Thursday, 2 January 2014

Taiwanese noodle shop!

Taiwanese noodle adventures! After eating at most of the restaurants and outlets at NEX shopping mall in north Serangoon which is about 20 minutes away from me I decided I wanted to go somewhere else to find dinner! NEX is an amazing place for families and young people for shopping and food! There are so many places to eat there! Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Indian, Indonesian, Western, fast much but I wanted to go somewhere else!

I remembered driving by further up the road from NEX with my dad and that there were so many coffee shops and other places to find dinner. Hence I decided on the spur of the moment to take the bus up the road with my boyfriend to look for dinner!

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Taiwanese Noodle shop around Kovan area at upper Serangoon Road! Mince meat and wanton noodles, mixed stew beef noodle and fried wantons!
(These photos taken with my HTC One hand phone)
Just a super simple neutral gradient eye look!
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Taiwanese noodles! Half of their dishes were beef stew noodles! The other half dumpling noodles! Different cuts of beef that have been stewed for a long time until very very tender and served with different types of noodles with soup or a thick sauce!
The delicious array of wanton noodles with soup or fried dumplings! I need to go back for more!

A very spacious shop inside, it's just a very simple coffee shop!

Minced meat and wanton noodle soup! My boyfriends choice! Lots of fried shallots and spring onions on top!
Mixed stewed beef noodles! Rice noodles with mix cuts of beef, shoulder, stomach, tenons all with a thick sauce! So damn yummy!
My noodles were rice noodles, somewhat over cooked and very soft, however they had absorbed the sauce so well! I'm okay with over cooked noodles in asian cuisine!
My boyfriends noodle was the typical yellow rounded wanton noodles! My favorite actually!
At first I just ordered this plate of fried meat dumplings! It was so yummy!
I couldn't help myself! I ended up ordering another plate of fried pork wantons!
All the noodles are $4-$9 a bowl depending on if it's just wanton char sui or beef noodles! I really recommend this shop! I definitely will be going back for more noodles!

I'm thinking about the new year ahead, all the food I want to eat, NEED to eat! And all those new places I want to try! I'm aiming to shed a few more kilos so I'm more within the middle of the healthy weight range for me and that's going to be difficult with my appetite! Anyway, I can't wait for my new food ventures coming up!

What type of noodles do you like?
Asian or western?
Soup or dry?

Feel free to comment! Thank you!


  1. looks super yummy! i love nodes i just ate Batchoy (Filipino Noodle Dish) awhile ago :) nice look too :)

  2. Ahh so cheap and looks sooo yummy. *_*
    Your eye look is amazing as always!

  3. oh girl, what delicous food...I love your eyelook: shimmers look fantastic on you ♥

  4. yum yum yum and love your look! ^_^

  5. Yum! Maybe I should go there next time I go back to SG :)
    I prefer dry noodles but soup are nice too!

  6. I love Taiwanese noodles! I usually like to order a bowl of noodles with a side of beef rolls or dumplings. I'm a fan of all noodles, really, but I do prefer the soupy ones more often. Is that a side of mayo with the fried dumplings and wontons? That looks amazing.

    The shades you chose for your neutral gradient eye makeup is really pretty, too. Great look!

  7. I've to agree Nex is a great place for dining. I enjoy going to The Ship once in a while cause it brings back wonderful memories of the good-old-days. I've not been anywhere near Nex tho. The beef noodles looks real yummy!




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