Sunday, 11 December 2011

FOTD: Simple smokey pink aubergine

Thrown together one morning for school! It consist of very simply three products. A gel liner, pink/purple eyeshadow (metallic/shimmery finish) and a highlight color!

Here I used...
Been totally enjoying smoking out the edges...looks seductive!

Winging it really brings attention to the eyes, I love how dark eyes work well with almost every color.
Close up...the rusty purple shade of Violet Star over the inner third of the lid, it looks like a taupe here...washed out from light.

To create this look...
  1. Prime lids.
  2. Apply Violet star (or substitute) over the whole lid, extending above the crease. Blend out edges.
  3. Apply gel liner on the upper lashline...winging the end and connecting to the bottom lash line.
  4. Bring violet star onto the inner corners and lower lashline...
  5. Apply a little highlight on the inner corners and where violet star meets the bare lid.
  6. Apply mascara if desired!

Do you like smokey looks? Care to use purples/pinks for them? Let me know!

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  1. Wow...u look how u did the eyes n boy yr lips are beautiful!


  2. @Cynthia Z

    Aww,,,thanks so much! My lips are actually bare here but they tend to be very pigmented! :)


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