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Rave Review: Kiss Me Heroine VOLUME & Curl Mascara (before/after!)

Firstly I've got to say that I've heard rave reviews of this mascara brand and after seeing Kathi's lashes (i believe that's her name) from 'Lotuspalace', she reviewed the volume & curl version, I was almost willed to go out and buy this mascara from Watsons, since it's so easily available here! I paid $21.90 SGD...

Today's review..."Kiss Me Heroine~ Volume and Curl Mascara!"

Shout out! A big thank you to Toni from "SushiFlower" here on blogspot, her Maybelline Define-a-lash review motivated me to get on with my own reviews!

Important: I'd like to point out that eye shape, lash type and application are three things that effect how a mascara works on a person. It is not usually possible for a monolided person to have the same effect as a double-lided person.

I have monolid eyes most of the time, they have a tendency to become double lided if I use waterproof mascaras which changes how the mascara looks.

My lash type: Short, fine, slightly curled

This mascara is: Black and waterproof...

Drum roll please~! 

Kiss me Heroine, volume & curl in waterproof black! Niffty packaging!

It still baffles me that anime/manga and the girl here look nothing ethnically japanese! Oh well, it's part of their culture!

Here are the english instructions which actually is another piece of card over the original in japanese. And yes, the rounded tip does help to coat the inner and outer corners! I didn't have to read that before doing it!
 Heroine's Make up Law? Never heard of it before but yes! I totally agree!

As it says, the tip does really help! Ingredients list here...


It's unusual to see mascaras in hard plastic and cardboard back packaging in Singapore. Mascaras at the pharmacy are all sold  in one or two layers of protective plastic that have the ingredients list printed on them, no cardboard, no clamshell plastic!

Like most japanese make up, the packaging is adorable! Look at all the effort that went into making the front so kawaii! (even if I don't understand what it says) The instructions and illustrations in the back were very informative and fluent as it was how I knew the formula was waterproof!

The reddish-brown and gold simple tube is lovely,  the little rose pattern on both ends and cursive font makes the simple tube look elegant!

Very cute tube and font used...the reddish/gold color combo works well...

Bottom of the tube...nothing I can understand!


The formula is light and wand slides out of the tube easily, not too tight and not so loose that no excess mascara is taken off. It does have a slight oily smell, due to it being waterproof but it isn't heavy or bothersome to me. It is definitely a 'buildable' mascara, I could make it look barely there to very glamorous. 

It dries very quickly, so I'd recommend applying multiple coats at once with no drying time between. The result is fantastic in my opinion, the brush and formula allows for good separation, amazing length, curl and even volume

The formula is a bit thin and so I had to apply a heavy coat. I think this is good for monolids and small eyelids  because the brush easily maneuvers around smaller lids and shorter lashes and the thinner formula will help with gradual building up instead of big and wet messy lashes!

I do not curl my lashes at all! (I don't own a curler at the moment) So the curl produced by this mascara was unbelievable, considering what my lashes look like before applying this...

The wand is a very slight and slim hourglass like shape. The bristles being different lengths to catch the lashes, I always find the curved shaped fits the lash line very well, applying evenly.

The slight hourglass shaped wand...doesn't it look like there are fibers in the mascara?

Before: (remember, my eyelids 'become' double with mascara...I DO NOT use glue/tape!)

Here's another mascara review for comparison! My eyelids flux depending on the mascara!

Front view...see the curled edge? That's all I have to bare!

View from beneath! They were hiding!


Length, separation and curl! yay!

A bit of clumping but that can be dealt with!

Before and After!

Side-by-side...I know it's not the same eye but trust me...that's how it looked like on both eyes!

Never have I been able to achieve curl near my inner corners (sans curler) and have those lashes visible...pretty crazy!

Side by side from beneath...the mascara does clump together several lashes in the process of 'volumizing' but it looks natural and adds plenty of length...slight clumping is forgiven!

Result: My lashes are noticeably longer, curled and has medium volume all over. They have a 'hard' feeling but are not stiff, my lashes are not crunchy hard after 2 heavy coats.

BOLD things are the ones that matter most to me.

 The Pros...
  • Lots of length, curl, some volume
  • Good separation
  • Very waterproof
  • Cute packaging
  • Affordable ( drugstore mascaras are $16-30 in singapore)
  • great brush shape 
  • Comes off with oil-based make up remover

The Cons...

  • Oily/grease smell (it's light but obvious)
  • Longer time to 'build up' volume
  • slightly hard finish (like most waterproof formulas)
  • Exclusively found at Watsons (but they are island wide!)
  • Only comes off with oil-based make up remover 

Paid: $21.90 or $18 USD (For S'pore, that's quite affordable!)

Repurchase:Yes! (but I've got many mascaras to finish!)

Recommend: Yes!

Bottom Line: I love it but the formula is a tiny bit thin, although after trying it out a few more times, I have found another mascara to layer over which gave me the same amazing look with only one coat.

I would buy this again and recommend this for asian eyed girls with short, fine lashes! This is a japanese brand and I'm assuming the brush/formula was designed with smaller lids in mind! You can start with a few natural looking coats and turn it into something party worthy!

Overall I’ve give this product a 5/5! 

What do you look for in a mascara? Is length or volume more important to you? Tried any Asian mascaras? Let me know!

Feel free to leave me comments and questions!


  1. Great review! :) I was really curious about this mascara but was hesitant to purchase it because of the high price and the fact that my short eyelashes are hopeless :p You have really unique eyes :)

  2. @Rainy Days and Lattes

    Thanks a bunch! I'm just starting out here and I want my reviews to be informative.

    I find tilting your head back slightly while applying coats really helps reduce smudging on our smaller lids. Give it a go I say, experiment with layers since it's a little thin, better than too thick, it's worth the $22!




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