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Rave review: Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet! (02, Nude-ist, 06 Ping Pong, 02 Frambourjoise)

Rouge Edition Velvets! I'm sure that by now all of us or almost all of us in the beauty blogging world has come across or seen plenty of reviews of these babies! They are candy to the eyes and a super product for all skin types when it comes to lip products! These cream lip stains have a matte finish, have great colors and are suppose to stay on and on and look and feel amazing!

I suffer from always slightly dry lips and they also peel everyday no matter how I take care of my lips. Hence when I heard that the formula of these were a dream I took the plunge, bought two and then went back for another!

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 Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet! (02, Nude-ist, 06 Ping Pong, 02 Frambourjoise)
 Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet! (02, Nude-ist, 06 Ping Pong, 02 Frambourjoise)

Firstly, I love the color coordination of the packaging! I have a knack of products matching the packaging or a part of the packaging, especially if the product can be seen through a clear section! I really think it makes the product more fun and it's just easier just to look into my collection and know which one is what color without having to read and squint at the label.

Another great aspect about the packaging of these tubes are that the caps twist and then click securely shut so there's no chance that any amount of knocking or shaking will cause them to open. These are in a similar shape to the original packaging of the Revlon color lustrous lip glosses however slightly larger.

 Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in 02, Nude-ist (A pink toned brown nude)
 Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in 06 Ping Pong (A hot pink fuchsia)
 Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Frambourjoise ( A soft strawberry red)

I knew from reviews and swatches that these had amazing true to color pigmentation but not only is that the case but the formula of these are so damn comfortable. After applying one or even two layers and letting them dry, it feels like you're wearing a thin soft layer although the product looks matte! 

Over many hours, this product stays true to color and doesn't fade at all. After eating and drinking, if you eat slightly more carefully there will be no more than a slight bit of fading in the inner center of the lips but nothing more!

The finish of this line of products are all matte and the moment they dry they will not budge. However as the hours go on, these do not crack, peel or flake off. Your lips also don't feel drier as time goes on and you can move you lips around very comfortably without feeling like there's a tight dry layer on them!

I've since worn all three shades and in terms of formula all are consistent and last beautifully and you will need an oil based make up remover to take these completely off at the end of the night/day!

Swatches of Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet! (02, Nude-ist, 06 Ping Pong, 02 Frambourjoise)
I removed these only 2-3 minutes after applying with an oil based make up remover! Look at how even that stain is! These stain incredibly! But not for more than a day!

The three shades I have purchased I love all so much! I noticed that this line is full of different tones of pinks and reds and I chose to get a neutral soft strawberry red instead of going more orange or blue toned. I had to get the fuchsia because I love them and the shade Nud-ist although it looks slightly brown in the tube turns out completely like a rosy pink on my already very rose lips.

 Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet! (02, Nude-ist, 06 Ping Pong, 02 Frambourjoise)
Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet! (02, Nude-ist) This looks nothing like a nude on my lips!
Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet! (06 Ping Pong) A hot electric fuchsia!
Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet! (02 Frambourjoise) A soft neutral strawberry red!
 Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet! (02, Nude-ist, 06 Ping Pong, 02 Frambourjoise)
Paid: $25 SGD or about $20 USD

Recommend:YES! If you have been searching for that perfect matte formula that looks and feels amazing do pick one or two of these up as soon as you can!

Repurchase: Maybe! These are not cheap for a drugstore item but they are actually only slightly above normal prices here. I really don't wish to own every color and am happy with these three!

Bottom line: Not only are these amazing in terms of pigmentation and being a long wearing matte finish lip color, it is so comfortable on the lips and touch ups after many hours is almost completely not needed! Totally do try one if you've never been comfortable with cream stains, this is the one to own and use! Even if you've got sensitive or dry lips like me!

What Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvets do you own?
Own any matte lip cream colors?
 Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you so much!


  1. I have these as well and they are amazing, aren't they???
    Nude-ist looks very pink on you! it looks more nude on my lips :-)
    Frambourjoise is so bright, I will put it on my bucket list ^^

  2. I like 02, even though it really doesn't look like the normal "nude" lip.

  3. I absolutely adore these as well, it's great that you've found a matte formula you can wear! They stain so well, but I do find they still transfer a bit, but nothing major. Pink Pong looks so intense! I wanted to pick that one up but they were sold out during the sale - and I refuse to buy them at full price!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

  4. wow, such bold colours! my favourite is nude-ist!

  5. whoa that's expensive in singapore, i don't know how much it is here bourjois is actually quite expensive too here. i love matte lipsticks bc my lips are thick in a not-good-way lol. the supposed-to-be nude still looks natural and that's probably the shade im gonna love!! the formula sounds so good, the fact they barely fade and doesn't crack your lips. too bad it's too expensive lol.

  6. OMG, Sharlynn these sound like a dream! I hate it when my lips start to peel or flake because of lip products like these, but HOLY I have to go and buy some!

  7. I love these as well but the thing I absolutely HATE about them is how EXPENSIVE they are in Singapore!!! ): x

  8. Oh wow! they are amazing! I need them too :)

  9. Pink Pong is my absolute fave, I ended up buying 3 of these and so happy I did. Formula is so comfy and lasts so long!

  10. UGH, I really want to cave in and buy these!! I swatched one of the shades the other day and it was GORGEOUS. I also really like the fact that it leaves a stain, because I found that the stain lasted a few days on my hand, so that was pretty resilient.

  11. Absolutely love these lipsticks, the colours are so gorgeous. I’ve just done a review of them on my blog, which you can read here.

    Monica x

    Raid Her Wardrobe - A Beauty & Fashion Blog

  12. Nude-ist is such a lovely shade! I was thinking of trying it out but was afraid it would be drying. Good to know that is doesn't dry lips out! Thanks for the review :)

    I'm not sure if you've been nominated before, but I've nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. Check out my post for more info!

    Pastel Boulevard l Versatile Blogger Award




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