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Review: Sana Pore Putty BB Mineral Powder SPF 35! (natural skin color)

BB Mineral Powder time! Those who have followed my FOTD posts and my reviews of bases would know that I'm a powder person. I cannot leave the house without a powder. I will not wear any liquid foundations without setting it with a powder here in humid and hot Singapore! I've tried plenty of mascaras and liquid eyeliners from Japanese brands from Watsons and Sasa but realized some months ago that I really should give pressed powders a shot too since I'm a powder nut!

Japanese drugstore brands which have powders tend to have at most 2-3 shades, all usually yellow based so those who are between a MAC NC20-25 best match the colors usually sold.

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Sana Pore Putty BB Mineral Powder SPF 35! (natural skin color)
Sana Pore Putty BB Mineral Powder SPF 35! (natural skin color)
This powder came only in one color if I remember, in 'Natural Skin Color'!
Sana Pore Putty BB Mineral Powder SPF 35! (natural skin color)
Sana Pore Putty BB Mineral Powder SPF 35! (natural skin color)

Provided is a thin puff for application! I prefer using a thicker sponge or a brush to apply!
Sana Pore Putty BB Mineral Powder SPF 35! (natural skin color)
 Packaging & Product!

Girly, cutesy, princess-esque, the exterior cardboard packaging and the design of the wording on the compact resembles most Japanese drugstore brand type products. Super frilly and sometimes even a bit childish to some ladies which maybe a slight putt off. The compact is very simple, sturdy and the the fact that the packaging isn't bulked up with a separate compartment for a sponge/brush is a plus. Despite being very minimal in packaging, there's a mirror on the inside cover which is perfect for touch up and checking throughout the day. There's no down side to the overall packaging unless you really aren't a fan of super girly young looking products.

Much like advertised on the packaging this powder is suppose to contain 11 kinds of minerals which is meant to smoothen and conceal pores and be mattifying. I really found the texture of the powder to be fine and soft without being too powdery. I used this predominantly as a setting powder over my foundation or base and it really did look super smooth and felt nice and matte. The matte finish lasted decently with at least 4-5 hours in the humid hot weather before I had wearing on my nose and around my mouth area.

The shade of this powder I find to be a light neutral color that would suit those best NC 20 to maybe 25. It has a light to medium coverage which makes it a decent powder to wear on its own if you don't need much coverage. At the time when I was wearing this powder most I had quite a tanned body so I often used this just on my cheeks and another powder in my T-zone so it didn't look too light.

ZA Perfect Fit two way foundation powder in OC00 on the top and Sana Pore Putty BB Mineral Powder on the bottom!
Sana Pore Putty BB Mineral Powder SPF 35! (natural skin color)
As seen in the photo above, the finish of this powder on top of my light layer of foundation is super smooth and flawless. I love how there's no clinging onto any areas and even under my eyes the powder blends seamlessly. Below as seen, worn over my foundation the neutral color of the powder shifts to be more yellow which looks more natural on my complexion. Note how I have a visible swimsuit tan line! My body tans like crazy when I'm in the sun!

Sana Pore Putty BB Mineral Powder SPF 35! (natural skin color)
Sana Pore Putty BB Mineral Powder SPF 35! (natural skin color)
Paid: $25.90 SGD or about $19 USD

Recommend: Yes, if your complexion matches the color available and you're in need of a solid setting powder or an everyday powder foundation this would be a good one to try out!

Repurchase: No, I always only repurchase my holy grail powder but I continually buy and try different pressed powders all the time!

Bottom line: A really lovely japanese brand BB powder that provides decent coverage whilst being fine, long lasting and easy to carry around for touch ups. I'd definitely be keen to pick up and try more pressed powders like this from the japanese cosmetics section again!

Have you tried any BB creams/powders from Japanese brands?
Do you prefer pressed or loose powder for setting?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. Never heard of Sana before so thanks for covering this product! I have to say, it looks great on you. Not overly matte or dry-looking at all. I would have been all over this when I used to stay in Singapore.

  2. Hi Sharlynn,

    This power looks smooth and natural on you. Great product and I'm surprised that you won't buy it again.


  3. This one looks good! I've never heard about the brand before, though.. I still have so many powders opened and not yet finished, so I guess it's still a long time before I purchase a new one xD

  4. I have this product and I quite like it :) It provides a really nice coverage




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