Thursday, 13 September 2012

Combined Things to Trash for June & July! (Hair products galore!)

Oh, the amount of hair products I've finished!

So sorry, ever since part time work (which seemed like a full time job the first few weeks, I mean...4, 5 days a week? Yeah, they were in need of help at the time! I'm back blogging and excited as always. Catching up with my own blog and visiting all your lovely blogs too!

These are the complied products I've used up for June and July. Tonnes of hair products and some skin care!

Continue below for photos and mini reviews!
Things to trash for June and July! Hair products crazy I say!

Everything I used up in June!
Herbal essence, there is nothing but good to say here. Smells amazing, clarifies and gets rid of oil and leaves my hair so soft and supple. Always a repurchase!
Shiseido Aqua label White clear foam cleanser: Gentle, exfoliating and texture refining. This I have repurchased after it lasted me almost 6 months. My review here!
A very light oil-free moisturizer, great for layering on at night. I've not repurchased as I'm using Cetaphil's moisturizer for a thicker richer consistency. This is good for normal or combination skin. My review here!
My all time favorite eye make up remover for my extremely waterproof mascara!
Dove's hair mask is so rich, it really softens tough hair after each use, I drench the tips of my hair with this once in a while and leave it in for 10 mins. The peppermint footscrub from the body shop is also a constant repurchase. I use it up slowly with a pumice stone to help, pricey but it removes thick layers of cracked heel skin so well.
Pantene shampoo and Nivea deodorant...the shampoo is great. The deo does not dry quickly at all but lasts all day and really smells very sweet.
All the things I emptied out for July!
This has really been a gentle cleanser, its been great but I do want to switch it up with other types as my skins getting a bit bumpy again.
Some of the best oil stripping shampoos I've tried, it smells like a fresh rain forest and dew and gets every little bit of oil out of your tresses. A Expensive for a shampoo, but worth it, I use it for the days I really need it.
Hada labo AHA and BHA (Salicylic Acid) face cleanser. Soap free, so gentle and it improved my skin texture a lot. Check out my review here!
Red Earth loose mineral powder: This is translucent and so fine...I never got much use of it and ended up mixing it with some other powder but it is so delicate and would be perfect for a light setting powder. I can't seem to find it that easily anymore, looks like Red Earth is slowly disappearing!
My favorite chapsticks, lip ice lipbalm in mandarin orange and lemon with spf 15... my review here!
All the conditioners I've finished up! Woo hoo for long hair! I try to use just enough or slightly more than enough because I seem to be going through products so quickly!
After using the pink bottle for silky straight hair for the longest time I finally tried this one and am in love!! It has a sharp full and very sweet berry tinged smell, just fabulous! Must get one for my boyfriend who's a Herbal Essence fan too!

Something I thought would work, picked it up on sale this sulfate, silicone free conditioner does nothing for my hair. No matter how little, how much or how long I leave it doesn't make my hair feel any different!
A fruity smelled super moisturizing conditioner! I loved this so much, unfortunately I got it in Cambodia at the supermarket!
Pantene conditioner, works always and I will always repurchase the shampoo and conditioner. Some people has noticed more hair falling out but personally I think it's because it's really getting all the oil out and hence more loose hair coming out.

My hair's been getting very long, maybe as long as it used to be when I was much younger when I had very long hair down my back. At the moment I need a trim and I don't know what to do with the shape of my hair. I'm also tempted to get a fringe of some sort but I'm scared of things going wrong!

I use a variety of shampoo and conditioners at one time, changing up which types depending on the condition of my hair. 

Do you change between shampoos and conditioners regularly? 
What's your favorite brand? Scent?  
let me know!

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I loooooove the body shop shampoo! it feels really clean afterwards which is rare for my oily scalp. T.T
    and the pink herbal essences used to be my fave. It's not available here in germany, but in indonesia it is. love the smell :-D

    1. Yep, that's why I will get it again when I'm out. It really cleans all oil out! Aww, that's soo sad! i love this stuff!




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