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Rave Review: Dior Lipgloss La Collection (Duty free exclusive)!

Hey all! Sorry I've had nothing very exciting recently! It's the middle of exam week at my school so it's mostly study and sleep I'm concerned with. I've been dying to post several things but just have let procrastination get in the way. So while the mood is still in full swing, here's a little something special only at Duty Free!

Just some background info, I've been an avid traveller until about last year but will be again after graduation! I was very into travel palettes and such and have a couple from Dior and Lancome (all are pretty darn amazing). This was called the ...

"Dior Lipgloss La Collection"

Picked it up at the Singapore Duty Free shop though when I came back for holiday once, it was about $S70  dollars Singapore but very worth it I have to say. Enough bantering! 

Although...I want to note that even though I don't celebrate christmas I am grateful for the sales, deals and discounts around this time of year!! Have been shopping and taking lots of photos so I need to pick up on blog posts!

Thank you for the few of you who follow or even just skimp through, it's nice to share things with people who have similar interest!

Continue reading for the review, photos and SWATCHES!

The Dior travel exclusive Lipgloss La Collection set! Comes with 5 wearable and conveniently packaged mini tubes!
Dior Lipgloss La Collection: 267, 557, 257, 677, 757


Hand bag type package, would make the perfect gift! Note: not my photo!

Firstly I need to say that the packaging of the product at first glance is very well done, leather-ish textured embossed pattern on the firm cardboard packaging with a little bag like handle...just lovely presentation! 

Each tube (seen above) is a mini size. Regular dior lipgloss come in double in the amount I believe and they apply with a brush, minis with a sponge tipped wand. 

I love the mini size, it's very easy for bringing around and like the regular tube, the wand stem never gets covered with gloss. I also love how the cap 'clicks' when properly closed like in the full sized. The wand makes it so that there's never too much product being applied at once but more full lipped girls may need more than one or two 'helpings' with the small wand!

Size comparison, regular dior lipgloss and mini

Packaging makes for all the difference in size, although the minis are still very chic!

I'm a lipgloss person. Not an obsessive lipgloss person but I do enjoy a good gloss although I've been wandering towards stains and lipsticks in recent months. Anyone who's tried dior lipgloss hopefully will agree that the texture and quality of the glosses are phenominal. I know, I's just lipgloss but its great.

Note: All the lipglosses have shimmer/glitter.

The texture is not sticky whatsoever (even my older tubes) but have this slight tackiness that is just right for staying on bare lips or layering over a stain or lipstick. Some of these glosses with the larger bits of glitter can get a bit gritty feeling when the gloss is almost all gone otherwise the shimmer bits never bother or get messy. The rainbow reflective glitter in dior glosses are my favorite, they look great and not over done even if I apply loads.

In terms of color, these glosses are very pigmented, I would say that 677(fuchsia pink) and 757 (fire engine red) could be worn alone and look like very opaque! Dior does have a line of glosses that gone on opaque like paint, just brilliant i say.

These glosses are extremely glossy and moisturizing which are pluses! Can't think of any downsides really as they really perform.

shade 267, a baby pink with fine rainbow shimmer...

shade 557, strong mid-tone blue based pink, the rainbow shimmer looks very purple/blue-ish...

shade 257, a very interesting pale mauvy bronzy pink with fine shimmer...

shade 677, (much more blue hued in person) very blue based deep fucshia pink with extra shimmer!

shade 757, (far brighter in person) a very bold fire engine (neutral) red...packed with extra glitter like 677...

Taken with natural the same order as first listed... Shades: 267, 557, 257, 677, 757 (the fuchsia doesn't come off as blue as in the tube!)

Dior lipgloss in shades: 267, 557, 257, 677, 757 (I mean just look at that red! wowza!)

I find all shades very wearable! (although i've since passed the 757 red to my mom) I'd slick them on over moisturized lips any day, all the colors are 'regular' so the speak, nothing so special about the shades although their quality is pretty damn great and pulling out a dior lipgloss always looks sexy in my opinion! Try them if they're in your budget otherwise there are plenty of great wallet friendly glosses but it's nice to have a few pretty ones on hand.

$S70 SGD or about $55 USD (at Singapore Changi airport)

Repurchase: This set? Not so soon but it would be a great gift! Definitely will try out other shades in the regular line but not in the near future! (gotta save up for bigger things)

Recommend: Absolutely! It's a great way to try out a variety of dior's lipglosses, especially when singles cost about $40 or $50 dollars here...working and traveling women, people who like lux products and packaging with appreciate these.

The bottom line: Top notch in quality, the glitter can be a bit much if you're not use to it but the colors are fantastic! A bit pricey, although you're really getting a great deal. I'd toss my money to a set like this again. 

This would be a lovely gift to others or yourself! But if you're budget conscious, it's not a 'must-have' item, glosses come in far more affordable varieties that are just as good.

Overall I'd give these a 4.5/5!

Have you tried any Dior products? Their lipglosses? Care to try these out? Let me know!

Feel free to leave comments! 



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