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Review: NYX round lipsticks in shades Eucalyptus, Chloe, Fire, Chaos and Hero!

Round lipstick hoard! For those who haven't heard of this super creamy lippies by NYX they were one of the first products I hoarded in my first NYX purchase which was through on online group spree. I loved how they were cheap and were so pigmented. These are the original packaging and formulation as now they have been renamed "Extra creamy round lipstick" and the packaging changed slightly.

Here I had 5 shades, which is only a fraction of their huge range, there's about 100 or so color choices currently listed on! I had bought multiples of certain shades and have since given several away to to mother, grandmother and have one more shade that's not in this review!

Continue below for the review and lip swatches!
NYX round lipsticks in shades Eucalyptus, Chloe, Fire, Chaos and Hero!
NYX round lipsticks in shades Eucalyptus, Chloe, Fire, Chaos and Hero!
Packaging & Product!

These tubes are cute little things. All black with a colored bottom that matches the color of the lipstick instead. The labelling on the cap is super cute and I like the motif that's used on this line. It's a regular lipstick bullet and cap and this lipstick unlike some other American drugstore brands does retract all the way into the tube was is preferable so it prevents possible accidental nicks of the lipstick!

My only complaint is about how the lipstick label of the name is only on the cap which caused me slight confusion when I had taken all the caps off and then realized that it's hard to differentiate some of the shades I had! It would be far better if the name label in on the actual tube which I think maybe the case with the new packaging!

To be short and sweet about this lipstick formula, they are super crazy pigmented, super creamy and smooth and have a lovely glossy look to them. In terms of the creaminess it's a bit scary because with one layer it feels and this lipstick has the tendency to move and slip and bleed so it's very important to either blot and then layer or to use a lip liner under!

I've found that the way to make this last, feel and look best is to apply a layer and blot dry, then apply again, blot and then to apply a third layer. This way it last for several hours without bleeding or smearing outside the lips and it feels very comfortable too!

The one major downside which can be a big deal breaker is how soft these lipsticks are, if they get too hot they will melt and when you try to apply them I've had some break in the tube and others just become almost gel on application which is not a good thing. These are very touchy because of their softness!

NYX round lipsticks in shades Eucalyptus, Chloe, Fire, Chaos and Hero!
Wearing NYX round lipstick in Eucalyptus! A hot slightly blue under toned fuchsia!
Wearing NYX round lipstick in Eucalyptus! Love this shade!
Wearing NYX round lipstick in Chloe! This looks like a dupe for Eucalytus but it's a bit more warm in the undertone, just slightly!
Wearing NYX round lipstick in Chloe!
Wearing NYX round lipstick in Fire! This is a beautiful creamy soft red that looks a tad pink.
Wearing NYX round lipstick in Fire! This is a great red that isn't too bold!
Wearing NYX round lipstick in Chaos! A bright bold neutral red!
Wearing NYX round lipstick in Chaos! A great first flashy red for beginners!
Wearing NYX round lipstick in Hero! A bloody wine tinted red! Such a beautiful romantic shade!
Wearing NYX round lipstick in Hero! I totally see Snow White wearing this type of red!
NYX round lipsticks in shades Eucalyptus, Chloe, Fire, Chaos and Hero!

Besides these 5 beautiful pink and red shades I also own Hades (a perfect brownish nude on me), Violet Ray (a medium red wine tone) and Haute Melon (a creamy bright melon coral). Of these additional three shades, Hades is my most used shade and is actually one of my favorite brown nude shades!

NYX round lipsticks in shades Eucalyptus, Chloe, Fire, Chaos and Hero!
Paid: $4 USD on or about $5 SGD  

(maybelline, l'oreal and revlon lipsticks sell here for between $16-22 SGD)

(I purchased them at a discount in an online spree using when they used to retail for $4.50 USD)

Recommend: Yes, for the reasons of they are so damn bloody cheap, so pigmented, creamy, smooth and with some techniques these look and feel great! Perfect for beginners and lipstick lovers!

Repurchase: Yes, I would love a few more shades, especially some nudes since I have dry and sensitive lips this formula is a great pairing for me.

Bottom line: These are super creamy, pigmented and beautiful lipsticks. They're only downside is being prone to bleeding and melting in the tube. With blotting, layering and keeping these in a cool dry storage area, these are lovely bullets for any collection!

Do you own any NYX lip products in your collection?
Care to try some of these creamy lippies?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. wow they look very bold and vibrant! I haven't tried the NYX lipsticks but I like their lip glosses and butter glosses. The butter glosses, in fact are one of my favorites!
    Hero looks very nice on you! I can imagine you rocking that deep red shade!

  2. wow! they are so amazing <3 wow! Love them all <3+
    happy sunday my dear :***

  3. I have quite a few of the Round Lipsticks and I love them - I also really love their Black Label Lipsticks too xx

    Gemma // Miss Makeup Magpie

  4. I've heard some great things about these, and they're super affordable! I love the look of Fire. Not sure how I feel about them being so creamy and not as long lasting, but blotting really does seem to help!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  5. Oh god. I need Eucalyptus and Chloe on my mouth right now.

  6. those colors are brilliant on you!! mostly love the fire shade

  7. OH my God, those colors are soooooooo beautiful, I love NYX round lipsticks, they are moisturising and beautiful in all shades. Loved the swatches honey <3

  8. Some of my favourite lipsticks are by Nyx (Snow White, Medusa, Black Cherry). I find they are a bit soft, but not too bad.

  9. These look so pretty and bright! My favorite is Eucalyptus

  10. Nyx lipsticks always come in colorful shades, and all are pigmented, matte and creamy! :D
    ~Pauline @Nyx Philippines

  11. You got all the bright shades!!! I am the boring one who got the boring shades. Hahahahhaha. I love the round lipsticks too. Got my very first one from a flea market way back, think the girl who sold it hauled from US. Have it in Paris (boring mauve pink), and I got Chaos too! The NYX Matte and metallic ones are amazing stuffs as well. So, so pigmented and true-to-bullet.




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