Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Food: Ribs @ Mignon's Steak &Grill in Taka (yummy photos!)

I've got lots of things I've yet to post but just for some mouth watering variety here are some of my favorite ribs at a small cafe in the food hall at Takashimaya

The place is called "Mignon's Steak & Grill" ...a plate of ribs are just under $S20...the fries and salad that accompany are delicious!

Hallelujah! Beautiful baby back ribs with a touch of greens and lovely hot fries!
Lovely garden sald...juicy vegetables go well with juicy meat...Hehe

Three Mushroom soup! Very fresh, the smell was strong, fresh mushroom  bits were present!

Just a couple thin belts i picked up from F21...$S4 each

Majolica Majorca Jeweling pencil in BK 999 (black) this was for a friend!

Kate Gel Eyeliner in waterproof Black...(also for a friend) it's great on the lower lash line but still won't stay on the waterline!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I remember this :D
    Good food, Good times ;)

  2. @heartvsmind

    They were right? That's why you have to come back again! :P

  3. ohh those ribs look DELICIOUS! yum this makes me hungry lol!

  4. @Pop Champagne

    Yes1 They are absolutely delicious! I can understand! :P


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