Saturday, 18 January 2014

Daiso haul: False Lashes!

Daiso false lashes! Who doesn't love some cheapo false lashes that do the same job as really pricey ones! I've been admiring and slightly lusting after 'mink' lashes but everytime I know that I can't be bothered as at the end of the day I rarely wear false lashes and don't want to spend so much.

I didn't realize that false lashes were so expensive overseas as here in Asia, Singapore, Taiwan, China, Korea...they are sold in packs of pairs of 2-10 or even 15 pairs! Hence they are cheaper as well as made here in this region! Asians are obsessed with big bright eyes so most lashes here are made with that in mind!

Continue below for the haul!
Various $2 Diaso false lashes!
Criss cross natural lashes, the band however is super soft which is good and bad! Easy to apply but flimsy!
Bottom lashes on an invisible band! Only $2 as usual, they are lovely and are the same as more expensive ones!
More bottom lashes, I love these, great to pair with more dramatic pairs of lashes! It's too bad I haven't seen these selling anymore!
My favorite line from Diaso. These lashes are so sturdy and so super soft! I cut these in half for wearing on the outer half of my lids!
Another more dramatic pair, this one is perfect for super dramatic eye looks!

Another brand in Diaso, these are the most flimsy ones, the band and the lashes themselves are too soft and plastic tape like...I wore one pair once and threw the other one out!

Above, a more interesting pair of bottom lashes, I really love how it goes from small to large!
My favorite pair of all of them! This pair is amazing! I just love it so much, just a bit of trimming from the inside to make them fit the length of my lid and they are perfect for bold to dramatic looks!
All the lashes were $2 SGD dollars or about $1.50 USD!

Which pair of all these lashes do you like the most?
Have you bought $2 lashes before?
Let me know!

Feel free to comment! Thank you!


  1. You know what, I had no idea there was even such a thing as fake lashes for your lower lash line, that is awesome :-)

  2. For $2, they look amazing!
    I wouldn't mind paying for a little more if I find them flattering and long lasting for multiple wears.
    I am particularly interested in the lower lashes. Do let us know! :)

  3. Nice lashes! Great blog you have!

  4. I just bought 2 pairs from Daiso last week, too! They're a pretty great deal.

  5. Daiso eyelashes are the best!

  6. Those eyelashes look amazing! :) great deal!




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