Sunday, 7 September 2014

Kawaii Stationary Haul! (Rilakkuma bear and Sumikko Gurashi)

Super Kawaii Stationary! I don't know why it took me so long to jump onto the kawaii bandwagon collection stationary or accessories! I know of many people who just love one character or several and will buy any thing that has the character on it! From pens, notebooks, cups, sweaters, stickers, pouches and all kinds of collection and useful goods! I've really held off from buying all these things because when I was younger I did buy these things but looking back they were mostly a waste of money.

Out of the cutesy characters I know my favorite are Rilakkuma bear (and also the line bear because of its face) and this group of 'creatures' called Sumikko Gurashi! I bought everything at the Stationary Superstore at Funan Digital Life Mall!

Continue below for the haul!
Kawaii Stationary Haul! (rilakkuma bear and Sumikko Gurashi)

Rilakkuma folder! Eating his breakfast of egg on rice with soya sauce!
So cute! I love these characters eating things!
Rilakkuma pink folder! Just look at that fuzzy pink outfit! EEEEE! So kawaii!
Reading bed time stories together!
Polar bear from Sumikko Gurashi! Metal pencil box! I just love the different cartoons, the little cloth bag is just freaking adorable too!
Polar bear from Sumikko Gurashi! Metal pencil box!
Polar bear from Sumikko Gurashi! Metal pencil box! Love the interior and how it's not plain!
The three items I purchased first! The folders were super cheap and the tin box was about $10 SGD!
Story behind Sumikko Gurashi from San-X! Summary of the different characters! I know that I would never leave the last piece of tonkatsu and I always finish every pearl bubble in my tea!

Sumikko Gurashi Polar Bear phone charm! I Just love that expressionless face and cute white ball shape!
Check out that tiny round ball of a tail! So cute! I wish I could squeeze it!
A pack of the polar bear themed semi-transparent stickers! You get sooo many! There are 10 different designs and you get 4 or more copies of each sticker! 50 pieces in total!
San- X Sumikko Gurashi Polar Bear sticker pack!
San- X Sumikko Gurashi Polar Bear sticker pack!
San- X Sumikko Gurashi Polar Bear sticker pack!My favorites are the four of them huddled together, the bear sleeping wrapped up in his towel and the bear just sitting with his paws together!
More stickers! The penguin eating his pickle and a square sticker with all the Sumikko Gurashi characters!
San- X Sumikko Gurashi Penguin sticker pack!
San- X Sumikko Gurashi Penguin sticker pack!
San- X Sumikko Gurashi Penguin sticker pack! OMG, look at four of them sitting in a line and the little bubble pearls! This pack is just adorable, love how dumb looking this guy is!

Do you own any Rilakkuma or Sumikko Gurashi products?
What do you like most from my haul?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment!
Thank you!


  1. Guess what? I'm a also a fan of Rilakkuma, besides Hello Kitty! The brown bear is too cute! Lol!

  2. Oh wow this is all super super cute, I wish I could get all of this here in the uk!! xx

    Rebecca Coco

  3. Jealous!! Everything is so cute xx

  4. N'awwww so pretty! Love your blog, new follower :D x

  5. Rilakkuma stationary are the cutest!

  6. I didn't know about the Polar Bear before, it's sooo cute! I like the pencil box :D


  7. I love cute stationary and this is the cutest ever :D

  8. Oh gosh, this is adorable LOL. I wish I had stationary as cute as this. ;___; Everything is intensely expensive here...

    Junniku blog [Click!]

  9. OMG they're all so adorable! I love Kawaii, and I love stationery - perfect combination xx

    Gemma |

  10. Eep, these are seriously way too cute! I would love to have tons and tons of those stickers. I love that they're a bit transparent too!

  11. Ohmagosh, I have no idea who either of these are but the Sumikko Gurashi stuff is SO FRICKIN CUTE. Especially love that green guy--he kinda reminds me of the Tamagotchi character 'Kuchipatchi', but THOSE STICKERS!!! I WANT!!!

  12. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh :c I want I want!!
    I can't believe you never was really into
    cute kawaii Japanese stationery :P and
    yeah, it's a bit of money wasting because
    the stickers for example, I never use
    them :c
    Sumikko Gurashi Polar Bear is amazingly




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