Thursday, 28 February 2013

Rave Review: Kiss Me Heroine Long & Curl mascara! (Reformulated)

My holy grail mascara...reformulated+packaged!

I reintroduce to you ladies my holy grail masacara from Kiss Me Heroine Make up! This is their 'long & curl' formula! It comes in one for longer lashes and one for more volumized lashes! I believe they may have adjusted the formula but they have repackaged both versions in bright pink tubes!

Still loving this Japanese mascara! Here is my review of the original Kiss Me long & curl mascara!

Continue below for the review and photos!
Kiss Me Heroine Make up in Long & Curl 01 Black waterproof mascara!
The older packaging for Kiss me Heroine was the same for both formulas!
Kiss Me Heroine Make up in Long & Curl 01 Black waterproof mascara!
Kiss me Heroine Make up Volume & Curl/ Long & Curl mascara
Kiss me Heroine Make up Volume & Curl/ Long & Curl mascara
The brush for this curling version is still the same curved shape with very close short bristles!

I adore the hot pink tube of the new packaging! The print for the name is made to seem like a pretty, delicate gold print. The only way to tell them apart is by the pattern on the wand top or the number on the bottle of the tube!

One even coat on both my lashlines...applied with excess scrapped off the brush, lashes are defined, long, thicker and dense!
From root to lash tip....! Kiss Me Heroine Make up in Long & Curl 01 Black waterproof mascara!
My holy grail mascara which I use all the time!


Much like the in the old packaging, for the first month, it is very important to remove excess mascara before application. By scrapping the wand against the inside of the top of the tube all around leaves just enough mascara for a good, defined coating.

This mascara begins as quite liquid but thick enough to actually become very clumpy if applied without excess mascara removed from the wand. After about a month of regular use, there is no need to remove excess from the wand.

This formula has never irritated my eyes, when applied with paint brush motions, up to down and side-to side, the tight short bristles coat skinny lashes evenly and extends them very nicely.

This mascara is super waterproof and holds a curl like cement. You have to use a waterproof make up remover or a remover with oil to get this off properly. I think these are very important properties for asian eye lashes!

Paid: $21.90 SGD or ($17.70 USD)

Recommend: For those ladies looking for super long wearing, defined and yet volumized lashes...this is something worth trying! Do remember to remove excess before applying!

Repurchase: This is the mascara I've been using for more than a year...repurchased now 4 times, every time using it up completely! Yes, of course!

Bottom line: My personal holy grail, been using it for more than a year and will continue using it for years to come! It's super waterproof, will hold up for 24 hours and gives asian lashes a natural full look!

Are you a fan of Japanese mascaras? 
Tried this brand? 
Let me know!

Feel free to comment! Thank you so much!


  1. It does a great job. I can see how it holds the curl and also lengthens the lashes.

  2. This makes your eyelashes look lovely, that is a lot of curl! Its so nice when you can find something that you can buy over and over, hey. Silly that the packaging is not that much different between the 2 of them, though!

  3. ooooh I am excited!! this is the mascara you gave me, right?? I'll try this out after I finish my benefit mascara!
    your lashes definitely look longer and fuller!

  4. My lashes are short and tjis looks so interesting! :)

  5. i am so going to try this out soon! great review and thanks for sharing ^_~

  6. I've got the Volume and Curl version and I find it really clumpy- did you have that problem? I'll give it another go and wipe off more excess than I usually do.

    1. I have both and have no issues, its just a very wet formula when you first use it...You need to wipe off all the mascara on the wand all around against the mouth of the bottle, over time you'll need to do it less and less. It really makes a difference, do try!

  7. Hello! May I know if this mascara is smudge-proof as much as it is waterproof? I have heard that the formulas for both are different and I have a bigger problem with the former (smudging!) than the latter! If this mascara is not smudge-proof, what other affordable brands would you recommend off the top of your head? Thank you! :)

  8. Hello! I was wondering if this mascara is smudge-proof as well as it is waterproof and if it is suitable for sensitive eyes? I've been searching for such a mascara for the longest time and would really like to hear your advice on this! Thank you! :)




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