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Review: Lancome UV Expert GN-Shield BB Base/cream (swatches!)

Another bb cream today! I've own this for over a year now but unfortunately haven't really used it that much like my other bb creams (which makes me feel guilty!) I bought it on a Silkair flight for about $10 less than regular price in Singapore. I believe it was $59 or something around there onboard.

I've dabbled here and there into bb creams but either find that they don't match very well although I'm light skinned or that they are a bit too greasy feeling. I've got combination sensitive skin, I tend to develop oil bumps if the products i use are oil based!

What I found so appealing about this was the the UVA/UVB broad spectrum and the 50++ SPF.  It's part of their Blanc Expert or (white expert) line for lightening skin. This comes in one shade (sadly) and in a 30ml tube!

Note: This product is sold under 'skincare' and 'protection' not as a 'foundation' hence the use of the word 'base' as its intended to be a base not foundation.

Continue below for the review and swatches!

Lancome UV GN-Shield BB Base / BB cream!

Made in France!
The protection factor is the main aspect of this product, meant to prevent skin damage.


For such a high end product to come in a tube, some may frown although I don't have much problems with it except that the texts printed on the tube seem to have rubbed off! It is more a sun protection type product so I guess a typical tube is expected too! The screw on top is very secure, it even has a little 'plug' that goes into the opening so no worries about leakage.

Pale ashy yellow toned with specks throughout the's very glossy and liquidy

Too much there but you can see how it's very glossy

Extremely smooth texture, even and easy to blend

The grayish/ashy cast from the bb base compared to my bare skin on the left...

Blends in very well...brightens up the skin. Especially on the face, I look 'luminous' but a bit ashy.


Firstly this bb base is of a pale yellow shade, when not yet blended it's full of little specks (I'm not sure what it is in the product) but it blends out. It has a fresh slightly sunblock-ish smell but it's not very strong. The product is of a thinner consistency, it is incredibly smooth and easy to blend to nothingness leaving a high shine and bright glow.

The BB base is even a bit too light on my skin.
Photo reference to the shade on my face. 
Excuse the photo, this was from my Black Swan tutorial!

I find that although you can use this alone, for most people, even those with fair complexions, it will leave you ashy and a bit gray. Anyone darker than NC/W 25 this is not for you. That is unless you top it off with foundation or a powder of your shade.

Otherwise even for someone with relatively light skin (my bare face to the left in the process of applying foundation, NOT with the bb base) I found the brightening effect to look a bit unnatural and I would go over with a powder or some regular foundation. 

For a bb base/cream like this I would think using this in combination with a setting powder of some sort would be best for color matching and lasting power. As for now, I do occasionally use this...on my neck where i seem to be getting sun spots! This works as a undereye brightener for me too.

Above: Lancome bb base                   Bottom: Vichy bb cream

Those interested, do check out my Vichy bb cream review!

Paid: $S59 (cheaper on board) ($45 USD)

Recommend: For those with sensitive skin, want high sun protection and willing to fork out the money!

Repurchase: Nope! I've got my good ol' moisturizer avec sunblock and foundation w/sunblock!

Bottom Line: It's smooth and has an impeccable finish, brightening for sure but too pale for my liking. Performs well on my sensitive skin although I wouldn't fork out the money for this when I could buy a nice skirt! I'd look for more affordable bases and bb creams before trying this!

I'd give this a 3.5/5!

Have you tried any bb creams? Prefer them over foundation?  Let me know!

Feel free to leave comments! Thanks!


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