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Holiday Special: Day 3 in Bangkok, Thailand! (Jan 2015)

 Day 3 in Bangkok, Thailand! It was almost a month ago that my mom and I had a 5 day and 4 night trip to Bangkok. In the past we've visited bangkok quite a few times as it's so affordable to fly there and stay at a good hotel. Popular with many people in Singapore also as Bangkok boasts such a great variety of fresh authentic cheap food, massages, shopping and more! This post is of our third day in Bangkok! I tended to take a lot of photos of food and not so much of our surroundings so please excuse me!

For those who missed or would like to see my Day 1 (see here), Day 2 (see here) or my big make up haul (see here)!

Continue below for the photos!
Holiday Special: Day 3 in Bangkok, Thailand! (Jan 2015)
A shot of the modest hotel pool below from our room! Nothing large, pretty or special but it was a lovely clean pool area with a standard pool! I didn't get a chance to have a dip the entire trip though!
A fresh, crunchy, delicious mix seafood papaya salad! With shrimps and squid!
A hot steaming delicious spicy bowl of seafood tom yum soup!
Love how the tom yum soups in thailand are packed with shrimps and plenty of fresh herbs!
Lastly for lunch we shared a pineapple fried rice! Although authentic this was the biggest let down dish of our whole trip. The rice was quite wet, there was a bit too much tumeric powder and not enough pineapples! I can do better at home!
Photo of myself taken by my mom! No, I'm not wearing any lip color! My fringe was having a slightly bad day as my baby hairs are growing out  and refusing to stay on either side!
My dear mom! Totally ready to dig in with our three dishes at the table!
Some of the best fried chicken I've had in my whole life. Find it at these vendors along the streets! 15 baht for a drumstick/wing or 30 for a whole thigh!
Seriously the best ever, the marinate goes through from the super crispy skin and coating all the way through the meat, savory, a bit sweet and so tender inside! I had a piece of this chicken for 3 days in a row!
The one street food which I never got to try was this sausage! I totally regret not buying it on one of the days! It's charcoal BBQ just like all the other grilled street items!
A fresh coconut! It was old as the thick meat shows but the juice of these small coconuts are always so sweet in thailand!
Cathy Doll make up in Karmart! (Karmart is a shop that sells make up/skincare made in Korea)
Cathy Doll skincare! They have an amazing affordable range of scrubs, gels, cleansers and more! The big tubes on the bottom row are 200-250ml and cost no more than $8 SGD!
Items on sale/clearance in Karmart! A selection of Peripera and a few Cathy Doll products!
Facial care products from Cathy doll! You've got hair dyes, face washes in 3 sizes, face masks, anti-aging, whitening, hydrating and other more interesting products like breast enlarging cream...!
Totally love how Cathy Doll sells so many sachet of products, sample sizes that you can buy for around a dollar each! They also had this new range of Aloe products which had me very tempted to purchase a peeling gel from the line!
Karmart! Find this outlet on the opposite BTS train exit at Siam station. On the other exit if Beauty Buffet! Yes, we brought out a small luggage everyday to carry shopping! I got a beautiful metallic hot pink bag for all my purchases! I flattened it and brought it back!
The ground floor of Central mall! There was a huge soft toy sale!
Just look at those faces!! So smug!
And these monkey toys!! Look at those puckered lips! Ah! So cute!
Posing with the larger than life-size toy!
A giant clear fridge full of gelato popsicles! These are a great small sized treats!
A mid afternoon waffle treat! A soft waffle with pan fried bananas and a side of whipped cream!
Drizzled heavily with honey and chocolate sauce! YUM. This portion was HUGE, you can totally share this!
My mom ordered this beautiful and delicious green tea tiramisu pancake! Covered in a mascarpone cheese and matcha powder with bits of crunchy waffer bits!
Two dense but super soft pancakes layered with a coffee jam, this was surprisingly so amazingly good!
All kinds of knives, pocket tools and devices laid out at a table for sale along a stretch of sukhumvit road! Get off at Nana station and walk along the streets for all kinds of stalls and sellers! From clothes, to souvenirs, to sex toys to weapons!

What shop stalls inside malls like MBK center or other smaller shopping centers look like! At these types of shops you should walk around and take a look at things before settling on buying something and bargaining!
Oh my! Hello kitty collectable toys at McDonald's for sale! I couldn't believe it! These all sold out within a day or two in singapore and they were released one at a time!
Dinner at a fusion Japanese/Thai cafe at Terminal 21 shopping mall! A tom yum ramen! A delicious creamy tom yum soup with the ramen noodles!
A side dish of fried breaded fish slices and shredded raw cabbage!
My set of grilled pork  slices with rice and a delicious spicy tom yum with a fresh salad! The food was sooo yummy! I already miss all the tom yum soups my mom and I ate almost everyday!

Day 3 in Bangkok was filled with lots and lots of walking! We visited the city center during lunch time and the earlier afternoon but towards evening we made our way to the streets around Nana Station and did a ton of walking on the packed street sides covered in sellers with their tables and mats full of products. We ended up at Terminal 21 shopping mall which I wanted to visit as it is such an interesting mall with themed floors based on international cities! I do regret a bit not taking photos of the mall and the streets but I was too busy walking or engrossed to be bothered!

For those who missed or would like to see my Day 1 (see here), Day 2 (see here) or my big make up haul (see here)!

Have you experienced the street sellers on Bangkok's streets?
Would you like a bowl of tom yum soup?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment! Thank you!


  1. Oh my gosh my tummy is rumbling so bad looking at all this food! I can't believe how cheap that fried chicken is?! That''s like 60 pence here which is insaneeeee xx

    Gemma |

  2. Wow, you surely had a wonderful time! I hope I can travel with my family like this soon. Actually, my parents love Thailand. They go on golf trip yearly. I love Thai food, so I know I'd love it there if not for golfing.
    BTW, you and your mom look beautiful in the pics. :)

  3. I just had dinner, man I'm craving for a good dessert now :c
    Anyway, what a lovely post of you and your mum c:
    You 2 sure had a lovely time together don't ya :P Ugh I love
    Hello Kitty Happy meal toys <333 and these stuffed animal
    toy shop *_* Xx

  4. OMG so much food!!! that makeup store is super cute!

  5. I can never get enough of Bangkok! Love all that eating & shopping there. Nice shots of your mommy dearest :D

  6. Oh dear. I'm seriously dying of famine as I read this post. =( I LURVE Tom Yam and I'm craving for it right now. I love pineapple rice too and even though you mentioned that it was a let down, the picture still looks great. And can I just squeal at the desserts? I don't get particularly excited with desserts but OMG, chocolate and banana... Matcha and tiramisu... Super good combination and I know I would love those desserts that you and your mum ordered. I don't really buy street food that would get my hands all dirty eating but from the way you described the chicken and 3 days in a row... I think i should try more street food the next time. I honestly haven't seen so many pretty beauty stalls in Bangkok the last time I was there so it is very refreshing to see them here.

    Jo's Jumbled Jardinière

  7. Once again, so jealous of your trip! Traveling around Asian sounds so fun and all those food pictures make me so hungry!! Some of my friends are planning Asia trips after graduating and I kind of hope they bring me back makeup because the packaging is so much cuter over there.

    Hao | haodoyoungo

  8. You guys look wonderful and like you're having so much fun! I miss shopping and eating trips with my mom, too. We don't live in the same area any more, and it's been a while since I've seen her. We always had a lot of fun, too. And your natural lip color is so gorgeous in those shots!

  9. I'm reading this in clinic, near the end of my shift when I also happen to be incredibly hungry. I'm literally drooling over that salad and the green tea tiramisu! I LOVE anything green tea flavoured :D Btw I never get to see all your hair, I just wanted to say it's so beautiful and healthy! It looks so soft ^^ ah, so jealous!

  10. Ooooh I looove me some Som Tum papaya salad! Did you also try the authentic Pad Thai??


    Adrian FS.

  11. I don't know why, but I just realised....PAD THAI. If I went back to Thailand, I'd be eating that stuff ALL DAY, ERRDAY. That green tea pancake looks amazing! Fried rice with wet grains shouldn't even exist. They're no fun and they don't taste good :(

  12. That photo your Mum took of you is so so pretty!




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