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Rave Review: K-palette Zero Kuma Cover Control Concealer in 02 Yellow Beige!

Kick ass Kuma Concealer! Looking for a super super matte, long wearing, waterproof, pigmented concealer? You've got all of these qualities with this amazing liquid concealer from K-palette. This brand is famous for their eyeliner and I've been using it and it is amazing (review coming soon). 

In the mean while I was looking for a new liquid concealer for those days I just want to spot conceal around my face and saw testers for this and tried them out. This particular shade didn't have a tester but from the swatches of the other shades, the formulation seemed amazing there in store on my hand, I was convinced it was going to be worth my time and picked this up!

Continue below for the rave review!

K-palette Zero Kuma Cover Control Concealer in 02 Yellow Beige
This concealer was sold in 3 shades (if I'm not wrong), this one is meant for brightening!
Almost all make up products, lip sticks, powders, mascaras, concealers, blush are all usually around $20 SGD! That's why I think not many girls play around with make up here!


Super simply packaged in a thick plastic squeeze tube with a slanted applicator, I really love the design on the tube. It's super cute and well designed. You get a nice big amount of product, 13g of liquid. Just a look at the english description label sticker on the pack of the packaging you can tell that the translation was very well done unlike some products from Asian brands where the descriptions are originally in another language.

The slanted hard plastic applicator doesn't improve application except that it allows for small amounts to dispense, the thick texture of the formula also helps to prevent too much product from coming out too. I've got no issues with the packaging, it's super informative and does what it needs to do for a liquid concealer!

K-palette Zero Kuma Cover Control Concealer in 02 Yellow Beige

Made in Japan, the only things in english are the name on the tube and the english stickers on the packaging!
The slanted applicator. It really doesn't make application any easier, only dispensing of the product more precise. You won't be using the tip to blend out product!

K-palette Zero Kuma Cover Control Concealer in 02 Yellow Beige (Here is a tiny drop swatched and blended out)


What struck me was how the shades from this concealer range applied on my hand in store. I would apply the tiniest drop and run my finger over it and the thick texture just blended out so easily, dried immediately and yet the color was so pigmented and opaque. I knew immediately this would make an amazing concealer for the days I need a long wearing concealer without touching up.

This product is simple, a thick liquid consistency, it blends out very easily but it must be done very fast with fingers. I think if you use a brush it would dry half way as you're trying to blend it. The product sets and sets to a matte finish and is super super long wearing. 

After many hours and heat, this concealer will oxidize just the slightest bit on your face, from this bright yellow to a slightly darker tone, it's not noticeable if you've got foundation or powder on.

There were two other shades but one was very beige and the other was a slightly deeper/netural yellow. I was afraid the other two would be too dark, especially if they do oxidize because I sweat and am in the heat a lot here in Singapore. This brightening shade hence was my choice and I'm very glad I picked it up as a brightening shade that's a bit light is easy to work with as you can blend it in and apply another foundation or powder over.

Swatch comparison: Bourjois Healthy Mix 52 (my review), K-palette kuma (02), ZA concealer 2 (my review)
Blended out: The Bourjois and ZA are perfect matches for my face but at the moment, the ZA is a touch too beige as I've become a bit fairer in the face so the Kuma really matches and brightens right now!
Paid: $19.90 SGD or about $15.70 USD

Recommend: YES! If you need something super long wearing, super matte and super high coverage, this is for you if you've a got a match in the light range with yellow or beige undertones.

Repurchase: Nope, only because I probably won't finish this for a long time, so little product gives so much coverage I'll need to use this for a very long time and very often until it's done!

Bottom line: A super long wearing, high coverage and heat resistant formula. This concealer is for those of you who need something to last and last through heat and long hours, except everything else to fade and this to still be there!

What concealer do you use for long wearing qualities?
Neutralizing or brightening?
Let me know!

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  1. Sounds like a hard working, high coverage concealer :) I think the hardest part of finding a good concealer (just like foundation) is the shade match - at least for me. I'm sure this one will last you absolutely ages!

  2. the packaging is so cute! >.<
    I am so far happy with my Bourjois healthy mix concealer, it has thick consistency but it blends so easily :)
    The price is not very cheap though, good that the little tube will last for along time!

  3. I wouldn't have expected much from this, but it sounds like a really good concealer! Also helps that the packaging is so darn cute!

  4. Sounds awesome!! I love the little package it came in! I probably can't get this in the US though :(

  5. Sounds like just what I need!

  6. i had no idea k-palette even did concealers! this looks like a dream with and is totally up my alley :) will definitely consider this when my current concealer runs out !

  7. the packaging is so cute. The shade might work for my under eye area but otherwise, it's a bit too yellow tone for my complexion.

  8. where do i get the concealer?




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