Thursday, 13 September 2012

Rave Review: Peripera 'Very Nice Brush Eyeliner'!

Just a very quick rave review! This is the black liquid liner I've been using for the past several months! It's so quick, easy and stays put the whole day!

I can't rave enough about the ease of learning to use this for either a thin line, a winged tip or using it to draw! This may be the optimal solution for eyeliner for the petite asian eye!

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Peripera Very Nice Brush Eyeliner...what a sweet name? Just so happens this is the best liquid liner I've used!
Exactly like the famous Dolly wink eyeliner in looks, the Peripera Very Nice Brush Eyeliner has a super fine tipped felt pen which is soft and flexible!

Peripera Very Nice Brush Eyeliner: The tip images are very helpful if you've got eyes of similar shape which so happens my eyes are like the ones shown. I like how the information is clear and labelled.


The ease of use of this product is just fantastic, I usually don't shake the pen before use but either way I've never had a problem with not enough eyeliner fluid coming out.

This pen has an extremely fine tip, it's not difficult to create a super even and thin line even for a first timer like I was, I'd never used anything similar before and it was great how I got it done so easily the first few times. 

The product comes in easily once the brush touches your lid, not more or less needed, I usually go over the area I've outlined and shaded very lightly again for the most solid black possible. The finish of this liquid is semi-matte, it looks a bit glossy but dries completely on the skin in seconds.

To apply I tilt my head back in the mirror, exposing all my lid and then draw from inner to outer lid. Here's a simply lined upper lash line.

In terms of water resistant qualities, it comes completely off with water and a good light rub, however I tear a lot during the day on my lower lash line and sometimes am constantly dabbing away tears, however this stays for 12 hours or more. I wouldn't wear this if you knew you'll be getting water in your face for sure but otherwise it holds up.

I've yet to wear this on the waterline but I doubt it'd hold up for long if at all on me. The brush besides great for smooth even strokes would be great if you want to be more artistic and draw on your face or other parts of your body.

Continuing with the line, I create the wing by drawing the wing from the outer corner up and then going from the tip to connect to the existing line before filling in.
The finished look...after two weeks of use, I can do both eyes in this winged style in under 30 seconds!
Peripera 'Very Nice Brush Eyeliner' is a rave worth liquid felt tip pen. The korean brands have done it again! There's the same lace print on the eyeliner as on the BB cream tube!

Paid: $17.90 SGD ($14.50 US)    

Considering most eyeliners (pencil/liquid/gel) at the drugstore (maybelline/revlon/l'oreal) are 18-22 SGD, this is affordable.

Recommend: Yes, completely, especially to girls with very small double eyelids (of which I could speak for), this would work very well for small creases where a fine brush is best.

Repurchase: Completely, I use this almost everyday and I already have a back up! It's been lasting me about five months now and it's not finish yet!

Bottom line: This is amazing in all aspects, ease of use, finish, lasting power and cost. However I can only say this will work wonders if you've got normal-slightly oily skin and have a crease in your eyelid, even a small one.

I will keep on turning to east asian brands for make up suited for Asian ladies because these products are really working amazing well.

Check out my rave review of Peripera's BB Cream....over here!

What's your favorite liquid liner? Ever tried Dolly winks?
 Or something like this?
 let me know!

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  1. wow it draws a really dark and smooth line! love how u do your liner too.
    the name of it is funny tho hahahaha

    1. It really can be dark and lovely! Thanks, I love winged eyeliner! :)

  2. this looks really black ! I like super black eye liner :-D
    are Maybelline and Loreal that expensive in Sg? 18-22 SGD? O____o

    1. Yep, all the drugstore products are at least 15 SGD onwards! Crazy right!?

  3. Hi Sharlynn, great review for this liner. I have tried the Dollywink liners and I loved it. So many other companies are coming up with the same concept which is pretty cool. One thing I wasn't crazy about for the Dollywink was the finish was a bit too glossy for my liking.

    1. Thanks Fannie! I haven't had the chance to use Dolly wink, but I think it's the next one I want to use...I actually enjoy the gloss finish! Must check it out! thanks!

  4. Wow did you get this from Watsons? I love black eyeliner and am looking forward to trying this out!

    1. Yep, the Korean/Japanese section in some Watsons! It's very good, lasts forever throughout the day! :)




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