Tuesday, 11 September 2012

A meal at Broitzeit, make up bits & River Island news...!

Hiya all! I'm finally feeling better after several days down and sick with a runny nose, heavy head and my recurring sinus problems! Here are some shots of a meal I had with my mom a short while back.

I did a quick smokey purple look out that night. I also bought two shirts from the Sesame street store at work, one for me and the other for my dearest (I'm very glad he wears it proudly).

Continue below for my FOTD, food shots, make up bits and my last purchase from River Island before it closed down!

Sesame street characters t-shirt, make up bits, a mixed grilled veggie salad, weis bier, River Island!

A mini haul from Sasa, make up items for my mom to use! Simple shadows, a matte gray eyeliner and a lipstick she liked in my collection!
This eyeshadow duo from Sheene is surprisingly lovely, I love both colors, rich and shimmery and easy to use!
A kate quad with a cream base, this brown set is cool toned and the second to left shade is such a rich taupe shade!
Simple collared top from a local brand 'Pepper'
 Seafoam green shade w/ scalloped bottom!

A huge pile of old pieces I'm helping my mom to send for recycling or for me to use!

These bags from United Colors of Benneton...
Simple and so me...

An old Chanel sweater!
Another minty/sea foam green shade skirt I got myself!
Cookie monster for my boyfriend!
From the Sesame street store! This is for me!
Another mini beauty haul from 'Pink beauty' shop in Ang Mo kio! The make up remover is so much cheaper!
Fun fun lashes! I want crazier ones to use for halloween/looks!
The two new shades of OPI to my collection, I love the duo chrome quality of the first and the shimmery golden peach of the second! Both are great shades!
FOTD: Purple smokey eye and a peach cheek for a day out!
theBalm highlighter (my review here)
l'oreal eyeshadow (my review here), maybelline magnum mascara (my review here)

I love BB Cream by Peripera (my review here), Kate gel eyeliner (my review here), Maybelline magnum mascara (my review here)

A sausage plate, comes with mashed potatoes and Sauerkraut, the brown whole grain mustard is soo good! This is just nice to share between two!

A large grilled vegetable salad with fresh mozzarella balls!
Weissbier! very foamy and fizzy, not as easy to gulp down as a heavier dark ale which I prefer, finished it though!
One of my favorite Brit brands for design,size and quality, I was so bummed when I saw this...!
The store was virtually empty! The only store left in Singapore and it was closing down!

Empty, empty, emptying!
I'd seen the 'sale' sign during the summer but I didn't step in, not realizing they were shutting down the only and last outlet in Singapore! So pissed I didn't get anything during the summer sale!
I did get one thing, one beautiful dress being sold at 50% off, it came in cream, hot pink and black...I was very close to getting both pink and cream. I definitely would've gotten the black however the material for the black was less stretchy than the others. I ended getting the cream, it's such a good fit, the pattern is made of brassy colored metal bits and the sweet heart neckline is so flattering!

I've been missing blogging so much! I've since starting working on a collaboration blog with some friends but the name of that blog will be kept secret for now, I want it to flower on its own (it's not on blogspot! hint hint) 

I can't wait to get up more reviews and posts! I hope everyone's having a great day. I miss visiting blogs more often. 

Thank you to new followers, you make my day to know that you'd want to follow me and see what I have to share and say!

Thank you for visiting!


  1. welcome back, Jia-Lin! I beamed at the vintage Chanel cardigan!! you're so lucky :-D
    I also do love River Island, but It's a bit overpriced here :/ too bad they closed it down in Sg..

    1. Oh, hah, I was stoked to find it but I'm handing it over! Not my thing and neither does it look good on me. I agree, quite a few things are very pricey but their pants were fitted like they were made by supernatural beings!!

  2. Nice! Looks like your haul was exciting :D Love the nail colors and the Sesame Street tees!

    1. I do enjoy picking up bits here and there, don't feel like I've spent a bomb! I've only just understood how OPI polishes get their hype and the tees have been awesome!




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