Saturday, 26 November 2011

Some basics...Maybelline mineral powder and concealer! (photos)

Just a quick one...these are products I've been using for a while. In the past I only used powder foundation because of my oily skin but for the last 6 months I've been using liquid foundations with a powder to set which has been far more effective in terms of coverage, mattifying and lasting powder.

Maybelline pure Minerals line...great for oilier skin, blendable, great matches and easy to use!

Boring plain compact...
Sponge and powder!
I've gone through at least 4 maybelline mineral powder refills...the powder is lovely and smooth, blends very well into my skin tone and has never caused my skin to be uncomfortable or react when I've sweaty. It's a 2-1 formula so it works well with a wet sponge for a heavier coverage which I've tried.You get 7.5 gm of product which isn't too bad for a powder. However I've had two incidences of the powder shattering easily when you get down to the last bits around the edges so I've got a jar with broken loose powder to use!

I wear OC2, although I can easily wear OC1 and a shade skin seems to be able to get away with various tones easily!

In terms of the the concealer, it's of a light/medium coverage because of it's thin consistency. It does a great job at covering up redness on the inner cheeks for me and under the eye if I need to get rid of shadows. I don't use it too often but it is very handy.

I use 02 which is slightly darker than I need (to counter-act redness) There are also only 2 shades!!
Comes with a wand...too much product is dispensed so I use my fingers
02 is peachy flesh color...

 Medium coverage works well over freckles and dry patches...

Currently I've stopped using Maybelline's mineral powder and I'm using Coleur Inc. foundation powder in 2 Natural which is an even better match than OC2 from Maybelline.

I'd definitely recommend Maybelline's mineral foundations if you can find a match in their VERY LIMITED color selection in asia. However I've discovered that their compacts break far too easily (hinge) and so I'm planning to try out new powders.

Sorry it's so brief but there's nothing much to say but I love these products, they are affordable drugstore pieces that seem to work well for everyone but I'm moving onto trying new things!


$S17.90/7.5 g (only for powder+sponge) ($13.70 USD)
$S8 (compact case) ($6 USD)
$S11.90/ 6ml<--i believe (concealer) ($9 USD)

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  1. thanks for the reviews! did not know they work so well. i always pass them when im out shopping for stuff but never thought to give them a try. will def check them out! =]




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