Thursday, 28 March 2013

Quick review: Za liquid concealer!

'Facelift in progress?'  That's what Za's Concealer Perfection has been labelled as when I saw it in the store a while back! This line has since been repackaged in pink and I think maybe reformulated too! It's a pretty darn good concealer having used this on and off for the last year!

Continue below for the quick review!

ZA New York Concealer Perfection in shades 2 and 3!

This product is very simply packaged in a small squeeze tube. It comes in 9 grams of liquid product that is very neutral/yellow based in pigmentation. There is only 3 shades in this range of liquid concealer and for fair to medium tan skinned asians these three shades are versatile enough.

The quality of this concealer is surprisingly very good. Very pigmented, easy to blend and very natural looking, it also last for a long time. I've also found this to be some what water resistant! I use shade

Swatches of ZA New York Concealer Perfection in shades 2 and 3!
Blended out swatches of ZA New York Concealer Perfection in shades 2 and 3!
This is a very affordable concealer for those with neutral, beigey or yellowish undertones! I've used this in specific areas on my face for a quick face base, skipping foundation all together. I believe it cost less than $15 SGD and it has the ability to hide red spots or scars very well with small dabbing motions and in thin layers.

What I always buy from ZA is their pressed powder! It fits into my Majolica Majorca compact as both companies are under Shiseido, as well as aqua label! I've tried powders from ZA, Majolica and Aqua label but find this best match from ZA. I'm a 22 that matches my natural shade but 23 matches the rest of my tanner complexion better!

Do you find yourself using concealer? 
Or do you layer your foundation? 
Let me know!

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  1. I have the new one in the pink packaging and I hope it's the same as this one because I've heard good things about the blue one. :) I couldn't find this one in store! xx

  2. we used to have za here in the Phils but I don't know when as they eventually vanish from the market! I've heard so much on ZA with XX blogs ^_~

  3. It looks like a great product that worked well for you but i don't use concealers much only tinted moisturizers or sheer foundations.

  4. Oh I was so close to buy this concealer in singapore!! I bought the face powder as you recommended, but I haven't used it because my majolica powder is still full and in use ;)) I got a good feeling that I will love the ZA powder, now I wish I bought the concealer as well..

  5. This looks like such a nice concealer!! I like to conceal if I have any reaally bad pimples (at the moment I do just to get rid of one I've had for a while), do my foundation & then conceal if anything still shows up, especially underneath the eyes.




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