Thursday, 5 April 2012

Quick look: Wet n wild eyeshadows!

This should have been up earlier but it doesn't matter because I'm still in a trance that I've got these in my collection!

As part of a haul I got my brother to help my acquire when he was in the states a few months ago, I got three Wet n Wild palettes!

$3 for an eyeshadow palette?? No local girl here would believe or think it's good quality! We're too used to buying palettes from the drugstore that cost at least $15!

So happy to have these to use! Continue below for more photos!

I enjoy the directions but it won't work as well for most small asian lids!
My nails get caught when trying to open them!
Wet n Wild color icon trio in Knock on Wood
Wet n Wild color icon trio in Sweet as Candy

Wet n Wild color icon in Lust!

I've been using Sweet as Candy and Knock on Wood! I apply them with my own brushes as the included applicator are quite rubbish! They're so good for everday wear! haven't touched Lust yet but am looking forward to it! Looks using these coming soon!

Have you tried the wet n wild color icon eyeshadow palettes?
 Love them? Like them? Let me know!


  1. These look like really flattering and wearable shades for everyday with some darker colours for smokier/night time looks. I really like the shades in Lust especially. Haven't tried Wet n Wild eyeshadows but definitely would be aiming to get my hands on some if I ever made the trip to the US :)

    1. Very wearable indeed! I can't wait to do smoky looks with Lust! I could imagine, I'd go crazy too picking these up! :)

  2. oh another brand that isnt available here in germany :/ ( except I buy it online and the palette is 6-9€ each!! )
    I heard a lot of good things about wet n wild eyeshadows T.T

    1. Here neither my friend! they are really worth it!! :)

  3. The Lust eyeshadows are making me drool! Lucky you! :)

  4. love the wet 'n wild product. eyeshade is great


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