nice mirror as well as being super magnetic so there's no chance they will open! The leopard spots are really something different as well as the baby pink around the mirror, these single shadows look and are super sturdy, pretty and practical.

I picked up only two shades and that's been all since then, these two shades I picked are super wearable. A beautiful pinky champagne shade called Luscious Lani and a warm bronze called Misschevious Marissa! I used to and still have a bad lustful bone in my body for champagne shades and this one has a gorgeous pinky undertone!

The consistency of these shades are very smooth and pigmented, they apply with minimal fall out and also blend out like a dream! No harsh lines, no matter how much you apply and then blend. These both have a super fine finish, a metallic satin finish to them, they add such a great sheen onto the eyes.

I love using Mischievous Marissa all over the lid or on the center (as a crease shade too) and Luscious Lani on the inner corners! Both these shades I bought are extremely versatile and I would recommend anyone to try their eyeshadows anytime!

There's really NOTHING BAD about these shadows! You're getting such a great bargain, 3.4g in these singles! That's more than double of MAC shadows at 1.5 g a shadow!

Swatches of theBalm Shady Lady eyeshadows in Luscious Lani and Mischievous Marissa

Paid: $24.90 SDG or about $20 USD

Recommend: Yes! These shadows are pigmented, smooth and long wearing! If you like a shiny pop on the lids from neutral to brights, check out their shadows!

Repurchase: Yes! If I do go back and get more shadows I totally would reach for some shadows!

Bottom line: High quality, slightly pricier than normal shadows however the quality and amount of these shadows are completely worth it!

When buying from a new brand, do you pick up neutrals first?
Do you like these shades?
let me know!

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  1. The swatches are so pretty! Wish I could find the Balm around hereee

  2. The shades look beautiful :)

  3. I have a few Balm palettes and they are amazing :D they are such good quality!

    1. I'd really love one! They seem soo good, especially the matte version!

  4. Very pretty shades. Loved it. I am trying to find out your cantact details on page but unable to find that. Can you please let me know about your email id so i can send you an email. I am from and want to cantact to you. Please email me at

    1. I've updated my profile info with an email, feel free to email!

  5. I have Mischievous Marissa in my Shady Lady Vol 2 palette :) The pigmentation and texture of theBalm eyeshadows is really nice - very smooth and great colour payoff, though some of the shades in my palette do have a bit of fallout. Most don't though. 3.4g of product for a single eyeshadow is certainly massive - almost the size of a blush!




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