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Review: Lancome Absolu Voyage Palette de Maquillage / Travel Palette (Duty free only/ swatches!)

Firstly it's the first week of my school holiday...and I'm sick! Seems like the onset of a mild flu...so I'm just trying to rest and while I'm at it I thought I'll pull out a couple more posts that I've got prepared!

I travelled more frequently a year ago and so as always I'm entranced by the make up offers only avalible at duty free or on board. This was something that caught my eye! My mom had previously bought an older travel palette from lancome but a shadow had shattered and it was a bit bulky.

I believe the Lancome Absolu Voyage palette retailed for either $69 or $79 SGD on board/duty free.  For what you're getting even $80 or above would be a deal.  All my family are members of Krisflyer and so on silkair/singapore airline that gives us further 10% discount and points (i think)!

Continue below for the review and swatches!

Lancome Absolu Voyage complete make up palette! Double decked and gorgeous!

Note: The palette includes a mini virtouse mascara which I've since used up!
Lancome Absolu Voyage palette- first deck includes 6 eyeshadows, 3 lipsticks, 1 concealer, 1 blush, 1 translucent powder
Sleek and sturdy packaging, I like how lancome palette's don't have their name printed across but there's their rose logo....

Size of a small clutch (sorry bad pic) Easily fits into most hand bags...

This palette itself is well made. Sturdy, sleek, hard and shiny. The cover is magetized and it's strong so no worries about it opening. I really like the double decker concept. It's space saving and makes it easy to get to the products. In an older lancome palette the top deck opened up in opposite directions like cabinet doors which I'm not fond off. 

The mirror takes up the entire space of the cover on the inside which is really nice quite a full mirror. Everything has been strategically placed inside, the main shadows on the left and highlight type of shadows on the right. Lip colors, blush, concealer, powder and mascara all centralized. 

The one thing I noticed is that because the packaging is all black and the space between all the products is tiny the product tends to dirty the dividers (as seen below)

Mini eye and lip brushes....
Tiny mini sized lip and eye liners!
Mini puff and blush brush...this brush is pretty good.
A mini 2ml version of this mascara is included in the first deck in regular formula black.
Label with the names/amounts of products included! The same blush is used in other lancome palettes and I love it!
Lancome ombre absolute eyeshadows / color focus / color design 
Refer above for names (in numbers) Dark matte brown, shimmery taupe, shimmery peachy gold (my favorite), baby pink w/shimmer, pale sand w/shimmer, matte cream white
Translucent powder in 01, concealer in beige claire 02, blush subtil in rose sable 02, 3 l'absolu rouge lipsticks (refer to number above)
Regular sized crayon kohl and levres in black and rose the...
Left: skinny mini    Right: regular size  (regular size pencils were older hence drier)

Firstly I really find the choice of colors in this palette excellent. They can bring you from a natural to quite a nice subtle evening look especially with the addition of the lipsticks and eyeliner. 

In terms of the 6 eyeshadows all but the light pink are of excellent quality. I swatched without primer and they are nicely pigmented and go on very smoothly with no fall out. The colors are basic but can be used easily in a variety of ways. The pale pink has glitter that feels gritty and it's a bit chalky compared to the others.

The lipsticks are quite good too, pigmented, long lasting with a slightly creamy finish. The eyeliner is really handy, lancome kohl liners are very black and creamy which I love. The lip liner is in such a lovely shade, used lightly, it can look so natural, i see the shade rose the working on just about everybody. However their smaller than normal size makes it incredible difficult to sharpen...so boo!

The powder is translucent so great for dusting off the t-zone and setting things, the concealer works well for me but I doubt it'd be of much use of anyone above NC/W 25. 

The blush! OH my god, I love this shade to death! As a fan of berry shades of blush which I really love, this shade rose sable is amazing! A solid medium berry with fine shimmer it really adds dimension and builds up if needed. It's very pigmented so it will show up on darker skin!

The eyeshadow brush isn't bad but it's not dense and so it's only really handy for blending or lightly dusting on color. The fluffiness will cause fall out so I'd definitely bring my regular brushes with me. The lip brush is a regular lip brush, nothing special. The blusher brush however is fairly dense for it's small size and it works very well with the small blush pan. 

And lastly the mascara which was so amazing I finished it! The curved brush, stiff but fine bristles and not so runny formula makes for  lots of length and curl with definition. It's definitely a mascara I'd feel safe wearing in a non-waterproof formula...and I ALWAYS use waterproof as I can't tolerate smudging or flaking with mascara.


  • Portable/ convenient
  • Sturdy
  • Great price 
  • Great selection of products
  • Great quality

  • Only avalible at duty free/on board
  • avalible for a period of time
  • No colorful shadows
  • Fall out of silver glitter from the pink eyeshadow!
  • Concealer not for those with medium-darker skin (could be an eye primer)

Paid: Either $69 or $79 SGD ($53 or $61 USD) 

Recommend: Totally! For palette junkies, those looking to invest in something for flawless simple looks, travelers or working professionals. This would also make a great gift!

Repurchase: A full size of the virtuose mascara please!! I don't consider buying palettes twice, it's not sensible unless I plan to give it away or I really am using everything in it.

Bottom Line: Great quality and easy to use colors included, this is definitely something to consider investing money into. It's a great deal considering how much individuals cost in Singapore, a single mascara from lancome will set me back $45-$55 SGD so if you're looking into trying some lancome products why not start with a kit?

Have you tried any Lancome products? Would you invest in a set? Let me know!

Feel free to leave comments! Thanks!


  1. I had this before but swapped it away as I find that chances for me to use it as a travel kit are mild. Since I prefer mix & match products for my look. Now seeing review from you, makes me think twice about it.

    Who knows maybe I'll pick it up again from the airport for my next vacation!

    Kiss me Mascara are my staple mascara too, I love the Kiss Me Heroine Make Impact Frame & Curl Mascara 01 than the long & curl one.

  2. @sizbelle

    Hehe, yes, the product as a whole is very enticing, I love picking things up from duty free! Kiss me mascara all the way! :)




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