Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Delicious casual French at Poulet and home made Guo Tie dumplings!

Poulet on a plate! I finally got the chance to share a really yummy lunch with my mother and boyfriend at the restaurant outlet Poulet here in Vivocity shopping center in Singapore! It's known for their chicken or 'poulet' and also for being very affordable casual french bistro fare! It did not disappoint!

I also on the same evening made hand made gou tie or pot stickers dumplings. I know them as pan fried dumplings, but we made everything, the filling and wrapping from scratch!

Continue below for the yummy photos!
Delicious bistro french fare at Poulet in Vivocity and home made pan fried gou tie dumplings!

My typical shimmery neutral eye look which I love with my winged liner!
Paired with a coral bronzey cheek and glossy lips!
The interior of the medium sized open concept restaurant was lovely! Taupes, grays, dark browns, very modern and comfortable!
Wild mushroom soup, taste heavily of the lovely things, a fine texture but with still bits of mushroom to feel. I would've loved more croutons!
Cherry tomato and home made marmalade salad. I was so surprised when it arrived like this! Real neat!
Their home made marmalade wasn't bitter or too aged and every bit was sweet and chewy, went very well with the sweet tomatos and light dressing! It was icy cold and lovely!
I ordered their half chicken with cream mushroom sauce. The sauce is smooth and there are slices of mushroom beneath the chicken, they could've been a bit more generous with them though. However in terms of the chicken, brilliant! Due to their brining and long low heat cooking its so moist and tender and very tasty!
My boyfriend had this stewed pork belly. Super tender and falling apart, the meat was very tasty and sweet, the swirl of cream potatos was also lovely and its topped off with wholegrain mustard!
My mother ordered a lamb shank which was cooked at a low temperature for a long time until the meat fell off the bone when poked with a fork! You can tell because the meat is still pinkish all the way through and yet fully cooked! They came with slow cooked shallots and carrot!
Home made dumplings! This is my new favorite thing to make at home!
A correctly folded dumpling next to one my boyfriend messed up! Haha!
To achieve the fried crispy bottom, first they are cooked on oil to get the color and crisp bottom.
Then to steam them and to cook the meat, water is added to the pan and a lid is covered to allow steaming! You must be very quick to cover because it was pop and crackle and spray steam and hot oil and water!
The beautiful finished product! Fresh, soft, crisp, tasty dumplings!
The row in the front is the ideal color and texture, crispy and yet the rest of the dumpling is steamed and soft! You must be careful with not adding too much water!
Trying to be cute but my big lips aren't cutting cute!
Recommend: Yes! I completely recommend trying Poulet! They have very affordable food with mains nothing more than $20 SGD! It's tasty, well cooked and seasoned food! Dishes come out very quickly as such long cooking time items are prepared a day, two or even three in advanced for marination and slow cooking.

UPDATE: As I write this post to you laides out there I'm sitting in the business center of Baiyoke Sky hotel in Bangkok, Thailand! This is my second one week long holiday in the last 8 months. My school is like no other, its like your're already working without any long school breaks. I took the chance and booked with my mother and we've had a good two days so far.Having problems with setting up the wifi on my laptop that even the man working at the business center can't fix so I may have only the chance to blog if I come all the way downstairs! Oh well!

Hope everyone is having a good week so far! I will be blogging more when I'm back, trust me!

Have you heard or tried the french food at Poulet?
Like slow cooked meats?
let me know!

Feel free to leave comments! Thank you!


  1. oh Sharlynn! it's 6 am in the morning and I am starving now! lol
    guo tie is my absolute favorite, I love to dip it into chilli oil sauce. love love love!!! your pan dried guo tie looks sooo good! I'll def eat all the plate by myself! :p
    and enjoy your trip!!

    1. Hahah, I want to make people hungry! Thank you, It has been great!

  2. Why do you always eat the best stuff?! Everything looks so yummy...
    I really should make dumplings for myself sometime. I get so lazy~ Haha (=w=)
    Have fun while you can!! We'll wait in anticipation for your return! :D

    1. It took me forever to go there to try the food though! I heard about it from a classmate and I had it on a list of places to go! They're not hard to make, I should list the steps sometime!

  3. Just found your blog and it's so cute! I really love it! I've had a good read of a few posts and I honestly can't wait to read some more! New follower over here xx


    1. Thank you! I intend to do my best with whatever I post about! Do hang around to read more!

  4. I love how that salad came in that pickling jar!
    Yeah, adding anything with water to an oiled pan hurts like a motherbeeper :( Do it fast and you'll be okay.

    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry ʘ‿ʘ | Makeup & Silly things

    1. It was just so unexpected and so refreshing in a sense (mind the pun)!

  5. OMG, these are soooo delicious and making me hungry! Love love this post honey and yes, you look so pretty with glasses! Your lovely makeup has made your face quite sharp and thin! Love both pics <3 Kisses <3

    1. Thank you dear, I've also been told so about the glasses by my boyfriend, he likes them a lot but I'm vain and go without them outside, contacts only! Its the angle too! My make up isnt all that flawless! :p

  6. You have no idea how hungry I am now. Such a great post and I definitely want to eat everything right now!!! Yummmmmmmmmmmmmm :D

    Sofia X


  7. OMG, I have water in my eyes and mouth. This looks soooo delicious. I also love the fact that you put salad in a jar. Right click, save as :)


  8. Lovely eye makeup and yummy food :)

  9. yum yum yum dumplings :D loveee the food here, it's only like 10:51am but I'm so hungry!




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