Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Simple smokey pink and bronze eye using Brigitte eyeshadow! (Lunch at Nando's)

Simple, subtle and smokey! I rarely do truly dark smokey looks and try to avoid using black or gray eyeshadows as I feel they too often easily go from smokey to muddy and overwhelming. I love smoked out looks using browns so I often go with pink and browns as my combination of choice for something pretty and easy!

As for lunch at Nando's, this was going to be my third time eating at Nando's and all I wanted was chicken, a spicy sauce and grilled sweet corn! 

Continue below for the look and day out!
Smokey pink eyes and nude lip using Brigitte eyeshadow quad and lipgloss! (Lunch at Nando's)
Smokey pink eyes and nude lip using Brigitte eyeshadow quad!
I used all the shades in the Romantic Prologue RS-1 palette, the pink on the inner lid, bronze on the center, dark brown on the outer v and crease and the matte cream as a brow bone highlight!
Smokey pink eyes and nude lip using Brigitte eyeshadow quad! I used Urban Decay's Perversion eyeliner in the waterline! One of the two products that will last in my watery waterline!

On my lips is a combination of NYX lip liner in Soft Brown and Brigitte Romantic Prologue nude lipgloss!
On my cheeks is Shiseido Integrate Milky Flower Cheeks blush in Flower Pink!
Products used: Revlon matte (for brows), Biore UV watery mousse, Kate Mineral powder, 3CE glossing waterful foundation, Brigitte Romantic Prologue eyeshadow quad, Integrate Milky Flower Cheeks blush, Heavy Rotation Eyeliner, Kiss Me Heroine long & curl mascara, Lancome virtuose mascara, NYX lip liner in Soft brown, Brigitte nude lipgloss

The completed look! Super simple but subtlety smokey! Paired with a nude brown lip for more of a pop on the eyes!

The boyfriend who had lunch with me! It was the third time in my life eating at Nando's!
I had a quarter of a chicken, coleslaw and grilled corn! The chicken was fabulous and the corn was lovely although not very sweet. The coleslaw was a bit of a let down as I can make much better at home! It lacked seasoning and had too much mayo!
The boyfriend had half a chicken also at Extra Hot and had garlic bread and fries! I love how fluffy the bread was but it could've used a lot more garlic!
Our chicken liver appetizer! Came with a big grilled warm roll and a pad of butter! This was delicious!
The sauce was creamy, spicy, salty and just delicious. The chicken liver was not over cooked and was still soft and creamy inside! This was amazing!
At ate lunch at the Nando's at NEX Serangoon mall and afterwards while walking around I saw that Sasa was having a clearance sale of their products in the open air atrium area!
My completed look! I think this worked very well with my black and white top! I wore a baby pink matte mini skirt that day so that the whole look matched in terms of shades of pink!

What do you think of this subtle pink and bronze smokey look?
Do you like eating at Nando's? What do you order?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. Gorgeous <3 And your skin is so flawless :) amazing <3

  2. I love your lips!! As creepy as that may sound haha :) & that chicken is to die for! Looks yummy! :D

  3. Nando's again, Sharlynn?? Are you trying to beat me in the chicken race?? Hahaha! Looking lovely as always.....

  4. Pretty honey! Lavender's such a statement against brown soft and chic!
    Thank you for the blog visit sweets, hope to see you back soon!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  5. Your eye makeup looks beautiful and so does your hair <3 <3 Love all the pics!!!

  6. OMG Sharlynn, the lip color is so beautiful!! it really compliments the smokey eye look! Believe it or not, I have never tried nandos in my life. lol but the chicken looks soooooo delicious!! oh and I see the 3CE foundation there! I have seen the brands everywhere lately but I know nothing about it, is it a Korean brand?

  7. loove ur lip color :) and ur meal (hungry now) **

  8. Really liking this smokey but natural coloured look. :)

  9. You know, even though I was in London for a month, I DIDN'T HAVE NANDO'S. SHAME!!! DISHONOUR!!
    I generally hate the look of lining the waterline, but on you? VA VA WOOM. I love how sultry/feline the look is. Also, that blush is amazing. Love how it's got two distinct shades in there (pink + peach) to customize your pinky-peach shade!

  10. Stunning, as always! I don't really eat at Nando's very often but supposedly their Paella is really good - I like their wraps and the chicken salad :)

  11. Wonderful makeup look... love the eyeshadow look and I love the lip product :)
    The food look delicious too and now Im hungry :P I love chicken :)
    You are so darn adorable and beautiful :)

  12. Girl how can you eat all the delicious food and still look that gorgeous?? Gimme your secrets!! hihihi ^_^

    Adrian FS.

  13. You look lovely as always dear c:
    I never ever have eaten at Nando's before :c
    though I'd probably only eat that yummy
    looking sweet corn :P Bummer about the
    coleslaw though. And whaaatt, Sasa outlet?!
    Lucky you :c xX

  14. I love your lips, they always look so delectable :)




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