Thursday, 7 March 2013

Rave Review: Red Earth Illusion Lights eyeshadow in 03 Forever Ever!

Metallic, wearable and neutral! I'm now completely in love with Redearth single eyeshadows! I've already tried one shade called "Iced Brownie" a short while ago and it was amazing which depth in color that wasn't expected!

(Check out my review for my first Redearth shadow here!)

I went back and ended up picking up another neutral shade. The range is small and there are two browns, this is the lighter one, almost a bit peachy gold.

Continue below for the review and look!

Red Earth Illusion Lights Beauty Pro Eyeshadow in shade 03 Forever Ever

Red Earth Illusion Lights Beauty Pro Eyeshadow in shade 03 Forever Ever
Wearing Red Earth Illusion Lights eyeshadow in 03 Forever Ever

Packaging & Product!

Functional, simple and compact packaging, I really like how I can see the shadows through the clear top. These are snap shut single shadows that are really sturdy. All information except the ingredients list is labelled on the back. I am honestly not concerned about the composition of the eyeshadow.

This shade and product is a dream! Smooth, pigmented, shimmery and so easy to wear by itself! This shade, Forever Ever is a light peachy golden shade which is so lovely on the eyelids by itself. Due to the shade, it really brightens up the eyes and my entire face in terms of a look.

By itself, this shade can be blended out and worn without other shades but in the photo above I'm using my HG eye highlight which is theBalm Mary-lou manizer (my review here). The two shades are a fine silky shimmery consistency and they blend together so well!

I've worn this shadow without a primer and it still gives an excellent finish in terms of opacity of color.

Red Earth Illusion Lights Eyeshadow in Iced Brownie and Forever Ever!

Rave eyeshadows! Red Earth Illusion Lights Eyeshadow in Iced Brownie and Forever Ever!
Worn very simply, with a touch of highlighter under the brow, a coat of mascara, warm blush and rose pink lip

Paid: $16 SGD ($12.80 USD) (I got this at 20% off!)

Recommend: Yes! The formula for these singles are so silky and shimmery and pigmented!

Repurchase: Totally but not too soon and definitely in another shade!

Bottom line: It's going to be one of those shades that work with everything! Effortless to use and always beautiful, it will likely work on all skin tones. I love the quality of these singles and will be checking out the other shades.

Have you tried make up from Red Earth? 
Like this shade? 
Let me know!

Feel free to comment/question! Thank you!


  1. Red Earth used to be really popular back then in Indonesia, but now, I don't hear a lot from the brand..
    this eye shadow is def a must have color. it's versatile and easy to apply, isn't it? I can see I'd reach for this kind of shade really often ;) good choice, Sharlynn!

  2. such a beautiful shade <3 Your eye makeup is beautiful!!

  3. So pretty~ these shades compliment you very well<3


  4. I love how the eyeshadow is incredibly pigmented! The colour is beautiful too and is really wearable :) I've definitely heard and seen Red Earth around but I'm not sure where exactly I've seen it haha!

  5. These shades are gooooorgeous!

  6. What a beautiful color shadow. You can wear it day and night! It looks fabulous on you!

    P.S. Would you like to follow each other on bloglovin?


  7. It looks a little bit like a slightly more frosted and peachy Urban Decay Toasted :) The Red Earth shadows look really shimmery and pigmented!

  8. these look absolutely gorgeous and the colours suits you so much!Thanks for the swatches doll!these are amazing!

  9. that is a shimmery reddish goodness that compiments your beautiful eyes. And that blush totally frames your cheekbones.
    Ps: I love the 'about you' section of the gayest dog. I have both a cat & dog too and my cat is this fierce cuddly beauty...the dog is a bit of a lesbian that only starts to pee inside when I cuddle her too much (and never with the boyfriend, how weird is that)




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