Sunday, 23 September 2012

Summer looks & nails! (Smokey, neutrals & fresh~!)

Summer is not over! Or at least not here in hot humid Singapore! I feel like it's summer all year round and hence I was so depressed walking into the shops yesterday and noticing nothing but fall colors in the clothes. So dark, drab and sad! No more brights and neons and pops of colors everywhere!

Here's a compilation of eye make up looks I did throughout the summer, a lot of neutrals and lots of blush!

Continue below to see the various looks!
A mix of smokey, neutral eye make up looks and bright nail polish!
Gold eyeshadow really looks great on pale to tan and to deep skin tones!
A slick of eyeliner and maybe some on the bottom can make for a really nice lined eye look!
Fresh and bright gold eye make up for the hot weather!
A quick outfit on the go! Thin materials, short skirts and sandals...perfect for a hot day!

Quick easy smokey brown eye look...using l'oreal infalliable single eyeshadows! (my review here!)
Just apply and blend up! So simple and rich in color.
A shimmery light brown eye look with a coat of mascara for a bright eyed look!
An easy way for a wide eyed open look!
Go light and bright on eye make up, a slick of mascara or eyeliner and keep cheeks fresh with a touch of color or bare!

A navy blue smokey eye look! Easy and dramatic!
Used a piece of tape for the sharp edge, a dark navy smokey eye, matte skin and peachy lips!
Excuse the white cast from SPF in my powder! A quick morning look for a warm eye!
A touch of red bronze on the lid with eyeliner!
A navy blue eyeliner look! I rarely line under my eyes but this is refreshing!
A swipe of highlighter all over the lid, lots of mascara, a bit of black eyeliner and lots of navy blue gel liner on the waterline and lower lash line!
Bright orange nails, Bourjois Ultra shine So laque in Tangerine Fatal 33!

I love my bright ear rings! Need a new set!
Bright nails! The blue is from The Face Shop and the green from Essence!
Crackle coat from The Face Shop!

A medium bronze eye on mom!
She's always wearing lipstick!

A light lilac shade....

A grey taupey brown eye look, neutrals crazy!
Fresh bright eyed and flushed, I rarely use lip products besides a clear balm. Summer's been hot but it isn't going anywhere!

Hope everyone's had fun doing make up during the hot summer months! 

For me it's been neutrals, lots of eyeliner and mascara, all waterproof and plenty of powder! 

Feel free to comment! Thanks!


  1. Pretty! I really love the navy smoky eye look :)


  2. Lovely eye make up ^^


  3. pretty eye makeup!! I am a die-hard neutral makeup fan haha. Awesome you did makeup on your mum, my mum bugged me to do her makeup too, always fun! hehe




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