Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Pink and garnet smokey eye using the Lorac Unzipped palette!

Day to night pink smokey eye! When most people think 'smokey' eye most think of black, gray, browns and other deep earthy colors but I love doing more wearable and light looking smokey type eyes with pinks and peaches! Having owned my Lorac Unzipped palette for a while now I decided to combine the pale pinks with a touch of the deeper garnet shade!

Continue below for the look!
Pink and garnet smokey eye using the Lorac Unzipped palette! (Unreal, Uncensored, Unbridled and Undercover)
I used Unreal on the inner lid, Uncensored on the lid, Unbridled in the outer V and crease and Undercover under the brow! You could use Unspoken (soft matte brown) for the crease too!
Products used: ZA two way foundation powder, IN2IT powder, Revlon matte (for brows), Maybelline color tattoo, Estee Lauder Idealist Serum, Rival de Loop liquid Make up, ZA concealer perfection, K-palette Kuma concealer, Kiss me Heroine eyeliner, Kiss me Heroine mascara, Lancome Virtuose mascara
Lorac Unzipped palette! I used Unreal on the inner lid, Uncensored on the lid, Unbridled in the outer V and crease and Undercover under the brow!
Photos taken in our living room in front of our glass doors! There was repair works being done in my attached toilet! I just love the pinky/garnet gradient with this look! It goes so nicely with my blush and natural lip color!

This is Sirius! Our stupid but absolutely adorable skinny husky! This is his regular spot on the sofa and he loves to pose!
Yeah...just trying to play it cool and look super cute!
A pink and garnet smokey eye look! A great everyday pink toned smokey that can take you from day to night! Maybe a slick of purple eyeliner on the bottom, brown or maybe black and a berry or nude lip and it's a much more dramatic look instantly!

Think this look is good for day and night?
Would you wear this look?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. I've been debating whether to get the Unzipped or the Pro palette from Lorac and your post makes me want to get Unzipped!! The shades are all my cup of tea ^^
    I love your interpretation of smokey look here, very nice :-D
    and your natural lip color... O__o I would love to have such a nice rosy lips!!!

  2. Hi Sharlynn,

    You looks very pink today! Nice that you are contrasting your pink shades with a dark outfit. Nice!


  3. You wear pink eyeshadow so well. I wish I could make this look work for me!
    Did you get your bangs trimmed? It looks good. :)

  4. I love the colors of this palette...and your look is georgeous, too :)

  5. looks so fresh and worth to try.
    Thanks for sharing, Sharlynn ^^

  6. that's indeed a feminine and fashionable daytime smokey. I'm gonna do one with lavendel and purple soon, or a nice green combination that the Kate palettes have

  7. Love your blush color! Hhehe your husky is so cute! My dog sleeps like your husky's first pic too :p Don't know how that is comfortable thou.. xD

  8. Wow, such a gorgeous makeup look, loved the pink smokey eyes, you have done this makeup amazingly dear. Loved your blush shade and lip color of course! Kisses <3

  9. I love the eye look Sharlynn, so pretty and feminine. Your Sirus is such a handsome dog, what a cutie.

  10. this is such a flawless look! the palette looks super amazing, all the colors are so pretty <33

    lots of love xx
    Nee from ROSECANDLE11

  11. I love seeing dogs pose; they're so derpy sometimes :D
    Is your eyeliner flick different, or just me? Unzipped really reminds me of UD3, and though I doubt pinky-garnet eyeshadow shades would work well on me, they look amazing on you! Anyways, love that last photo!

  12. ZOMG your doggie :OOOO Soooo cute :3

  13. You have a husky in Singapore?! He must love the AirCon!
    I love your fierce eyeliner wing!

  14. You look lovely as usual c; Nice pinkish eyeshadow!
    Sirius is a cutiepie c: Xx

  15. I loooove all the shades in that palette! The eyeshadow combo looks great on you! :)




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