Monday, 11 July 2011

FOTD: Kate Gradient Eyeshadows- Neutrals (Swatches, photos!)

 This was a look from two weeks ago...unfortunately I've been having trouble keeping up as I'd wanted with this blog! My new camera was taking lovely photos but had far too many problems in terms of taking out photos and charging so I ended up getting a cannon ixsus to replace it! I'll rant about digital cameras another day, now to get on with the old 'Fotd'. 

Here's basically what I used for the look, it's missing the mascara and lip gloss I added on in the end!

 Things I used:
  • Vichy Aera Mineral BB Cream
  • Bobbi Brown eyeshadow brush
  • Skin Food small eyeshadow brush
  • Kate gradient eyeshadow palette (neutrals)
  • NYX Loose Powder in Light Beige
  • Maybelline Magnum mascara in Blackest Black waterproof
  • NYX Mega shine lipgloss in Juicy Red
Bought this when I was in Cambodia at a counter for about 6 US's available here (singapore) and costs $27.90 SDG.
Swatches corresponding to the eyeshadows in the palette...

They all have a lovely metallic/shimmer finish...the darkest brown-black has plenty of glitter...

I used three colors, the 2nd darkest for all over the lid, the darkest in the crease and the 2nd lightest on the top and inner corners....

View from the top to show how the lighter brown works with the darker color in the crease.

I really like how the light and dark colors work...I've only recently applied eyeshadow in the way..

My new pendant from swarovski, really really pretty color...

Out of the sun light, my skin looking nicer, although more orange than normal.
Overall I like this neutral look...I've been going for peachy-pinks and champagnes lately but have been playing with brighter pops of colors...

The Kate palettes are avalible at Watsons in Singapore (sorta like Ulta in the US) 
for $27.90 SGD (22.80 US dollars)

The Skin food brushes are really good quality, great size for small asian lids, they're between 12-20 SGD at skin food outlets.

Got my NYX products from a Cherry culture (.com) haul from another local S'porean blogger called "under-twenty20" here at blogspot and there is also a seller carrying the entire NYX line in singapore, google 'Smoochiezz'.

The Vichy BB Cream is one of the better matches to my skin tone...I'm cooled toned- light with redness on my cheeks and pimples on the forehead. This BB cream looks natural even without a powder to set it.

Feel free to leave comments and questions!


  1. Great lookª! I love the swatches and the eyeshadow look! I am now curious about that Vichy foundation.

  2. @Catanya

    Thanks a bunch! The Vichy BB cream I'd say gives the coverage like a tinted moisturizer rather than a foundation. It's good if you're fair-light with a cool-neutral tone. Vichy sells foundations and tints I believe but I haven't tried those. The bb cream is great for a sheer dewy coverage. Thanks for leaving me a comment!




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