Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Overview: My Maybelline Color Tattoo Collection!

TATTOO ME with Maybelline! Like many other girls a few years back I was totally in complete awe when Maybelline came out with the color tattoos. Unlike the ladies in the States I didn't go out and buy 4 shades or all the shades! They cost a lot more in Singapore so I bought two at first and then slowly bought more over the last two years. 

I'm so sad that we don't have any special shades here. We currently only have 10 shades if I'm not wrong at our drugstores. We have no matte ones and no limited edition ones! I would love more of the neutral shades both matte and shimmer!

Continue below to see my collection and the overview!
My Maybelline Color Tattoo Collection!
Maybelline color tattoo collection: Bad to the Bronze, Bold Gold,  Gold Rush, Inked in Pink, Audacious Asphalt, Edgy Emerald, Tenacious Teal

Let's jump right in, Maybelline is great but they aren't perfect. Although all these swatches are lovely and everyone has some shades they love, not every shade here is made equal. The best textured shades are Bad to the Bronze and Inked in Pink, they are even, creamy and the shimmer is super fine. These I would wear on their own and they would blend out like a dream with a clean brush.

Edgy Emerald and Tenacious teal are next, they aren't super pigmented on first application but they build up very well and the shimmery is also super fine. I love these two shades although they aren't as easy to blend out as flawlessly as the previous two. Gold Rush is also lovely and even and yet the chunks of glitter are very visible and so I have to apply this carefully bit by bit.

The shades that let me down the most are Audacious Asphalt and Bold Gold. The shimmer is quite chunky and it makes it difficult when you're applying it on the lid and blending out. I also don't like that these two shades tend to be more patchy on application! This also is the same for an icy white shade that I owned but have already gotten rid of!

In essence, these are not consistent in terms of how they apply/pigmentation/feel. However these all make great bases for any type of look and they are versatile in terms of being an eyeliner or even an eyeshadow that's super waterproof!

Maybelline color tattoo collection: Bad to the Bronze, Bold Gold,  Gold Rush, Inked in Pink, Audacious Asphalt, Edgy Emerald, Tenacious Teal
I tend to use Bad to the Bronze for all kinds of eye looks but here I've used it in the bronze and purple look and Edgy Emerald for the green look and Tenacious teal for the blue!

In Singapore these cost $15.90 SGD  or $12.60 USD each at regular price. It's a bit cheaper than buying eyeshadow palettes from maybelline but really not 'cheap', hence I really can't recommend all of them for someone interested.

Out of all the shades I've got here today, I've used up an entire Bad the Bronze and have already bought and started using a new one. I also would repurchase Inked in Pink when I finish it. I couldn't be bothered to get any of the others I'm featuring in this post.

I totally am dying to try some of the shades which have been released the last two years like Mossy Green, Barely Beige, Caramel Cool, Nude Compliment, Seashore Frosts and Cool Crush!

Overall, I would recommend everyone to pick up Bad to the Bronze as it's the perfect all purpose eyeshadow base for both neutral and colorful looks! Otherwise I'm not crazy over all the shades and a beginner in make up will not need more than 2 or 3 of these as they take a while to use up!

What shades do you have from the Color Tattoos?
Neutral or colored shade?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. I'm with you on the shades not being created equal! I found a few of them esp if they are LE to be very dry. Bad to the bronze is my favorite as well! Looks amazing on you!

  2. Beautiful shades <3 Love them on your eyes...will surely get hold of a few!

  3. I reaaaally love your eyemake up in the
    right above (blue tones) one! The 'Edgy
    Emerald' is lovely as well c: Xx

  4. It's too bad that our drugstore makeup costs so much more for you in SG. You've collected a great range of shades :) I loved reading all the reviews for the Colour Tattoos, but never actually ended up buying any, haha.

  5. Great post! You have so many more options of shades then we do here in the UK, it's a shame they are so pricey for you and that not all of them have great formula. I have the bronze and the pomegranate shades (both metalic) and recently picked up one of their matte shade in vintage plum, and I love them all really cant fault them x

    Beauty with charm

  6. I have two now (Bad to the Bronze and Tough as Taupe) and I feel like I got bad ones because they're a lot drier than a lot of my other cream shadows. I'm so sad that they don't work as well as my MAC or Benefit ones because they're so affordable though. The application on your lids look so nice and perfect though!

  7. Beautiful! I have the green and blue one.. and these looks of yours.. just so amazing!!

  8. These are so beautiful but I have refrained from buying them because I almost never touch my single shadows! I don't know why- I think it's because I'm always in a rush so I just pick up a palette that will give me a complete eye look. Love your use of colourful eyeshadows btw, big fan!

  9. They look amazing! So pigmented! I have seen them in our stores here, but they're like crazy over-priced =.=

  10. yea they sell for $12 USD in canada too. sort of sucks but the do sometimes go on sale and i snatch up more. i LOVE these in general and you did some great looks. getting the limited edition ones are pretty hit and miss in canada too :(

    A Beautiful Zen

  11. Hi Sharlynn,

    You are always impressing me with many creative makeup choices. I really like these variety of pretty colours :D


  12. I have Bad to the Bronze and Pomegranate Punk which I was obsessed with for a good few months. I just loved swiping them when I was pressed for time, however I've since gravitated towards matte shadows (and they are also so expensive here in Australia, so never got around to buying the less metallic ones).

  13. I have quite a few of these (I think I have most of the shades in your post, minus the turqoise and steel), bad to the bronze might be my favorites (haha, how original) but I think the one from nude collection are quite good in terms of color and wear, I wish they will make them permanent.

  14. I didn't realize limited edition shades weren't brought it. I wanted Mossy Green too but luckily got my hands on Seashore Frosts which is pretty nice.

  15. Bad to the Bronze is hands down the best one. You should get pomegranate punch or something like that, that one has a formulation similar to bad to the bronze and inked in pink

  16. YES. Bad to the Bronze is A MUST. It's amazing!
    I am a big fan of Pomegrante Punk as well which is like a metallic burgundy. You'd probably like it too.

  17. I have a few of these and they are really nice! I agree that some of the colours just don't apply as well as other ones do.




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