Tuesday, 11 September 2012

My late Summer shorts & tops haul~! (New look, H&M)

Here's a sizable haul of clothes I acquired in the recent month or so...I've lost some weigh over the last 6 months for most of you who don't know. In real life I don't seem to be as large as my weight as no one seems to be able to guess very accurately.

Being a big chubbier than all the other girls was an issue I was fine with growing up but buying clothes became such a big deal I used to wear nothing but oversized black t-shirts and large board shorts.

Ever since learning how to dress myself and developing a more adult figure, shedding kilos, I've never been so happy to buy clothes and being able to get smaller sizes than I would think I'd ever be able to wear has been such a relief and surprise.

Got most items on sale and had additional birthday and further discount at New look! Woo hoo! Smart shopping...so to speak!

Continue below for pieces from my favorite shop New look! And a few things from H&M!
Went a bit crazy picking up light weight, patterned, colorful and fun pieces for hot weather here in Singapore!

From H&M: faux leather skirt with a full zip down on Sale! Cropped butterfly printed top! Neon colored chiffon tops and a blue waist length blazer!
Amazingly bright in person, this pink pops!
Neon as can be! Not to be worn with peach blush!

Such a beautiful blue blazer, I was so glad to get this after seeing it so many times! Can't wait to wear it!
Cropped and airy, this is great for sunny days!
love the design, it feel great on!

last piece on the rack, I loved the print but I have to wear this with a tank, I can't button up the top! I needed a size up but it was all there was left and I had to get it!

This maxi dress fits beautifully and the material is heavy and stretchy, great for an easy chic look, not to mention subtle and sexy.

Simple cotton top...just for lazy days

Splatter patterned top!
The back splits open!


Simple stripped tank!
love the black and white pattern!

Highwaisted and so flattering! love the print!
Fun and extra short! Parrots!

My favorite pair of all! Digital looking printed palm trees! I got a size up so it wouldn't be as short!

Never in the last 5 years would I think I could wear a size 10/12 UK top or a 10/12 pair of trouser or shorts...I've always been overweight and never thought any of it would come and stay off. It's been great, eating and sleeping better has been a big part. I've never indulged in snacks as a habit but I did stop drinking juice and eating fried foods at main meals.

It's such a relief to be able to get clothes without looking for a bigger size, how I wish I were more averaged sized as a kid and growing teenager, it's never too late to improve yourself because you are worth it!

Feel free to comment!

Thank you!


  1. love the shorts!
    Btw, I'm honoured to be your 100th follower ;P

    1. They were the star of my purchases! Aw, thanks so much! :)

  2. nice stuff you bought! I like the neon tops you got and yea I agree there's always time to improve yourself!

    1. They're so bright and pretty, I need to find a time to wear them soon! :)

  3. Congrats on being a healthier person! ^_^ Good to hear you reached part of your health goals~
    Loving those last shorts. So cute. :D

    1. Thank you, it's never felt so good. I'm no where near model size or peak health but far better than i was the last few years! Yay, shorts are awesome! Especially when its so damn hot all year round!




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