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Review: Maybelline Pure BB Mineral Watergel in 02 Medium Beige!

Pure Mineral BB Watergel! Having seen so many reviews of such lovely looking BB and CC creams last year I sometimes feel like I'm really missing out on so many brands! I right now rotate between a Missha, Peripera, The Face Shop and sometimes a Lioele BB cream. They are all medium to full coverage but I've realized that I prefer medium coverage as I really don't need full coverage at all.

While browsing Maybelline two months ago in store I saw this new BB from them which is advertised as a 'watergel'. A formulation supposed to be thinner and hence more gel and natural feeling on the skin.

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Maybelline Pure BB Mineral Watergel in 02 Medium Beige
All those 6 products in the corner cost a bit more than $100, each product cost about $20 SGD! Drugstore brands aren't that cheap here!
Maybelline Pure BB Mineral Watergel in 02 Medium Beige


Very cutely packaged in a plastic box, there are translated versions of the label descriptions in english pasted over the original japanese ones! I quite like the transparent box packaging, it gives me a sense of clarity and sort of makes me think that the product is simple, not complicated and easy to check. The back shows the 8 benefit this product is suppose to give you when you use!

This product comes in a plastic tube, great for controlling the product dispersed and very light weight and easy to bring around if needed. I really like the shiney finish baby blue color as it really makes me think of water and how clear and light it is! As a product, it really does match up with the advertising very much which is good as it's living up to what it says it is!

My bare skin, doing very well, clear almost all the time but up close I have light pigmentation under my eyes and above my upper lip!
Swatch of Maybelline Pure BB Mineral Watergel in 02 Medium Beige

This BB is a Mineral 'watergel' which means it supposedly has minerals and has a thinner gel like texture unlike most BB 'creams'. The texture is runnier than normal BB creams, it's also thinner in sense of pigmentation. It's of light to light-medium pigmentation. I think this could be layered to be a just medium coverage if you let the first layer set. This texture allows your natural skin to show through and let your skin and this product blend seamlessly.

I chose the darkest shade, which also is the second shade, please not that there are only 2 shades! This is the huge downside to products from Asian Maybelline products, there are usually 2-5 shades in a foundation or BB product. If you are of fair to light tan complexion you would be able to find a match in most of their bases.

My skin right now is very good, very clear, almost no blemishes and for someone who doesn't have any major issues like dark eye circles, wrinkles or scars this works very well for me. It's of light coverage so it's great for those who want light coverage, a natural finish and a very light texture. 

I top a layer of this off with my holy grail ZA foundation powder and hence this base last at least 3-4 hours before I need any major touch ups on the forehead or around the nose mouth. It's an okay wear time but I've come across much better.

One thin layer of the Maybelline Pure BB Mineral Watergel in 02 Medium Beige, you can see how glowy and natural it looks. Your moles show through and it doesn't accentuate any laugh lines!
One layer of Maybelline Pure BB Mineral Watergel in 02 Medium Beige (Doesn't it look so glowy and natural? I really like it by itself but I must set my bases with powder!)
Comparison: Bourjois Healthy Mix shade 52 (my review here), Maybelline Pure BB Mineral Watergel, L'oreal Lucent Magique foundation shade N2 (my review here)
Comparison: Bourjois Healthy Mix shade 52 (my review here), Maybelline Pure BB Mineral Watergel, L'oreal Lucent Magique foundation shade N2 (my review here)
Comparison: Bourjois Healthy Mix shade 52 (my review here), Maybelline Pure BB Mineral Watergel, L'oreal Lucent Magique foundation shade N2 (my review here)
Bourjois is the most neutral shade, it matches me perfectly on the face although it is a bit too light for my neck and body.

This Maybelline BB is more beige toned, it also matches my face very well and especially matches my neck and body very well.

The L'oreal is of a more pale yellow tone, it's brightening and is a bit light for my light beige toned skin. I do wear a powder on top of any liquid base I wear so it matches my neck and keeps me matte.

Maybelline Pure BB Mineral Watergel in 02 Medium Beige 8 in 1 Skin Transformer!
Paid: $19.90 SGD or about $15.70 USD (Regular price of foundations/BB creams in Singapore)

Recommend: Yes! For those ladies with relatively good skin or nothing serious to cover up, this will work very well if you have sensitive to slightly oily skin. You will need a layer of powder on top to keep this on if you have oilier skin or don't want this to fade away too fast.

Repurchase: No, as I would much rather buy other bases to try! This is good but not so rave worthy that I'd repurchase.

Bottom line: A light textured, natural finish bb gel. It unfortunately has a sad 2 shade color range but is a good alternative to all the other very thick and heavy BB creams. I would recommend this to girls who don't need to heavy coverage and who want to try a foundation for the first time. This is also good just for days which you aren't active or going out but want some coverage!

Do you like your BB creams heavy or light?
Have you seen this before?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment! Thank you!


  1. Wow, in the picture with just the BB cream on, I thought that was just your natural skin! It's a shame the lasting power wasn't there, because the finish is great!

  2. Thanks for the review. I like the packaging too. But unfortunately, a runny formula would not work for me. Besides FITME, I find other Maybelline coverage products inadequate. However, the product looked rather good on you. You have naturally beautiful skin - I think that's why.
    Beauty Fashion Skin Care Blog -Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Chic Style

  3. Ughhh, the packaging is too cute and even I want the product now!
    If I had easy access to this, I would probably end up trying it. The watery/gel texture sounds like a dream to use. (+omg, jealous that you have amazing skin :( )

  4. hehe, I have too much to cover up for a light base...The packaging is cute, though, and it looks like beautiful skin on you

  5. I use Lancome's Tgel so I'm sure this is the same effect for half the price! Thanks for sharing!
    Happy New Year hun! Thank you for visiting and hope to see you back for my latest!

    Peace. Love. LOL!

    Haute Khuuture Blog

  6. This really looks super natural, though you have pretty much a flawless face to begin with! I think this might just be a tad too light in coverage for my liking, and it's a shame that the shade range is so limited!

  7. Your bare skin always looks amazing :)
    The BB cream really does make your skin look nice and dewy! Looking forward to trying this out if and when this releases in Australia! Thanks for the detailed review :D




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