Friday, 28 October 2011

Special: Black Swan Inspired Halloween look! (photos!)

I did this just today for the first time and it was amazing! The look is sophisticated, easy to do and can be very dramatic without being complicated! I'm including photos I took a long the way, I simply looked at a photo of this look off the net and basically tried to copy what I saw.

 Continue below for step-by step pictures!

This was what I aimed for! I love how they used blue and purple instead of just black and white! I will definitely want to experiment with color in the future!

Add a layer of regular foundation and then slap on lots of the lightest shade that works for you!

I used a white pencil first to outline the eye's much easier to clean up...

Go in slowly with an angled flat brush with gel liner...

After doing like so...clean up with q-tips (as seen, the cleaning smudged up beneath the eye!)

Use a white base or pencil/primer all over the lid! Add a satin/shimmer dark navy onto the brow bone area!

Pack on a mid-tone blue of a satin/matte finish!

Using the same brush, do the design with the gel liner free hand...

Complete both sides...

I used a brighter teal on the lid and extended it to the tear duct area! Feather out the edges and add the navy to the lower lash line!
Smudge on a purple and pink mixture!

And have fun!

Oh right! Line lips softly with a purplish color and fill with a red or hot pink!

Be fierce! You are now technically a black swan!

Feel free to leave me comments/questions!


  1. Holy moly, you look AWESOME! Great tutorial! :)

  2. This is one gorgeous look..! you look really purdy! <3 it!

    and love ur blog..!

    i just followed.. do check my blog out for makeup tuts and product reviews..!

  3. Wow, looks dangerous :)

    Thanks for this tutorial although Halloween is already over... but next year again ;)


  4. WOW :) you're very talented artist. i was suppose to work with another beauty blogger last halloween, i was going to do the white swan (which is a lot easier ^^ ) and she the black swan. i ended up going as the queen of hearts instead :P


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