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Rave review: Zoeva make up brushes! (Stippling, Silk Finish, Face Shape, Concealer Buffer, Crease, Eye Blender, Eye Finish)

Zoeva make up brush love! I know this brand has been just exploding everywhere on blogs and on youtube! I've already owned these brushes for more than 4 months now and have had such an amazing time with each and every one of these beauties. If you can't afford expensive or top notch make up, you should at least focus on getting quality brushes! The best thing is that good brushes often don't have to cost you an arm or leg!

I purchased all of these in two different purchases from Luxola.com as it's the most convenient for me living in Singapore! I just couldn't believe how damn cheap these sold for as no name brands, eco tools and Real techniques retail here for up to double the price of most of Zoeva's!

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Zoeva make up brushes (#125 Stippling, #102 Silk Finish, #110 Face Shape, #142 Concealer Buffer, #228 Crease, #225 Eye Blender, #229 Eye Finish)
Zoeva #102 Silk Finish Face brush and #125 Stippling Face brush
Zoeva #102 Silk Finish Face brush and #125 Stippling Face brush

Zoeva #102 Silk Finish Face brush


I love everything about the packaging of these brushes! Each brush is in an individual zip close type soft rubber/plastic case that is so useful and can be used to hold other type of toiletry or beauty items like toothbrushes or multiple make brushes/lipglosses/mascaras! Take note that at the back of each of the zip casings has a sticker with the detailed number and name of each brush!

These two face brushes were my most recent purchases from them and now the  zip casing is semi-opaque on one side and clear on the other. The eye and face brush I purchased a few months ago were completely made of the semi-opaque soft plastic.

Each brush is also encased in a disposable plastic for the handle and for the bigger brushes a plastic protecting wrap for the brush head! I'm seriously impressed by these details of the packaging, nevertheless the quality of the handle and brush feral and excellent and remind me very much of sigma type design.

Zoeva make up brushes #102 Silk Finish Face brush and #125 Stippling Face brush
(This stippling brush has a great large size and it has a great volume, the fluffiness and fine tips make this great for stippling and blending) Zoeva make up brush #125 Stippling Face brush
(This brush has a perfect smooth rounded top that has fine, soft bristles that makes this great for blending) Zoeva make up brushes #102 Silk Finish Face brush

Zoeva face make up brushes Zoeva make up brushes #125 Stippling Face brush, #102 Silk Finish Face brush and #110 Face Shape brush


I have nothing but true and honest praise for these brushes! If I'm not wrong, these brushes are made of both synthetic and natural brush bristle hair, either types are very soft, well cut and shaped and all do what they are meant to do very well. I've used these brushes for several months now and I don't know how I used to do certain make up looks without these! These brushes really truly improve and make your eye looks much better! 

In terms of the face brushes the Stippling brush is the perfect medium-large size and has a great fluffy and fine tipped bristles that really make stippling and also blending a breeze! The Silk Finish brush has a lovely rounded smooth top that doesn't absorb much product and blends out product flawlessly! 

The Face Shape brush is very interesting, it really is a mini size of the Silk Finish. It's meant for contouring and shaping the jaw area best with cream products I'd say but I've used this to precisely apply contour powder and then using another brush to blend out. It can also be used to apply and blend concealer on larger areas like on the cheeks if needed! It's super dense and soft at the same time!

Zoeva make up brushes ( #142 Concealer Buffer, #228 Crease, #225 Eye Blender, #229 Eye Finish)

The eye brushes were all darling! I'm so happy with all of them although I don't use the Eye finish nearly as often as the others! The Concealer Buffer is meant for concealing spot area and the mini rounded shape makes it very good for blending and buffing on a liquid/cream. I personally use this for applying cream eyeshadows onto my eyelids and it also blends out the product very well too.

The Crease brush is a lovely fluffy top soft brush that's great for blending out shadows. It's not as tapered as I'd like it and it's more for diffusing color as it's like a mini A line shape. The Eye Blender which I think should've switched names with the crease as this is perfect for the crease. This tiny dense tip brush is the perfect shape for putting shadow into the outer V in the crease before using a bending brush to diffuse the edges.

Lastly the Eye Finish brush is a super light and fluffy brush that is the least dense of all of them. It's like a thin broom that's made of synthetic bristles and I believe that it's called "Eye Finish" as it's the right size and density for brushing around the edges of an almost finished eye look to polish off edges and blend colors together just that bit more. This is light enough to apply a light powder under and around the eyes to prevent fall out from smudging.

Zoeva make up brushes ( #142 Concealer Buffer, #228 Crease, #225 Eye Blender, #229 Eye Finish)
Zoeva Eye Make Up Brush packaging!

Out of my collection of Zoeva brushes I love the two big face brushes, concealer buffer and the eye blender brushes the most! Overall they are all amazing quality and really are so worth their super affordable price!

Zoeva make up brushes (#125 Stippling, #102 Silk Finish, #110 Face Shape, #142 Concealer Buffer, #228 Crease, #225 Eye Blender, #229 Eye Finish)
Paid: $110 SGD total  or about $88 USD for all 7 individual brushes

(All purchased from Luxola.com! You can also purchase directly from Zoeva.com!)

#125 Stippling Face brush & #102 Silk Finish Face brush: $21 SGD each
#228 Crease, #225 Eye Blender, #229 Eye Finish: $12 SGD each
#110 Face Shape brush: $17 SGD
#142 Concealer Buffer: $15 SGD

Recommend:YES! Do pick up a face brush or try one or two of the eye brushes! They really are of top quality and are so affordable at the same time!

Repurchase: Yes! I would totally be keen on buying a few more face brushes and one or two more eye brushes when they come back into stock on Luxola.com!

Bottom line: These brushes are all of high quality, for a new timer buying brushes their individual and sets of brushes are very affordable and super worth your money! I totally would be happy to buy more and recommend others to pick up some pieces from Zoeva!

Have you heard/bought any brushes from Zoeva?
Which brush which you like to try?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. Gorgeous find, tools for makeup are indispensable

  2. oh wow Zoeva is available in Singapore? it is a famous brand in Germany.. I believe it is a german company and they also sell cosmetics here and they have positive reviews..^^
    I have never tried their brushes and cosmetics but your review reminds me that I really should give them a try!! They are also very affordable which is always a good point :D
    thanks for the review, Sharlynn!

  3. Hi Sharlynn,

    You must have a huge collection of brushes! This series look really cool and useful :D


  4. What a fantastic find! The brushes look really high quality and it's great that they perform so well. I'll have to check them out, thanks for the review! :)

  5. These all sound amazing! I swear everyone has been singing praises for Zoeva brushes. I definitely want to get my hands on some, but for now an content with my current brush collection!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  6. those brushes look nice. the bristles look nice quality and full. I should try it sometimes!




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