Monday, 8 April 2013

Review: The Face Shop Pore Minimizer Controlling Clay Mask!

Deep masking! Too often we find out skin plagued by white heads, black heads or just a funny bumpy feeling that maybe due to oil and just our skin on its cycles.

I've never been a fan or regular user of 'deep cleansing' face masks but I decided to pick this up a while ago as it's very affordable and good for oilier skin!

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The Face Shop Pore Minimizer Controlling Clay Mask
The Face Shop Pore Minimizer Controlling Clay Mask

The Face Shop Pore Minimizer Controlling Clay Mask

Packaging & Product!

Simple and classic, much like a lot of The Face Shop's skincare lines their packaging is very pretty, sometimes very simple with the information on the box or the product itself. I like how the tube is a firm but squeezey plastic tube, its hygienic that way in dispensing the clay.

The product itself comes out as a thick cold clay that's a mint green color. It smells like a sweet cold fresh white clay the type that is used to make ceramic plates and cups. It's a fairly thick consistency and dries quite quickly.

I'd apply this quite quickly in patches, focusing on putting more on my forehead and sides of my face where I'm oilier and get bumps easily. After leaving it on for 15-25 mins, I use a silicon face scrubber to wash it off with plain water. It leaves your skin feeling a bit tighter and fresher. I haven't noticed real pore refinement but it really helps with degreasing the top layer of your skin!

The Face Shop Pore Minimizer Controlling Clay Mask

Paid: About $18 SGD ($14.50 USD)

Recommend: For those ladies with combination or normal skin...this is good to be used once every two week or once a month! Not for those with dry skin!

Repurchase: Not this again, I do like it but I want to try other products!

Bottom line: A good quick fix for oilier skin, its for those of us who don't mind manually applying the product onto our faces. It's a very affordable clay mask and has a lot of natural ingredients!

Do you use clay masks? 
Is this something you'd use? 
let me know!

Feel free to comment! Thank you!


  1. This looks like a good product, although not suitable for my skin type!
    Great review xx

  2. This sounds lovely! I love a good mask when my skin is not behaving itself :)

  3. Looks like a great product. I want to try a pore cleanser mask too.

  4. This sounds pretty nice!
    My favorite clay mask is Queen Helene's. It's only 4USD where I live so it's such a great bargain :D

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  6. I like a deep cleanser every now and then. Korean girls get their skincare quite right so I always like brands like "the Face Shop" and "it's skin". Funny that you think the product is effective, but not enough to cling to it and repurchase, or, it's that beautybloggers curiosity that makes us try other varieties too (and only repurchase when it's really really good)

  7. This looks great! I also love to place on pore minimizer before my makeup. I guess I have to try this too it seems a good product. You really have an awesome review here, thanks!


  8. I fully agree with you it helps with tightening your skin that does nothing from minimising your pores I would not purchase this same product for the same reason again

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