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Rave review:Bourjois Healthy Mix in shade 52 Vanilla! (New packaging)

Give me my Healthy Mix! I'm one of the biggest fan of Bourjois Healthy Mix. I used to buy this when they had the older plastic packaging (my review here) and since they're repackaged this line more than a year ago I had to pick up a new bottle! This foundation is best for those with yellower undertones and have a light-medium complexion. There are not many shades in this line and if you're pink toned, super pale or darker you won't find a good match.

For those who aren't aware, Chanel is currently owned by Bourjois and hence many ladies have claimed that this foundation is just as good and some say even better than Chanel's Aqualumiere foundations! Many of Bourjois's products have the same texture and scents as Chanel. Plenty of make up artists love it too and it's super affordable!

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New Reformulated/Packaged Bourjois Healthy Mix in shade 52 Vanilla!
New Reformulated/Packaged Bourjois Healthy Mix in shade 52 Vanilla!
On the left is the old packaging and on the right the new packaging of Bourjois Healthy Mix!
My bare face! Nothing on my face!
Wearing a layer of the new Bourjois Healthy Mix in shade 52 Vanilla!
Close up of my bare face! Nothing on my face!
Seen in the photo above and below, this foundation is perfect for my complexion. It looks natural, glows and has a beautiful light-medium coverage that covers up light pigmention/moles/scars and brightens up the skin beautifully without being too light!

Close up! Wearing a layer of the new Bourjois Healthy Mix in shade 52 Vanilla!
Packaging & Product!

The original Bourjois Healthy mix came in a plastic tube (as seen above) and it was very well labeled and actually quite similar to the new packaging. However it was in a plastic tube which was great for travelling and the pump in the bottle was the type where the more product you used a plate inside the bottle from the bottom would rise up. I do really like the new packaging a lot, it's more professional and sleek and the red pump really goes nicely with the bits of red text.

This foundation is quite the dream for most ladies. It has a lovely creamy texture but is lightweight on the skin. The coverage is light-medium and the finish is a semi-matte, glowy and very natural look. The product also smells really nice and sweet like a mix of fruits much like how most Bourjois products smell good. This range is most suited to those with yellow skin tones with a NC 20-35.

For those who live in dryer and cooler climates this would be perfect for wearing by itself during cool and less humid weather. Whereas in Singapore I have to set this with powder to make it last and look great for hours. If you do have darker scars/ under eye circles you'd need a separate concealer. The performance of this foundation is above average where it lasts for the most part of the day looking flawless and it doesn't oxidize or fade strangely.

Comparison of foundations: Bourjois Healthy Mix shade 52, ZA True White shade OC00, L'oreal Lucent Magique shade N2, L'oreal True Match shade R2
Comparison of foundations: Bourjois Healthy Mix shade 52, ZA True White shade OC00, L'oreal Lucent Magique shade N2, L'oreal True Match shade R2
Out of these four of foundations Bourjois Healthy Mix and strangely L'oreal True Match match me best. I prefer yellow toned foundations but the L'oreal True Match matches with my slightly tanned neck and limbs better.

Bourjois and ZA's foundations both are light-medium coverage, the ZA and L'oreal Lucent Magique are the most brightening and both L'oreal foundations have the highest coverage and last the longest.

Before and after with Bourjois Healthy Mix shade 52 Vanilla!
As seen in the photo above, Bourjois Healthy mix is the perfect shade on me, it's brightening but not too light, looks like my natural skin, glows, gives a good natural coverage and feels and smells great!

 New reformulated/packaged Bourjois Healthy Mix in shade 52 Vanilla!
Paid: $35.90 SGD or $27.20 USD (I bought this when there was a 30% off as this is marked up)

This retails for £9.99 on Boots ($15.60 USD) and $15.16 USD on ASOS!

Recommend: YES. This foundation if you can find a match in their yellow toned small range of shades is definitely one to try in your life time. For most this is perfect for everyday use and for those in cooler and dryer climates this would be perfect without any setting product. Best for those with dry-normal skin.

Repurchase: Yes! This is my third time repurchasing this product. I've bought this in shade 53 and it's a great match for me too but better when I've got a slight tan. But I totally would buy this again in the future when I'm out of this!

Bottom line: This foundation is a great light creamy textured foundation that's best for an easy flawless look! Totally a winner and one everyone needs to try out!

Have you tried any of Bourjois's foundations?
What do you think of Healthy Mix?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. I love this foundation so much :) this shade look so good on you :)
    Have a nice day

  2. read so many nice reviews on ds foundation, wish i can get my shade here :( btw ur bare skin is soo flawless :D

  3. Your bare face looks incredible! You are such a natural beauty and your product looks great! ♪

  4. The Bourjois healthy mix foundation the original and the serum are my fave drugstore foundations . They are really really good for the price and actually are better than some high end foundations I've tried before.
    Great review, Sharlynn! <3

  5. This foundation looks gorgeous on you! I love the glowy finish, though I'd probably put powder over top of this myself b/c my skin gets really "glowy" later on in the day on its own already :p

  6. I haven't tried this, as Bourjois is harder to get here! I want to try the Healthy Mix Serum version, because it's supposed to be better for dry skin. Thanks for the review and color match swatches! Super helpful!

  7. This is my go-to foundation, and I also use #52 which is a great match for my skin! :D

  8. Wow this looks like an awesome foundation. :o I've heard a lot of UK bloggers mention it actually, and it looks really great. Love that the new package has a pump. I think we would be pretty similar shades, so this one will be on my radar! And just saying, your skin without makeup looks awesome! :D

  9. I love this foundation, but their palest shade is much too dark for me sadly xx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

  10. I would like to try this foundation. My go-to favorite foundation is Za True White foundation too.:P Thanks for sharing!


  11. I bought this in shade 51 by mistake while I was in Taiwan. I'm actually a 52, but I can get away with the 51 for now because I'm JUST pale enough in the winter time. I can definitely attest that it's a wonderful foundation though. It was a smidge too moisturizing in Hong Kong humid weather, though it's wonderful for Vancouver's cooler temperatures because it keeps my face from drying up completely!

  12. Hihi! Found you from Tine's blog. Singaporean too. =D Great review! I finally found someone who actually compares foundations to other drugstore brands, not Dior or Chanel.

    What a coincidence that I just reviewed the Healthy Mix Serum in #52! The serum one comes in glass bottle all the while… I am NC25, but I belong to the very yellow side of warm tone people, so I find that all Bourjois foundations are ever so slightly too pink and light for me. I need to be at my fairest to pull it off (don't go for beach holidays… haha). Yet, #53 is definitely too dark for most parts of the year, and pulls grey on my skin.

    Hmmm, I am surprised you are in R2 for Loreal Le'Teint True match! By many reviews and Temptalia Matrix, I am thinking NC20-35 should go for W3. I don't know. Singapore only brings in 5 shades, and they are all not perfect match for me. I ended up buying the G3 (golden beige), because it seems to be the best alternative to W3.

    Okay, I am going to rant here… I hate it that Singapore does not offer the Le'Teint True Match in any of the W shades. =(( Such a shame.

  13. This looks so pretty and natural on you! I don't use foundation, so I really don't know what to look for if I shop for one. When the day comes though, I'll definitely run to your page for recommendations!

  14. For the moment I swear by my Maybelline Fit Me foundation but I'll keep your post in mind in case I ever wanna switch. The L'Oréal foundations seem pretty interesting!

  15. This foundation looks gorgeously glowy on you! Looks almost as if you had nothing on, I love that it looks smooth and not cakey! I haven't tried anything from Bourjois before, I have always wanted to try their chocolate bronzer thing.

  16. Actually, Chanel is owned by Bourjois. So I have great respect for the brand (or somewhat less respect for Chanel except for the magnificent packagings, if that makes sense. LOL)
    I love this foundation and used one up. I want to try the serum version this time.

    BTW, you have gorgeous baby skin. I always wonder if you need foundation at all! ;p

  17. Your skin is super gorgeous. I'm jealous!

  18. Fantastic review!! I have seen so many asian girls rave about this foundation that I think I need it ASAP. It's so expensive in aus so I'll wait until I go to Singapore (in 8 days yay!!!) to get it!

  19. wow..your skin doesn't need any foundation. Love your skin without it. But you have done a great job compairing with other foundation brands. This foundation is really impressive. I would love to try it out. Kisses!!

  20. love to read this review sweety:) i'm using this foundation for quite some time know but i'm always curious to hear what others think about it:) i'm already using my third bottle or so, love this stuff!!:)

    lots of love xx
    Nee from ROSECANDLE11

  21. Fab review! This really helpful. I'm a NC23-25 and the quest for a drugstore foundation has been totally draining. Your review helps out loads. Thanks.




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