Monday, 29 April 2013

FOTD: Tropical punch~ a green and yellow eye look and Easter dinner!

Green me up with the tropics! Its been another while since I posted! No thanks to my six day work week last week!  

I managed to get my rest day to a Sunday so I could spend the day with my beloved. He actually planned to take me to the botanical gardens and take photos of the scenery and me! But then it poured and plans changed but we had a great day regardless!

This awesome green and yellow blue lined look was done a few weeks ago for when I went to my boyfriends' for Easter dinner on Sunday. All the shadows are from my newest and dearest baby, the Coastal Scents Smokey Palette which I hauled with other goodies here!

Continue below for the look and more! 

Tropical green, yellow and bright blue eyeliner look!
Tropical green, yellow and bright blue eyeliner look!
Use three shades on the lid, a matte yellow, a matte seafoam green and a shimmer moss green!

The three shades used are in the set of 6 shadows on the upper half of the palette!
Products used: Sleek blush in Suede (my review here!), theBalm highlighter (my review here!), NYX foundation powder, Redearth eye primer, Canmake highlighter (see here!), Maybelline Telescopic mascara, Kiss Me Heroine liner (my review here!), NYX slide on eyeliner, Maybelline baby lips balm, ZA liquid concealer (my review here!)

Tropical green, yellow and bright blue eyeliner look!
Tropical green, yellow and bright blue eyeliner look!
Tropical green, yellow and bright blue eyeliner look!
The man doing his last minute work on the beef roast with his favorite kitchen tool!
Perfectly slow roasted so the internal 30% of so is still a bit pink. We glazed it in intervals and then put honey on last then torched!
After carving! We would've stopped cooking sooner for a even more even pinkness through but his mother doesn't like her meat less than well done!
Mixed peppers, onions and carrots I cooked up, they were done to perfection but we kept it in the oven to stay warm and it made them a bit too soft!
The complete meal! Roast, mash, peppers! The sauce we reduced from the juices from the roast with red wine and then thickened it with some honey!
A beautiful chocolate cake with beer made by his mother!

The eyeliner with NO touch up after more than 8 hours, this is incredible!

Tropical green, yellow and bright blue eyeliner look!
After a rough morning, it was such a relief to see him!
That's all for now! I just love his beaming smile, he's one of the most beautiful people I know!

More review and looks to come! I've been almost a bit too lazy to get creative on my rest days to do more colorful make up looks! 

Hope everyone's doing well! 
Feel free to comment!


  1. ohh the rainbow is sooo pretty!

  2. The makeup looks absolutely lovely on you and the food always mouth watering. Do you have a cooking blog? I sure would love to read how you cook your fantastic meals.

  3. Wonderful makeup :) and lovely fotos <3

  4. oh I loooooove the make up!! it is amazing! you can rock any look, any color, so jealous!!!
    I always have hard time color that doesn't belong to the earth tone family. lol #boring

    oh and the foodie post!! delish! especially the chocolate cake, looks cute with all the hears!

  5. Loove the colours on you, so tropical and pretty indeed! The eyeliner is suchh a pretty blue. Lovely photos, the roast looks so nice, I am the same as his mother haha I like my meat to be cooked through! And the cake looks delicious but I don't know how beer flavour would go :P
    And aww at the pics of you and your boy, so sweet!

  6. I totally love your wing!!! It's like wavy, not like the sharp one I always does.. Plus I love the color combination you did! ;))

  7. I love the colors that you used! And the liner on the waterline is such a great touch to the look!

    You guys look adorable and the food looks so delish! :D

  8. Gorgeous colours, I love this bright look!




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