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Rave review: Silkygirl duo eyeshadows in 08, 06 & 16 (swatches!)

 I've been swatching all afternoon and I'm really excited to share these lovely swatches! Please don't just glaze over just because Silkygirl is one of the cheaper drugstore brands, these duos are amazing and I've got swatches and experience to prove it!

One of the earliest eyeshadows I bought was from silkygirl four or five years ago, I got their black and white duo although I never actually used it and it sort of shattered.

Anyway I got another one and these really are amazing for their price. Found at all Guardian and watsons in Singapore and Malaysia this is definitely something nice to pick up from their brand.

Continue below for the review and lovely swatches!

Silkygirl duo eyeshadows in 08 ying & yang, 05 smokey spark & 16 mocha latte

05 Smokey Spark

08 Ying & Yang

16 Mocha Latte (The dark brown broke :( so sad!)

Matte black and shimmery white

Blue mid- toned grey and light silver

dark golden brown and light golden brown

Packaging and Product!

These come packaged simply in clear plastic containers that are not bulky at all (which I like) Although it's all clear plastic, they are very thick and sturdy and have never broken or came apart, they come with a single sided mini sponge applicator, all of which I've lost!

Now these eyeshadows are pretty fabulous for drugstore eyeshadows. They are all so pigmented and smooth. Some are slightly chalky but they wear so well and are the same color as what you see. 

I've swatched with NO primer, just two rubs on the shadow and applied to my skin. They are all of a shimmery/satin finish apart from the matte black which is really nice because it makes it so useful. I would compare this black from silkygirl to MAC carbon. I think it builds up to a solid black even better than carbon which is sort of sad really but great. 

I've worn these without primer and they fare fine, however with primer they become just a bit bolder and definitely don't smudge out towards the end of the day. They also pop over cream bases and I've used the black over gel liner and as a powder liner.

I've even used some of these wet and they are so great. The light brown in the Mocha Latte duo is a light gold color when used wet which is so great when I want contrast on my eyes with a darker shade. 

All the shades but the light silver and white have slightly chunkier shimmer and are a bit chalky, otherwise when used lightly with a dense flat brush, sponge applicator or fingers they don't create a mess.

For people who just want some basic colors or maybe for girls starting out and don't want to spend too much the Ying & Yang and Mocha Latte duo are great. They're the four basic colors anyone could use.
Silkygirl duo eyeshadows in Smokey Spark, Ying & Yang, Mocha Latte

Bold things matter to me most!

  • Wide selection of colors
  • smooth/pigmented quality
  • sturdy/small packaging

  • cheap looking packaging
  • single sided applicator

Paid: $S9.90 per duo ($7.60 USD) <---the cheapest price for eyeshadows at the usual drugstores, but NOT anymore now that essence is here!

Recommend: Yes! They're small, pigmented, easy wearable colors! Great for teens and adults!

Repurchase: I think I have to! The dark brown shattered after I dropped it and i nearly cried! It's my favorite duo, the brown has a red golden undertone and it's sooo pigmented.

Bottom line: These are just small, convenient, very sturdy for clear plastic and the quality is pretty damn good. If you want neutrals, some color, a smokey eye...they have lots of duos to choose from in this line. This is definitely a rave review, I just can't get over the quality of these little suckers!

Have you tried any Silky Girl products? Care for a products that come in duos? Let me know!

Feel free to leave comments! Thanks!


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